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Who is Canna River?

Canna River LLC is one of the industry’s leading CBD brands. This is a company that prides themselves on manufacturing some of the finest CBD oil available through a careful process that uses the best ingredients from start to finish. Canna River produces a huge variety of CBD products ranging from CBD tinctures and balms, to CBD lotions and even a broad spectrum bacon flavored CBD tincture for your four legged friend. Did I mention that many of Canna River’s awesome products come in an array of delicious flavors?

With such an awesome company comes a lot of excitement, and a whole bunch of questions. When we get excited about a CBD company we aren’t familiar with, we often find ourselves filled with questions as well as the quandary about where to find accurate, honest information on the company. That’s where we come in. We share your curiosity, and are constantly scouring the market for new and exciting CBD companies, so we have done our homework, and are excited to share what we’ve gotten to know about Canna River CBD.

In this brief product review we will answer some of your burning questions like “Where can I buy Canna River CBD near me?”, and “What is the difference between the broad spectrum and full spectrum tinctures?”

We will also take a look at some of the delectable flavors that really make Canna River stand out amongst the crowd as one of the most delicious ways of getting your CBD. It is always a good idea to check out customer reviews, so we will talk about what we found scrolling around the internet as well as where you might look to find a Canna River CBD coupon code (hint — our email newsletter). So sit back, relax, and let’s wind our way down the Canna River together, to see what this top tier CBD company has in store for us.

Canna River Customer Reviews

Our first stop along the Canna River is going to be their customer reviews. Whenever I find myself intrigued by a CBD company or brand that I’ve just heard of, customer reviews are always the first place I look to gather information and gain a bit of insight into the company. Customer reviews can be a great way to get specific information on a CBD product or brand you are interested in trying. They provide real honest insight because they are written by average people. Though I wasn’t able to find a Canna River Discount code from the brand directly,’s newsletter + customer reviews and chat rooms are a great place to look for Canna River discounts.

Many CBD companies, or any company trying to sell you a product, is going to tell you that their product is the best. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a company is being dishonest, it is just the nature of sales and really can’t be any other way. If a company told you their product is pretty good, but some other company claims to make the best, then you are more likely to buy products from the company that is confident and claims that their product is the best… even if it isn’t.

This is precisely where customer reviews become very valuable. Customers aren’t getting paid to say whether a product is good or bad and they don’t really stand to see any immediate gain by doing so. The average person takes the time to go online and write a review about a product because they feel passionately enough about it, one way or the other. If a product is great there will usually be plenty of people that will take the time to go online and praise it. If a product is bad, you can be sure that the general public will readily express their frustrations with it.

When we were researching Canna River CBD reviews, it was pretty hard to find anything bad about their products — and that’s what we like to see. Tons of satisfied customers, raving about how amazing and effective Canna River products are for them. It is always a good sign to see such a large client base for a CBD company. CBD users are typically the type of people that don’t put up with any nonsense from the business world, and are quick to boycott a product if the company has even a slight hiccup. Canna River has played it’s hand honestly and beautifully by creating a variety of truly high quality products, offering them in an array of awesome flavors, and doing it all as ethically as they possibly can.

Canna River – Broad Spectrum vs. Full Spectrum

Canna River CBD tinctures come in both broad spectrum and full spectrum varieties, and it is important to know the difference so you are sure to purchase the product that’s right for you. If you buy a broad spectrum Canna River CBD tincture, it is important to note that it will actually contain different ingredients and compounds than the full spectrum Canna River CBD tincture. In this section we will take a quick look at what these differences are and why they make both broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD oil.

Broad Spectrum Canna River Products

Canna River broad spectrum CBD oil is made with high grade, third party tested CBD extract from hemp oil grown in the U.S.A. It is available in 1,000mg, 2,500mg, and 5,000mg strengths, as well as a variety of tasty flavors including: apple mint, lemon raspberry, fruit medley, mandarin, strawberry harvest, and of course, all natural.

Broad spectrum CBD oil is oil that has been extracted from the hemp plant, and includes all of the terpenes, essential oils, and cannabidiol that occur naturally in the plant except for the THC which is typically removed during the initial extract.

Full Spectrum Canna River Products

Canna river produces a very high quality full spectrum CBD oil that is also made with high grade, third party tested CBD extract grown by highly qualified hemp farmers in the U.S.A. Their full spectrum line of CBD oil comes in some mouth watering flavors that include peppermint, the ever-popular lemon raspberry, and natural for those who want to experience the rich earthy flavors of hemp oil. You can also buy the full spectrum Canna River CBD oil in a variety of strengths including 1,000mg, 2,500mg, and 5,000mg, so you can find the flavor and the strength that is just right to fit your CBD needs.

In contrast to broad spectrum CBD oil, Full spectrum CBD oil contains all of the phytochemicals naturally found in the hemp plant. This means that a full spectrum CBD oil will contain trace cannabinoids, CBD, terpenes, and essential oils and encourage the phenomenon commonly referred to as the entourage effect in which these compounds work together synergistically to increase each other’s effectiveness.

Buy Canna River CBD Online Today!

When we took a close look at the Canna River, we may have just fallen in love. This is a company that takes real pride in their products, the sourcing of their ingredients, and the massive variety they can offer their customers. From start to finish Canna River pays the utmost attention to their process and that’s one of the things we really love about them.

With an ever growing sea of CBD brands and manufacturers, it has become increasingly difficult to find the ones that really stand out, and take that extra step that deserves our attention. Canna River is one of those top eschelon companies. Much like the rarefied air in the mountains, when you escape the congestion of the city, Canna River has proven to be a fresh break from the stormy sea of people trying to make quick money in the CBD industry. We all know that is the best place to buy CBD online — and we are proud to say that is now also the best place to buy Canna River online! So check out our selection of Canna River products and you’ll be sure to find just what you’re looking for right here at!