Known for their pet-friendly formulas and tail-waggin’ CBD-infused treats, Holistapet crafts their best-selling CBD pet products with your furry little friend’s safety and satisfaction in mind!

CBD Pet Tincture - Original Flavor - HolistapetCBD Pet Tincture - Original Flavor - Holistapet
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Why Buy Holistapet at CBD.co?

Finding the right CBD products, especially CBD pet products, can feel like a difficult task. With so many companies to choose from, you might not know what to look for in a CBD brand. Plus, you have the added pressure of finding ones that make pet-friendly formulas. Don’t worry. We’re here to help you refine your search!


At CBD.co, we carefully vet all the brands on our online shelves. We only hold space for the most reputable, reliable brands—ones that routinely produce high-quality, hemp-derived products backed by third-party lab tests. Here, you can shop a vast collection of hemp-based products from top-tier brands and have them shipped directly to you!

Exclusive Discounts

When you shop at CBD.co, you can enjoy discounts on popular brands, exclusive sales, and promotions, while earning Rewards Points with every purchase!

Wide Range of Products for Pet Owners, Too!

Here, you’ll find an extensive range of premium CBD products for pet owners, too, including CBD edibles, tinctures, vapes, capsules, and more! Also, if you’d like to enjoy cannabis’s euphoric effects, we also carry a long list of high-quality THC products, including THC gummies, THC syrups, THC tinctures, HHC vapes, and much, much more.

About Holistapet

In 2017, Holistapet was established with a straightforward mission: to bring all the benefits of CBD to our furry little friends. After achieving that mission in a few short years, Holistapet has become a staple in the CBD for pets market. Now, emerging companies look at them for inspiration, following their model, formulas, and mission-oriented focus to find a way into the marketplace. But what makes Holistapet so unique? Why do so many pet owners repeatedly return to their pet products?

High-Quality Broad Spectrum CBD

Hemp has over a hundred different native compounds called cannabinoids, each one offering its own unique benefits for overall wellness. While humans can ingest all of hemp’s cannabinoids, pets cannot. More specifically, the one cannabinoid pets should stay away from is THC—the psychoactive compound native to all cannabis plants.


To help mitigate exposure to THC, Holistapet uses broad spectrum CBD in their pet products. Broad spectrum CBD carries hemp’s complete cannabinoid profile, but its THC levels have been whittled down to undetectable levels. So, your pet can enjoy all the wellness-enriching benefits of CBD, CBG, CBN, CBDV, and over a hundred more without ingesting detectable levels of THC.

Additional Key Ingredients

Alongside high-quality hemp extract, Holistapet relies on other all-natural ingredients to complement CBD’s patented effects. These key ingredients include vitamin C for boosted immunity, fish oil and biotin for a healthy, smooth coat, a functional mushroom blend for overall wellness, and many more!**

Third-Party Lab Tests

Like all the other brands we offer, Holistapet routinely publishes third-party lab reports with their products. These reports show the ingredients and chemical makeup of a product. They reveal whether a company grew their hemp plants around harmful chemicals like herbicides and pesticides, or if toxic solvents linger in the finished product.


By making their third-party lab reports public for consumers, this company lets their customers verify the quality of their pet products, revealing the careful attention Holistapet paid during the cultivation, extraction, and manufacturing processes.

What Is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most abundant compounds in the cannabinoid family. Cannabinoids are native to all cannabis plants and uniquely interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system exists as a network of receptors spanning across your body, regulating essential functions like sleep, mood, memory, appetite, and many more. When cannabinoids from a CBD product interact with your body’s endocannabinoid receptors, they bolster the system’s performance, leading to a bevy of wellness benefits.**


But, of course, humans aren’t the only animals who benefit from cannabinoid-rich supplements!

CBD for Pets

Did you know that all animals have endocannabinoid systems, from sea urchins to your dog Fido? Vertebrates and invertebrates all have robust endocannabinoid systems that work similarly to ours, meaning they can benefit from the wellness-boosting properties of CBD. In recent years, companies like Holispatet have formulated special CBD for dogs and CBD for cats products, made with healthful ingredients and tail-waggin’ flavors.

About Their Products

Here’s a breakdown of Holistapet’s bestsellers!

Featured Product Suitable Pet Additional Key Ingredients Price
Chicken-Flavored CBD Pet Tincture Cats & Dogs All-natural flavoring, pure CBD extract & hempseed oil Starts at $24.95
Pumpkin-Flavored CBD Dog Chews for Mobility Dogs Turmeric & Boswellia Starts at $26.95
Salmon-Flavored CBD Cat Chews Cats Tryptophan & Valerian Root Starts at $25.95

How to Give Your Pet CBD

From treats to tinctures, there are a number of different ways to spoil your pet with the benefits of CBD—and Holistapet has high-quality products to fit every category!


Please note, it’s essential to talk with your veterinarian before adding cannabidiol to your pet’s daily routine.

CBD Pet Treats

Pet treats are popular among most dog and cat owners, and they’re certainly popular among all dogs and cats! Holistapet makes dog and cat chews a little differently, focusing on adding other all-natural ingredients to complement CBD’s effects. These formulas are meant to calm your pet, soften and strengthen their coat, help them sleep, support joint health, and satisfy their picky taste buds.**


Dosing CBD for pets is different than for humans. A standard dose depends on your pet’s weight. Holistapet recommends 1 full CBD pet treat per 20 pounds of body weight. You can give this to your pet with their meal. If you want to spoil them with this treat more than once daily, give your dog or cat one treat with breakfast and the other with dinner.

CBD Oil for Pets

CBD oil for pets comes in a little tincture bottle with a dropper attached to the lid. Fill the dropper with the desired serving. Then, either add the drops to your pet’s food or let them enjoy the CBD-rich oil straight from the dropper. Plus, with chicken- and salmon-flavored tinctures, this company has plenty of options to satisfy even the pickiest eaters!


For cats and dogs up to 20 pounds, the 250 mg size CBD oil tincture is recommended, while the 500 mg is ideal for dogs between 20 and 60 pounds. If your dog is extra-large (over 100 pounds,) the 2000mg bottle is best.

CBD Capsules for Pets

If you’re interested in giving your pet a premeasured dose of CBD, Holistapet has CBD capsules packed with all-natural, plant-based ingredients. Each capsule comes with 10 mg of CBD. Just place the capsule in your pet’s food or a flavored pill pocket.

Let’s Review!

With their high-quality ingredients and focus on wellness-boosting formulas for pets, Holistapet is one of the industry’s most beloved brands. Their all-natural ingredients put your pet’s wellness in the spotlight, and their approach to quality is only rivaled by the best of the best. So, if you want to spoil your pet with all the wellness benefits of CBD, you’ve found the perfect people to trust!

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