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Why Buy CBD Gummies for Sex at CBD.co?

With the popularity of CBD items, many CBD users have noticed the positive effects of adding CBD to their health and wellness routine. One of the biggest blocks in having a satisfying sex life is getting in the mood. Our attention is constantly being pulled in a million different directions, so it can be hard to slow down and build up the sexual tension with partners when we’re so used to multitasking nonstop. CBD allows you to press the pause button on life and responsibilities, so you can ramp up your sex drive naturally with a great date, exciting conversation, and shameless flirtation.   CBD is a naturally occurring compound present in hemp and is available in a wide spectrum of gummies and products. What is hemp, you ask? It’s a leafy cannabis plant with a small and legal amount of delta 9 THC. We’ll dive more into the difference between CBD and THC in a bit.   There are a ton of CBD products you can add to your sexual wellness regime: CBD gummies, CBD oil serums, CBD topicals, and other gummies to spice things up. With so many CBD brands and goods out there, it can be a tricky experience deciding where to shop for CBD gummies. So, you may be thinking, what makes CBD.co such a trustworthy and popular CBD retailer?

  1. Wide Selection of Best-Selling CBD Brands

Finding the right CBD brand is always the best place to start your health and sexual wellness journey with CBD. Since the effects and potency of CBD products may vary with your own individual body chemistry, it’s best to try gummies and CBD oil from a reputable and trustworthy brand. At CBD.co, we’ve done the research for you and curated a selection of CBD products for sex from some of the industry’s biggest brands. Shop with CBD brands, like House of Wise, Alchemy Naturals, Better Sex, and so many more to find the right sex products for you.

  1. Compare Prices of CBD Sexual Wellness Products in Real Time

The price of CBD items is dependent on several factors, including hemp source quality, the strength of CBD in the edibles or CBD oil formulation, and other additional health additives. We believe in providing a full inventory of products with CBD for all budgets. So, CBD.co carries both affordable and luxury selections, letting you enjoy the benefits of CBD, no matter your price range. When you shop at CBD.co, you can compare price points, flavors, and other product details from some of the best CBD brands on the market to find your ideal CBD for sex products.

3. Tons of Gummies for Sex & So Much More

Our vast selection of CBD goods includes more than just oils and edibles. While other CBD retailers limit themselves to offering just CBD oil or a Farm Bill-compliant gummy, we’ve committed to providing an array of items with a wide spectrum of hemp compounds, including CBD skincare, legal THC edibles, and more! If you aren’t looking for CBD items for sex, we also carry CBD for sleep, giving you plenty of options to enjoy destressing cannabinoids.

Spotlight on Top-Selling CBD Selections

With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, it seems like there’s a new CBD brand entering the cannabis marketplace every day. So, it can be tricky for both CBD lovers and newcomers to find a CBD company that fits their needs. There are so many CBD brands that use best practices with their ethical cultivation and thoughtful manufacturing processes. Still, a number of brands try to go the easy route with low-quality products, much to their customers’ detriment.   When CBD brands cheapen their cultivation and extraction processes, they tend to produce low-quality and potentially dangerous products. These inferior CBD products often include unsafe hemp, unhealthy additives, and harmful toxic residue from the extraction process. To avoid a bad CBD experience with companies like these, make sure to shop from reputable CBD brands that:

  • Harvest non-GMO hemp
  • Use all-natural ingredients and flavors
  • Extract CBD through a residue-free filtration process
  • Use third-party lab testing and show results publicly

Three CBD brands that follow these premium health guidelines when creating their scrumptious gummies and CBD products are:

House of Wise

With a focus on empowering others through CBD, House of Wise has quickly become a go-to brand for customers searching for quality CBD products. Founder and health enthusiast, Amanda Goetz, had never used cannabis products or edibles until later in her adult life. After experiencing the miracle of CBD for herself, she became dedicated to sharing the health and wellness benefits of CBD with the world with her luxurious offerings. Take your intimate encounters to the next level with their best-selling CBD Sex Gummies. With 15mg of full spectrum hemp-derived CBD, these wild berry-flavored gummies are perfect for sharing with your partner before sex or for enjoying solo. For those looking to bring CBD oil into the bedroom, try their vegan and plant-based CBD Sex Serum.

Alchemy Naturals

Formulated by scientists, Alchemy Naturals creates solutions-based CBD products for better health and wellness. In addition to CBD, Alchemy Naturals combines other natural health ingredients, like maca root and more, in their gummies for a heightened experience. CBD for sex is amazing, but when you add a dash of legal THC, it’s even better. Enjoy a little hemp-derived THC buzz and a mouth-watering cranberry orange flavor with their CBD Gummies for Sex.

Better Sex

Take a bite out of love with the carefully crafted brand, Better Sex. Made with all-natural ingredients, Better Sex brings two different gummy options to CBD.co with their Female Sensual Gummies and their Male Enhancement Gummies. These pleasant popables will enhance your pleasure pursuits without any harmful side effects. For customers weary of CBD and want a THC and hemp-free way to enjoy better sex naturally, just pop one of these scrumptious squares into your and your partner’s mouth for a night of passion.

CBD Gummies and Other CBD Sex Products Data

Here is a helpful chart to read during your research for CBD gummies and sexual wellness products.

