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Thanks to changes in federal legislation and a swell of interest surrounding the hemp marketplace, we can now enjoy the latest and greatest cannabis products. But, when we’re talking about the best cannabis products out there, one sticks out from the rest, championed a the cavalier cannabinoid itself.

We are talking about none other than HHC edibles––the crown jewel on many users’ top shelves. From gummies to cookies to syrups and more, the best HHC edibles come in a wide range of products. This myriad of options lets you enjoy HHC, the newest cannabinoid in the spotlight, any way you’d like! But which HHC edible is right for you?

Let’s dive into what HHC is, what HHC edibles do, and (most importantly) if you should add them to your cart. Hint: you definitely should!

What is an HHC Edible

When you picture the effects of cannabis, you’re imagining delta 9 THC––the notorious psychoactive compound found in all strains. This compound plays on our body’s endocannabinoid system, interacting with receptors in the central nervous system and inciting the plant’s iconic “high.” Do you know the classic red eyes, the insatiable appetite, the fit of giggles? That’s delta 9 THC. Because of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp plants can’t have more than 0.3% THC.

To make HHC, cultivators first start with a THC molecule extracted from hemp plants. Then, they simply add a hydrogen atom to the THC molecular structure, and boom! You have a completely new compound––one that shares similarities to THC but, at its molecular level, is not THC.

The process to make HHC is easy for trained cannabis cultivators––not for those with DIY aspirations in their garage. So, don’t try to make your own HHC edible at home, my friends.

HHC Edibles Effects

With all this talk about HHC, you might be curious about the effects of HHC. Because of HHC’s molecular parallels to THC, this cannabinoid interacts with the receptors in your central nervous system similarly to THC. Many say HHC is THC-lite because of its weaker cerebral effects. This means HHC edibles can lead to a more functional experience––one that doesn’t keep you locked in the couch. This also means that you might have to take more milligrams of HHC to feel the same level of effects from a THC edible.

How to Use HHC Edibles

The first step to using HHC edibles, which might sound like a no-brainer, is to find one you like! There are so many different types of infused edibles. From HHC gummies to HHC cookies to HHC syrups and more, you are spoiled for choice when finding the right HHC edible.

Next, know what to expect. Whether you’ve experienced cannabis-infused edibles or not, there is a golden rule you must live by: Wait to take more. Wait an hour or two after taking your first dose before even considering taking another gummy or bite of a cookie. Trust us. Everyone has an edible experience that went sideways when they decided to take more.

And lastly, have fun! HHC edibles offer a calmer, milder high than delta 9 THC edibles. So, enjoy the light buzz and see where this new all-star cannabinoid will take you!

HHC Vapes vs. HHC Edibles

When you consume HHC edibles, the cannabinoids obviously travel through your digestive tract. This is a much longer route to enter your bloodstream than with HHC vape pens or HHC carts. These vape products contain hemp derived HHC vape juice that offers similar benefits and effects to HHC edibles. But when you inhale cannabinoids, the effects are more streamlined.

So, instead of waiting an hour or two to feel the effects, HHC vape products incite their patented euphoria in seconds. But this advantage comes with a minor caveat. Because these effects come quicker, they leave quicker, too, meaning they don’t last quite as long. So, after a puff or two, you’ll feel the effects of an HHC vape for around 30 minutes to an hour.

But with HHC edibles, you’ll feel elevated for a couple of hours. So, the choice is yours! If it helps, we recommend first-time users spoil themselves and find a vape and an edible to add to their next bake sesh.

Benefits of HHC Edibles

Much like other high quality, hemp derived products, HHC edibles offer their own list of benefits. These might make or break your buying decision, so knowing them beforehand is more than worthwhile for any prospective customer.

  • Wide range of flavors. HHC edibles come in so many variations and flavors. You can choose fruity gummies, decadent, rich cookies, or thickly sweet syrups.
  • Milder than delta 9. For those who have experience with marijuana-infused edibles, you are no stranger to delta 9 THC. You might have wonderful experiences after taking these, or you might’ve tried one and been completely caught off guard. Some delta 9 edibles, like THC gummies, are way too strong. That’s why many turn to HHC edibles. These allow them to enjoy a more even, more chill experience.
  • Easy to share. Most HHC edibles come packaged to split, so you and your friends can enjoy their effects with each other. Stand side-by-side, pop back a gummy, and wait for HHC’s euphoria to come knockin’!

The Best HHC Edibles

If you’re looking to purchase HHC products, you’ve come to the right place. We have a wide, curated collection of HHC products from the best brands in the business. These companies are committed to producing edibles of the highest quality. Each brand follows strict federal regulations to ensure their HHC gummies are safe.

When customers come to us looking for advice, we always point them toward finding the right brand first. With all the companies pushing products derived from industrial hemp, it can feel a little overwhelming trying to find the best ones. Below are three go-to brands. They routinely debut safe, trustworthy products backed by up-to-date lab test results. Shop one or shop all three, and you’ll surely find the HHC product for you!

TRĒ House

First, we have So-Cal based company TRĒ House. Known for their delta 8 and delta 10 products, TRĒ House has recently made quite the splash with their HHC products. From vapes to gummies to cookies to pre-rolls, TRĒ House’s collection of HHC products is top-tier. Shop their line of products if you’re new to the world of alternative cannabinoids or if you need a little change from your status quo.

Two Hawk Hemp

Perhaps one of the most notable newcomers to the scene, Two Hawk Hemp is notorious for their approach to HHC edibles, specifically, HHC gummies. Their HHC gummies collection contains fruity, delicious, and down-right potent formulas. They also have a superb line of HHC vapes that rival the best in the business. Check these guys out before everyone you know does!


MoonWLKR feels like an OG company. They’ve been making edibles infused with various deltas for the past few years. With the HHC craze, they’ve expanded their empire and, in turn, our shelves. Their HHC products are dank and delightful. They’re tasty and sweet without being too overpowering. Check them out if your cannabis habit is in need of a slight refresh.

HHC Edibles Customer Reviews

Before placing your order, you might want to know what previous customers have to say about their HHC edibles. Almost all agree that HHC feels less intense than delta 9 THC. While it’s no surprise to us, many echoed our plea to wait an hour or two to take a second dose. They also added that they were surprised at how long it took to hit. The time it takes to feel the effects of HHC can be pushed back depending on what you’ve eaten that day and your body’s unique biology. So, in any case, take a recommended dose, wait for the effects, and take more only after waiting a couple of hours.

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Whether it’s your first time buying HHC or you’ve already added this all-star cannabinoid to your rotation, CBD.co is your one-stop-shop for all things cannabis related. Shop our collection and find the best products that fit your needs!

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