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Why Buy Cannabis Accessories From CBD.co?

There are plenty of subpar supplies and legal cannabis accessories available out there, but it’s always best to avoid them. Even when they’re available at a discount, you may pay the price in other ways: rolling papers that constantly rip, grinders that jam, and filter tips that disintegrate.   When you shop at CBD.co, you can shop our entire tried-and-true accessories inventory that you can count on for daily use or special events. At CBD.co, we aim to provide smokers with a streamlined experience. Not only can you buy cannabidiol flower and legal cannabis hemp products, you can also add other essentials to upgrade your smoking experience.

1. Wide Selection of Supplies and Accessories

Finding the right weed accessory for you can be tricky! At CBD.co we’ve done the hard work for you and carefully selected the best weed accessories from the largest and most reputable legal cannabis brands in the industry. Shop with brands such as TRĒ House, Smoke Buddy, Zig Zag, and many more to find your new smoking favorites.

2. Compare Prices of Accessories in Real Time

When you shop directly from a brand, you’re unable to compare it to other competitors on their site and ensure that you’re getting the best price on your chosen product. Shopping at CBD.co, you can review multiple brands, cannabinoids, and price points to make sure you’re getting the best value out of your chosen smoking accessories.

3. Tons of Accessories & So Much More

We don’t just sell CBD at CBD.co; we sell all kinds of smoking products! While many legal cannabis retailers only sell vaporizers or pre-rolls, we are committed to offering a full range of smoking products. This includes pre rolled cones, rolling papers, rolling trays, and more! If you aren’t looking for accessories, we also carry ready-to-enjoy options like hemp-derived THC edibles and THC vaporizers, giving you a variety of ways to enjoy legal cannabinoids.

Accessories for Weed and Legal Cannabis Smokers

Not sure where to start when selecting accessories for your legal cannabis? Below are some key product options to consider for your smokables stash.

Personal Air Filters

Love smoking indoors, but hate the dank smell it leaves in your room? You need a personal air filter. Air filters are pocket-sized accessories that you can use to make smoking hemp-derived cannabis as odor-free as possible.


Ready to spark up? Make sure you have a few lighters on hand, just in case your bud accidentally bic’s you. Lighters are more of an essential than an accessory when it comes to smoking so make sure you’re prepared!

Herb Grinders

Before you start rolling, you’ll need to get your hands on a grinder. This helpful product usually comes with three different levels. The first one is for the raw buds of your hemp cannabis. The second level is where you find the ground herb that you’ll use to fill your rolling papers or pre-rolled cones with. The third level will contain kief, the finest and most concentrated product from the grinder.

Rolling Papers

Prefer to custom roll your own smokeables? Start with premium rolling papers! We have a selection of papers made with a variety of natural fibers and different sizes. Practice rolling your own cigarettes with our thin, yet durable papers. If you plan on hand-rolling your own custom cigarettes, we have a wide spectrum of accessories to help you perfect your smoking experience.

Pre-Rolled Cones

Think of pre-rolled cones as training wheels in your rolling papers journey. Made with premium rolling papers, pre-rolled cones are formed with a filter and are ready to fill with your favorite herb. Cones are a great place to start if you need more time to review and improve your rolling skills.

Hemp Wraps

For those who enjoy smoking their hemp-derived cannabis in blunt form, hemp wraps are your must-have rolling accessories. Hemp wraps are ideal papers for those who don’t want the harmful and addictive qualities of tobacco papers that are commonly used to roll hemp blunts. These papers are often available in fun flavors for a delicious finishing touch.

Rolling Machines

Maybe rolling isn’t your thing and you’re ready to have a product that helps you keep your cigarettes a little more consistent. Try one of our must-have rolling machines with our premium rolling papers for perfectly rolled cigarettes in seconds.

Rolling Trays

Smoking trays are the finishing touch for any smoker’s collection. Easy-to-clean and super lightweight, rolling trays are a great way to organize your smoking accessories, like pipes and papers, and it makes an ideal surface for rolling your own hemp-based cigarettes.


More than just a decorative product, ashtrays are important for keeping your space clean while you smoke. Rest your hemp-based cigarettes on the thoughtful indents carved into the ashtray to keep your hands free in-between puffs and ash into the well-designed ashtray to keep the burned paper in one neat place.

Spotlight on Top-Selling Products and Accessories

Since the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018, there has been a massive uptick in the number of cannabis hemp brands and accessories on the market. This increase in brands and all-new accessories can make it complicated for both new and experienced consumers to shop for their much-needed products and accessories.   Three popular brands that craft high-quality and dependable smoking accessories are:

TRĒ House

TRĒ House is a legendary brand in the alternative cannabinoid industry! Sought after for their potent cannabinoid products and top-shelf accessories, TRĒ House subjects all of their hemp products to third-party lab testing to guarantee their customers a five-star experience. All of their papers are made in France, a country famous for the quality of their rolling papers.   If you’re ready to commit to the rolling lifestyle, you may want to try their Rolling Kits. These all-in-one options include rolling papers, a rolling tray, and filters. Enjoy the convenience of these kits with their Premium Rolling Kit – 1 1/4″ – Ultra Thin, Premium Rolling Kit – 1 1/4″ – Unbleached, Premium Rolling Kit – King Size Slim – Ultra Thin and Premium Rolling Kit – King Size Slim – Unbleached.   If you’re in need of individual accessories, they also have those available for purchase. Stock up with just their papers available in the follow options: Premium Rolling Papers – 1 1/4″ – Ultra Thin, Premium Rolling Papers – 1 1/4″ – Unbleached, Premium Rolling Papers – King Size Slim – Ultra Thin and Premium Rolling Papers – King Size Slim – Unbleached.   If you prefer to smoke your herbal cigarettes with a filter, snag their TRĒ Roll Ups – 8m Roll w/Filter Tips – Ultra Thin. Need a little help with making your own pre-rolls? Try cones! TRĒ House has several options.   For ultra thin cones try their: Pre Roll Cones – 6 Pack – 1 1/4″ – Ultra Thin, Pre Roll Cones – 3 Pack – King Size Slim Ultra Thin, Pre Roll Cones – 50 Count – Shortys – Ultra Thin and Pre Roll Cones – 50 Count – 1 1/4″ – Ultra Thin. Looking for raw unbleached cones? They have several selection for that, too, with their: Pre Roll Cones – 6 Pack – 1 1/4″ – Unbleached, Pre Roll Cones – 3 Pack – King Size Slim – Unbleached, Pre Roll Cones – 50 Count – Shortys – Unbleached, Pre Roll Cones – 50 Count – 1 1/4″ – Unbleached.

Zig Zag

An icon in the world of smoking, Zig Zag was founded nearly 170 years ago in France by Maurice Braunstein and Jacques Braunstein. Their versatile accessories have made them a go-to brand for customers in states where weed is legal and for tobacco smokers who prefer to hand roll their own cigarettes. If you’re trying to weed through great gifting options for loved ones who enjoy smoking, buy their versatile Zig Zag rolling tray. This elegant and well-designed black tin tray features the recognizable Zig Zag graphic with gold lettering, making it both a useful and decorative purchase.

Smoke Buddy

Founded in 2008 in California, Smoke Buddy has made it their mission to create accessories that allow smokers to “smoke when and where you want, not, when and where you can.” With their personal air filter accessories, you can keep your smoke to yourself and lessen the odor that comes with smoking. For those who enjoy groovy retro accessories, you’ll love their Personal Air Filter in Original Tie Dye. If you prefer solids to patterns, select their Personal Air Filter in Red or their Personal Air Filter in Green. Tight on space during your travels? Grab their Smoke Buddy Junior Personal Air Filter in Black. If you’re more interested in smoking accessories that are made from eco-friendly materials, their Personal Air Filter in Eco Green is made from plant-based plastic and helps reduce secondhand smoke, as all their products do.

Accessory and Product Comparison

Here is a helpful chart to break down some key product information from these selected accessories.

Brand Highlight Products Price Range
TRĒ House Rolling papers, prerolled cones, rolling trays, filter tips, ashtrays & herb grinders $4.99–$68.17
Zig Zag Prerolled hemp cones, rolling papers, hemp wraps & cigarette roller, rolling tray $4.99–$119.99
Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter $19.99–$24.99

Shop Our Full Collection of Accessories

If you think smoking accessories could be a great addition to your stash, check out our wide range of rolling papers and other items right here on CBD.co.  If you’d like to learn more about top-quality rolling papers, pre-rolled cones, and see other accessories, check out our entire collection of smoking accessories!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are smoking accessories?

Accessories for smoking usually include things that help you craft your own custom hand-rolled cigarettes. Some of the most popular accessories include: prerolled cones, hemp-based wraps, herb grinders, rolling papers, ashtrays, and smoking trays. Our large inventory of accessories includes items for every price point and budget!

Is it expensive to roll your cigarettes?

Rolling your own herbal cigarettes is often a more cost-effective way to enjoy smoking. The price of papers can vary depending on quality, brand, and number of papers in each pack. If you’re new to rolling, we recommend starting out with a kit that comes with filters, papers, and a tray to get the most value in your accessories search. Hand-rolling your own cigarettes often amounts to being cheaper than buying full-price pre-rolls.

Do these accessories work for both weed and tobacco?

Yes! No matter what you smoke, these rolling papers and all other accessories have a variety of uses and applications. As always, make sure you check out our local and state laws to verify the legal status of weed to avoid breaking the law.

How often do you clean a grinder?

If you heavily use your grinder, it’s recommended that you wash your grinder at least once a month. Neglecting to clean your grinder can result in moldy, smelly remnants of your favorite herb clogging up the grinder. Make sure you keep all components of the grinder in good condition to get the most out of this accessory.

Why is it better to roll on a rolling tray?

Our trays are available in a variety of sizes and are made with heavy-duty plastic or metal. This guarantees a flat surface for hand-rolling and the material won’t soak up the oils from your favorite herbal bud, which more porous surfaces, like cardboard and wood, will do. Rolling trays not only make rolling the perfect cigarette a breeze, they also create an easy, well-organized place to stow all your other accessories.