Brand CBD for Sex Products Price Range
House of Wise CBD Gummies & CBD Sex Serum $25.00-$59.00
Alchemy Naturals CBD Gummies $4.99-$49.99
Better Sex Male & Female Gummies $8.99

What Is CBD?

CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in the hemp plant. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is sought after for its unique health and wellness benefits. Unlike THC, CBD does not induce psychoactive effects or affect motor function. CBD can be enjoyed in edibles, sublingual CBD oil, vapes, and more. CBD is often blended with other cannabinoids in popular products to amplify its potency.

CBD vs. Delta 9 THC

While CBD is loved for its extensive health and wellness qualities, THC is used for mainly recreational purposes. It can be synthesized from both the hemp plant (in far lower quantities) or the high-THC cannabis plant, marijuana. Marijuana-derived THC is illegal in many states, making it more difficult to research and enjoy. CBD.co does feature legal THC derived from the hemp plant for those looking to enjoy the devilish delta 9 THC compound. If you’re interested in adding legal cannabis to your collection, we have plenty of delta 9 products for you to explore.

Are There Health Side Effects of CBD?

CBD and THC are both harvested from the versatile hemp plant. While they are often paired together to give consumers a more balanced experience, these cannabinoids do two very different things. CBD is celebrated for its wellness benefits, including helping with everyday aches and pains, de-stressing, and its ability to help you fall asleep. THC, on the other hand, is used for recreational purposes and produces intoxicating effects when it is consumed in the form of oils, vapes, and edibles.   As with any supplement, it’s important to do your research and to talk to your doctor if you are currently taking any prescription medications before adding CBD to your health and wellness routine to avoid any unintended negative side effects. Generally, CBD is safe to use when purchased from reputable brands. Health must always be your first priority, so please speak to your pharmacist or health professional before enjoying new CBD supplements for sex.

Is CBD Good for Sex?

Yes! The beauty of CBD is that it has multiple health and wellness applications: CBD for sex, CBD for falling asleep, and just about everything else. If natural health ingredients are more your style, CBD is a great option to consider for your sexual wellness journey. Countless articles have been written about how CBD helps support your intimate encounters by allowing you to unwind and connect more fully with your partner. Enjoy a dreamy date night by putting your everyday concerns on silent mode with a little help from CBD oil and CBD gummies.

How to Use CBD Gummies for Better Sex

Enjoying CBD and herbal supplements for sex is incredibly easy! For your first time using CBD, read the item’s label and start with the recommended dosage. If you find the suggested serving of CBD to be too much or too little, adjust your CBD dose the next time you use it. In most cases, CBD is completely safe, especially when purchased from a proven CBD brand. CBD has many positive sex and wellness benefits, but know that it does not prevent pregnancy or protect against STI transmission.

Pros & Cons of CBD for Sex

Like any other health and wellness item, CBD has some key advantages—and a few disadvantages, depending on your needs when it comes to sex-supporting supplements. Make sure to read and review the following before selecting your sexual wellness goods!


  • Helps you destress to focus on the moment
  • Ability to customize dosage
  • Fun fruity flavors
  • A natural way to support your sexual wellness


  • May take a full 30 minutes or longer to feel the effects

Shop Our Full CBD Collection

If you feel you could benefit from adding CBD to your collection and sex life, shop one of the largest inventories of CBD and sex supplements in the world right here at CBD.co!   If you’d like to read more about this CBD and see what other items use it as a key ingredient, check out our entire collection of CBD goods!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CBD increase your sex drive?

Chemically, CBD does not increase your sex drive. CBD supports your desire to improve your sexual encounters by allowing you to be more stress-free during your intimate encounters, allowing you to rev up your sex drive naturally by helping you be more present with your partner and physical sensations.

Is CBD the same thing as cannabis?

CBD is a cannabinoid harvested from the legal hemp plant. CBD is used for its extensive health and wellness properties, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol, which is used mostly for recreation. Hemp-derived CBD is legal to enjoy with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill in the United States, while cannabis is not federally legal as of the writing of this article.

Is CBD safe to use for sexual wellness?

Yes! Generally speaking, CBD is completely safe to add to your health and sexual wellness routine as long as you buy from a reputable and trustworthy CBD brand. If you currently take any prescriptions or have pre-existing health conditions, speak to your doctor first before adding CBD to your health and wellness regime. Sex is an important part of being an adult, and wanting to support better sex is totally normal, so do not fear bringing up any questions you may have about sex supplements to your healthcare professional.

How do I use CBD with my sexual partner?

Wanting to spice things up and share new experiences when it comes to sex is a thrilling way to keep your relationship exciting! Send your lover a link to the CBD edibles or CBD serum that catches your eye for a flirty text exchange. Tell them you’d love to try these scintillating selections on your next date night to make it an unforgettable experience. If they’re totally on board with adding CBD to your next sexual encounter, add some CBD products to your cart and get started.

Is there legal cannabis for sex?

If you and your sexual partner are looking to add some mind-altering magic from cannabis in the bedroom, feel free to add some legal cannabis selections to your cart. CBD can be enjoyed with hemp products for a full body and mind experience if you and your sexual partner are looking for that. CBD does not produce intoxicating effects, like THC, so be sure to check out our legal THC products if you’re looking to get baked in the boudoir.