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Premium Rolling Papers – 1 1/4 Size – Unbleached – TRĒ House

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French-made and crafted from the finest natural plant fibers, TRĒ House’s Unbleached Rolling Papers are exactly what your smoking sesh needs!


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Unbleached 1 ¼” Size Premium Rolling Papers – TRĒ House

Interested in taking your smoke sesh to the next level? These Unbleached 1 ¼” Rolling Papers from TRĒ House mold easily to your desired roll and are made with the finest natural plant fibers. These rolling papers keep the goods tightly packed with a strong adhesive seal, making for a slow-burning smoking experience. Use these unbleached papers with your THC flower of choice, or opt for a relaxing soiree with some non-psychoactive CBD flower.

Roll the perfect 1 1/4″ size joint with TRĒ House 1 1/4″ Rolling Machine!

Key Takeaways

  • 50 slow-burning papers (1¼”) per pack
  • Crafted from natural plant fibers
  • Chlorine-free
  • Made in France
  • Choose from Ultra Thin and Unbleached

Roll Up With TRĒ House Rolling Papers

Rolling your own hemp-based cigarette is not the hardest thing in the world—but there is a slight learning curve. TRĒ House has designed their rolling papers with ease in mind, manufacturing them in France, the rolling paper capital of the world. These papers bend to fit your preferred roll, burn slowly, and create a carefree, smooth smoking experience!

Other Top-Shelf Rolling Papers, Cones & Accessories

Rolling might not be for you, or you might just want to give your sticky fingers the night off. Thankfully, we also carry pre-rolled cones from a number of premium brands, like TRĒ House, Zig Zag, and more! These pre-rolled cones are easy to pack and speed the rolling process up, so you can get to the “fun” faster! If you want to skip the rolling stage entirely, check out our select collection of prerolls! These come pre-packed with THC-infused flower, so you can enjoy a mess-free, groovy time.

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