Known for their pet-friendly formulas and tail-waggin’ CBD-infused treats, Holistapet crafts their best-selling CBD pet products with your furry little friend’s satisfaction in mind!

CBD Pet Tincture - Original Flavor - HolistapetCBD Pet Tincture - Original Flavor - Holistapet
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About Holistapet

In 2017, Holistapet was established with a straightforward mission: to bring CBD’s wellness benefits to our furry little friends. After achieving that mission in just a few short years, Holistapet has become a staple in the CBD for pets market. Now, emerging companies look at them for inspiration, following their model, formulas, and mission-oriented focus to find a way into the marketplace.

Holisapet’s approach is simple, but not easily replicated. Their process focuses on using high-quality, all-natural ingredients, alongside carefully extracted CBD. Like other responsible, trustworthy brands, Holistapet proves their products’ potency and purity by publishing third-party lab tests.

Top-Selling Holistapet CBD Pet Products

If you’ve never spoiled your cat or dog with exceptional CBD pet products, here are favorites our customers give “Two Paws Up!”

Holistapet CBD Dog Treats

Compared to other pet-centered companies, Holistapet makes dog chews a little differently, focusing on adding other all-natural ingredients to complement CBD’s effects. These Holistapet CBD Dog Treats formulas are meant to calm your pet, soften and strengthen their coat, help them sleep, support joint health, and satisfy their picky taste buds.**

Holistapet CBD Pet Tinctures

Holistapet CBD Pet Tinctures comes in a little tincture bottle with a dropper attached to the lid. To use this CBD pet tincture, fill the dropper with the desired serving. Then, either add the drops to your pet’s food or let them enjoy the CBD-rich oil straight from the dropper. Plus, with chicken- and salmon-flavored tinctures, Holistapet has plenty of options to satisfy even the pickiest eaters!

Why You Should Buy Holistapet at CBD.co

We aim to bring you the best CBD, THC, and mushroom-based products at competitive prices. We’ve carefully curated our collection of CBD brands, only spotlighting those that follow gold-standard cultivation and extraction practices. Here, you can find a mix of established brands and best-selling newcomers.

At CBD.co, you can shop for Holistapet’s products at more affordable prices, compare key product details, and discover new, exciting brands and products. Plus, when you shop at CBD.co, you can take advantage of member-only discounts, exclusive sales, and promotions—all while earning Rewards Points with every purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Holistapet?

Holistapet is a CBD brand for pets known for their safe, all-natural CBD dog treats, CBD pet tinctures, and pet-safe CBD topicals.

Where is Holistapet located?

Holistapet is based out of Los Angeles, California.

How do you give your pet CBD?

Much like with humans, there are many different ways pets can use CBD, including tinctures, edibles, and topicals. The best way to incorporate CBD into your pet’s daily routine is to first consult with your veterinarian. This will help you confirm the optimal approach, dosage, and frequency for your pet.

Where to buy Holistapet CBD oil?

While you can find Holistapet CBD pet tinctures on many online CBD shops, none of these sites accomplish the brand’s founding message of affordability quite like CBD.co. Here, we compete with the brand themselves, offering more approachable price points for the same great products.

How do you use a CBD pet tincture?

You can add a CBD pet tincture to your dog or cat’s breakfast or dinner, or let them enjoy the pet-friendly oil straight from the dropper.

How much CBD is in a CBD dog treat?

Holistapet’s CBD dog treats have 5-10mg of CBD per treat.