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CBD Oil For Pain
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CBD Oil for Pain

With the world of hemp and cannabis growing exponentially year after year, it was only a matter of time before we made it full circle back to one of the plants’ oldest, most common use: pain relief. Along with a number of other benefits like better sleep, improved appetite, calmer states of mind, and natural pain management, hemp and cannabis have helped humans thrive in their daily lives for hundreds of years. One such product that has helped thousands of people around the country live happier and healthier lives is CBD oil.

CBD oil, a concentrated, extracted form of CBD, is a popular hemp-based product that touts the plant’s range of benefits. But is it right for you? Before we look at different CBD brands and their pain-relieving oils, we need to first understand what CBD is, what it does, how it interacts with the body, and determine if it’s right for you.

The Endocannabinoid System

Under your skin, there’s a hidden network of receptors at work, vying to maintain homeostasis or balance in many of your body systems. This is your endocannabinoid system, and it is uniquely equipped to handle and process native cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp plants. These receptors exist in several parts of your body. The ones located in your brain and spinal cord are CB1 receptors, and they bind with THC––the prominent psychoactive cannabinoid. Other receptors in periphery nerves around your body are CB2 receptors and bind with CBD––the non-psychoactive, therapeutic half of cannabis plants.

When your body absorbs cannabinoids, the receptors light up. CB1 receptors cause the attached cerebral cells to activate, which researchers believe is what incites cannabis’s iconic euphoric effects. But, when CBD interacts with CB2 receptors, the cannabinoid’s anti-inflammatory properties massage the receptors and provide therapeutic aid to the target area. This is how CBD quiets pain receptors and curbs inflammation.

What is CBD Oil for Pain

When relieving mild to moderate pain or soreness with CBD, many turn to CBD oil––but what is CBD oil exactly? After they harvest the hemp plant, cultivators use various extraction methods to strip away plant material, leaving the cannabinoids behind. Then, they can be a couple of paths from here. You’ve probably heard of full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolates as forms of CBD oil––this is how they earn those names.

At this point in the process, cultivators can take the cannabinoid-rich oil and leave it alone. It has all the terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids––including legal amounts of THC. This is full spectrum CBD oil. Or they can wash it, cleansing it of any THC molecules. This makes broad spectrum CBD oil. Or they cleanse it of all molecules and highlight just the CBD molecules. This is CBD isolate.

How to Use CBD Oil for Pain

To take CBD oil, you fill a dropper with your desired amount of oil and administer it under your tongue. Here, your mouth’s mucous membranes absorb the cannabinoids and filter them into your bloodstream. Because the cannabinoids reach the bloodstream faster this way than with edibles, CBD oils bring effects quicker.

CBD Oil vs. CBD Topicals for Pain

When searching for CBD products to treat mild to moderate pain, you’ll come across CBD topicals in addition to CBD oil. Like CBD oil, topicals come in a wide variety of options. But, unlike oils, topicals provide a more targeted, precise level of pain relief. Much like the rest of our body, our skin is susceptible to CBD and other cannabinoids. When your skin encounters CBD, it allows it to seep through its pore until it reaches the underlying tissue, where the cannabinoids work to bring lasting relief. This process is what makes CBD topicals so special.

While CBD oil brings relief throughout the body, CBD topicals provide direct relief, which may benefit some users over others. If you’re looking to experience more of CBD’s therapeutic benefits all around your body, CBD oil is better for you than CBD topicals.

Pros and Cons of CBD Oil for Pain

Much like any other CBD product, CBD oil comes with its own unique pros and cons. These might make or break your buying decision, so it’s best to know what they are before placing your order.


  • Quicker than edibles. Because the cannabinoids absorb through your mouth’s mucous membranes, you’ll feel CBD’s calming effects quicker than with edibles.
  • Comes in an array of options. Along with a number of delicious flavors, CBD oils can also come with a host of different cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, CBN, and many more! Each of these cannabinoids enhances CBD’s therapeutic effects.
  • Precise dosing. All tinctures have a dropper attached to the lid, making dosing simple and straightforward. Now, you can measure exactly how much CBD you’d like to enjoy.


  • Texture might not be for you. Putting an oily substance under your tongue every day might not be your cup of tea––CBD oil’s viscosity can be off-putting for some.

The Best CBD Oils for Pain

To find the best CBD oil, you first need to find the right CBD brand for you. Because the market for CBD products is still in its budding phase (pun intended), there are many different brands to choose from––all of which might not meet your unique needs. Below are three popular, reputable CBD brands that routinely debut effective products. When buying from one of these three (or all of them), you can never go wrong!


First, we have one of the most popular CBD brands in the world. From oils to vapes to gummies to creams, CBDfx has a collection of the best CBD products on the market. Their assortment of oils with various natural, health-boosting ingredients is perfect for those who need more than just pain relief. They have full spectrum and broad spectrum options for those who have preferences for or against THC.


Medterra is known for their full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD-isolate products, more specifically, their oils. From Strawberry Mint to Citrus to Chocolate Mint, their oils come in a wide range of flavors to satisfy any taste, and they come in varying strengths to help any tolerance. These tinctures are the perfect addition to any daily wellness routine or nightly unwind.


Last, we have one of the most well-known CBD brands in the country––cbdMD. This company is famous for their effective and tasty CBD products, including their list of CBD oils. Like the other two mentioned above, cbdMD makes full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate products that carry a wide range of natural, wellness-boosting ingredients. cbdMD is the perfect choice for those who need a reliable, daily source of CBD to treat mild to moderate pain or soreness.

CBD Oil for Pain Customer Reviews

Before you buy from us, you might want to learn what other users have to say about CBD oil. Almost all agree that CBD oil brings therapeutic benefits quicker than edibles, but some do say the tinctures’ textures have some getting used to. Most also agree that a flavored tincture is better than unflavored and that full spectrum often provides more profound effects.

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