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What is CBD?

What is CBD?

CBD has become one of the most popular natural health products that you can find on the market today. This unique plant-based compound has allowed millions of people to experience profound relief from their ailments thanks to the way in which CBD interacts with the body. In fact, CBD is even providing relief to pets who suffer from pain, anxiety and poor appetite.

If you’re interested in adding CBD to your daily wellness routine, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to help you understand this unique industry while explaining what it is about our CBD that makes it so exceptional.

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid that’s found in the cannabis plant. Typically, commercial CBD comes from the hemp plant, a cousin to the marijuana plant. While marijuana has psychoactive properties that make a person feel high, hemp does not. Therefore, taking hemp-based CBD will not make you high.

What makes CBD unique from a health standpoint is the way in which it affects the body. The body has an endocannabinoid system that consists of cannabinoid receptors that exist along the nervous system, brain and other parts of the body. When we take CBD, this cannabinoid bonds with these receptors, allowing incredible healing to occur. The body is supposed to produce cannabinoids on its own, however, many of us are deficient. Therefore, CBD acts as a supplement, giving the body what it needs to perform at its highest level.

It’s important to note that CBD is widely considered safe. As of now, researchers believe that it’s nonaddictive and safe to take in high doses daily.

How is CBD Made?

The process of turning hemp into CBD oil involves isolating CBD from the many other compounds that are found in the hemp plant. Once the hemp plant has matured, the CBD is isolated and extracted. The best process of extraction involves using CO2 and gentle heat. It’s believed that the CO2 extraction process best preserves the unique healing properties of the cannabinoid.

After the CBD has been extracted, it becomes an oil that’s tested for purity and quality. From there, it’s combined with other ingredients in order to become a product that people can use in order to experience relief.

What is CBD Used for?

CBD has many uses. Because of the way in which it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, CBD is capable of addressing a wide range of health-related problems at once. It’s frequently used for pain relief thanks to its extraordinary analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD is also popular among those who have anxiety disorders because of its unique ability to reduce cortisol levels. This compound calms the mind and body. Therefore, it’s also used as a gentle, natural sleep aid.

As more medical researchers become interested in CBD, more studies are being released that explore additional benefits. For example, it’s recently been found that CBD can help reduce the frequency of seizures in those who have epilepsy. CBD might also be able to aid in the prevention of Alzheimer’s thanks to its neuroprotective properties.

CBD is also frequently used as an appetite stimulant and anti-nausea treatment. Plus, it’s been found that CBD can help with a plethora of digestive ailments because of its ability to calm the digestive tract.

Why is the CBD at the Best?

At, we take great care to ensure that each step of the manufacturing process is executed with the highest standards in mind. Our CBD is extracted using the CO2 method in order to ensure exceptional effectiveness. The hemp that we use to create our CBD comes from organic hemp farms, allowing the CBD to retain higher levels of nutrients while preventing the plant from absorbing environmental toxins.

Plus, the CBD that we use is full spectrum. This means that it contains all of the healing compounds that are in the hemp plant. Cannabis experts agree that full spectrum CBD is the most effective because it contains a wide range of highly beneficial terpenes, cannabinoids and plant matter.

Plus, when it comes to manufacturing CBD products for our customers to use, we refuse to add cheap filler ingredients to our formulas. We strive to stick to organic, vegan ingredients that have unique health benefits of their own.

What Kind of CBD Products Can I Find at

At, you’ll find a wide array of easy-to-use, highly beneficial hemp products that contain the very best CBD out there. Among our most popular products is our CBD Oil Tincture that comes in different CBD concentrations. This tincture is extremely effective and provides long-lasting relief.

Our edible CBD gummy candies are also quite popular. They taste delicious and are a fun way to get your daily dose of beneficial hemp. We also offer capsules for those who want to add CBD to their list of daily supplements. Meanwhile, our CBD topical products are great for those who are looking for relief from localized pain or those who wish to treat a skin issue.

Lastly, we now proudly offer CBD products for pets. Our CBD pet oils provide your furry friend with amazing, natural relief.

Experience Amazing Relief with the CBD Products at

We at recognize that you deserve only the very best CBD that you can find. That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure that our customers receive a highly effective, potent product that delivers real results.

14th Jun 2019

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