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Why Choose to Buy Rolling Papers at

In the last few years, many adults have started to turn away from buying pre-rolled packs, choosing to roll their own hemp-based cigarettes (hempettes, for short) with premium rolling papers. But searching for the right rolling papers can get a little tricky, especially if you’re shopping from a trusted, reliable retailer.

As one of the most trusted and reliable retailers on the market, we offer a few notable benefits when you shop from us.

1. Compare Prices

One common route many expert (and amateur) rollers take is buying directly from a brand’s website. While this option can show you all that a company offers, it doesn’t let you compare prices or specific product details with other brands. When you shop from us, you can compare prices in real-time and see how one product stacks up against others.

2. Choose From Top Brands

The number of companies making papers has grown exponentially in recent years, leading to a market that might feel slightly saturated with options. While many of these brands produce reliable papers, not all do. So, finding the right one is important at the start of your search.

At, we only offer top-tier papers from brands like Zig Zag and more. Whether you’re a seasoned rolling expert or a dewy-eyed beginner, all these brands deserve a place in your stash.

3. Rolling Papers & More!

Rolling papers aren’t the only necessary items in your bag of smoking accessories. There might be a couple other items on your wishlist for a successful rolling and smoke sesh. So we also offer other products like pre-rolled cones, hemp wraps, filter tips, herb grinders, and more! Shop all these products and use code CBDCO15 to save 15% on orders $49+.

Spotlight on Top-Selling Paper Brands

To start your search for the best rolling experience, it’s best to begin filtering by brands. This will help you compare prices, product quality, and other important factors earlier in your search. We carry many brands that produce top-tier rolling papers. One of our customers’ favorites is:

Zig Zag

Zig Zag is one of the most storied brands on the market, crafting high-quality papers for nearly 140 years. Their collection of rolling papers includes:

Zig Zag’s papers are slow-burning and made from natural products. Their rolling papers come in a wide selection, so you can choose just how you’d like to roll.

Product Data

Here’s some helpful data to break down the differences between these iconic brands.

Brand Types of Paper $ per paper
Zig Zag Ultra-Thin, Hemp, French Orange, Kutcorners, Original White Starting at $0.29

Hemp Rolling 101

  • Grind or gather: First, you’ll need to grind your raw hemp buds using a grinder. Grab a cluster of ground buds and make sure it’s all relatively the same size.
  • Prep your papers: Lay your sheet horizontally on a flat surface. Make sure the glue strip is facing you.
  • Fill the paper: Sprinkle your ground CBD flower evenly onto the paper. This is where personal preference comes into play. If you’d like a thicker roll, add more. If you’d like a slimmer roll, add less.
  • Place the filter: Then, place the filter on the end you plan to smoke from. It should be touching the ground flower.
  • Roll with your fingers: Hold the open roll in your fingers and gently roll it, massaging the paper’s contents to fit the roll’s cylindrical shape.
  • Fold the edge: Next, fold the edge without the glue strip and tuck it between the other side of the sheet and flower.
  • Roll: Roll the sheet until you’ve reached the glue strip.
  • Lick: Wet the glue strip with your tongue or a couple drops of water and firmly secure it to the other side.
  • Light up and enjoy!

Papers vs. Hemp Wraps vs. Cones

While many adults rely on papers to enhance their smoking experiences, many use similar products that offer slightly different experiences. For instance, hemp wraps are slightly thicker, longer, and more robust than rolling papers. These mirror your standard tobacco-based blunt wrap but don’t contain harsh or addictive chemicals like nicotine. Instead, hemp wraps are made from 100% non-GMO hemp. Hemp wraps provide a smoky, rich experience. Many brands add natural flavors to their hemp wraps, like mango, pink lemonade, berry, and sugar cane.

For a less involved rolling experience, many adults turn to prerolled cones. Cones come with pre-shaped papers and filters. All you have to do is fill it up with your ground bud of choice! Companies include a straw with their cones to help the user tamp the buds down, creating an evenly stacked joint.

Pros & Cons of Papers

Compared to other accessories like glass bongs and pipes, rolling papers have distinct benefits but two notable downsides.


  • Many types of rolling papers to choose from
  • Various sizes like King Size and standard 1 ¼ size
  • You know exactly what’s in your roll
  • Cheaper than prerolls


  • There’s a slight learning curve to mastering the perfect roll
  • Slower, more involved process than other products like prerolls

Shop Our Full Collection of Smoking Accessories

From standard size to king-sized rolling paper, we carry a wide selection to complement the rest of your hemp rolling accessories!

Shop your favorite companies today and use code CBDCO15 to save 15% on orders $45+!


Frequently Asked Questions

How to roll with papers?

You might need a little extra patience the first few times you roll with papers. Rolling with papers is a fun, involved way to know exactly what you’re smoking. First, grind your hemp flower with a grinder. Lay a piece of sheet out on a flat surface. 

Then, sprinkle the ground hemp flower along the center of the paper. Hold the open roll with both hands and massage it using your thumbs and fingers. Fold the non-glue side over once you’ve molded the ground hemp flower into a cylindrical shape. Roll the sheet toward the glue strip and wet the glue strip with your tongue or a couple drops of water. 

Finally, seal the glue strip to the paper. You should now have a usable roll!

Where to buy rolling papers?

While you can buy rolling papers from a smoke shop near you, you’ll typically have to pay higher prices and run the risk of shopping from a limited selection. At, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to get premium rolling papers! Just shop our online shelves and get your favorite rolling papers delivered straight to your door!

How much are rolling papers?

Prices for rolling papers vary by brand. A pack of rolling papers can cost between three and ten dollars, depending on the number of papers in that pack.

Do you have to be 21 to buy rolling papers?

In most states, yes, you must be 21 to buy rolling papers or other smoking accessories. 

What can you use for rolling papers?

You can use rolling papers to craft and customize your own pre-rolled hemp cigarettes!