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CBD Oil for Cats

We all love a hearty helping of high-grade CBD and it turns out our cats do too! Your feline companion deserves the absolute best and we carry a wide variety of pure, effective CBD oils that are purrrrrfect for your furry little buddy. All of the incredible oils we offer contain the best botanical ingredients, the finest hemp extracts, and the most delicious flavors designed specifically for cats.

People treat their cats to CBD oil for a variety of different reasons. Some cats get stressed or anxious from time to time and others deal with chronic pain daily. Our customers love to see the awesome effects CBD has on their cats. Cats are there for us through the good times and the bad. These wonderful little creatures are there to provide cuddles and affection when we need it most, so when your cat needs a helping hand, reach for the power of CBD for cats.

CBD Treats For Cats

Everyone loves to give their loving cat treats and CBD oil is one of the best treats you could possibly give your kitty. These oils are the ultimate CBD cat treats and come in a myriad of different delicious flavors that your cat is sure to love. The next time your cat has been extra cuddly and deserves something special treat them to the awesome power and delicious flavor of CBD oils for cats.

Is CBD Oil Safe For Cats?

It’s no secret that people love the benefits they experience when using CBD. The hemp extracts that we humans enjoy are tested repeatedly and held to the highest health and safety standards, but is CBD ok for cats? We know that you only want the absolute best for your beloved kitty and refuse to carry anything but the safest, most effective CBD so you can treat your cat to the remarkable benefits of CBD without any worries.

CBD oil is completely safe for cats and has been proven to be both non-toxic and non-intoxicating even when ingested in incredibly high doses. Cannabidiol isn’t going to elicit any sort of psychoactive effects in your cat so you don’t need to be concerned about your kitty getting “high”. Cannabidiol contains a variety of beneficial compounds and is 100% safe for your cat to use, so when you are ready to treat your little buddy to something special, pick them up some powerful and delicious CBD cat oil.

Lab Tested CBD for Cats

All of the CBD manufactured for cats is held to the same high standard as CBD for humans. CBD brands know just how much you love your cat and want the best for the both of you so they make sure that these cat CBD oil contains the best ingredients, are fully tested, and completely safe for both cat and human use.

Every CBD cat oil that we carry at CBD.co has undergone rigorous testing at highly qualified third-party laboratories and is of the utmost quality. These high-tech laboratories test cat CBD oils to confirm their purity, potency, and the ingredients that they contain. Just like the CBD you use for yourself, lab reports are available for cat CBD oil and provide a detailed list of everything the product contains.

CBD For Cats – The Benefits

Our customers have seen their cat experience a wide range of benefits from using CBD oil. People treat their cats to CBD for a huge variety of different reasons. Many of our customers find that when their cat is feeling stressed-out or dealing with the burden of anxiety CBD is a fantastic option.

What does CBD do for cats? It provides them with the wide variety of beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant. Terpenes, amino acids, and cannabidiol all work together to interact with your cat’s endocannabinoid system and allows them to experience all of the same benefits we humans do when we ingest high-grade CBD. If you want to understand what CBD will do for your cat the best thing to do is try it out! CBD for cats is completely non-toxic so feel free to experiment and find what works best.

CBD For Cat Anxiety

Let’s face it; cats are finicky creatures. Their sassy personalities are one of the many things that we love about them. Unfortunately, this same level of sass can lead some cats to be anxious. Cats experience anxiety for a number of different reasons. Maybe they are pent up from a recent move, or disapprove of a certain piece of furniture you are in love with. No matter what the reason for your cat’s anxiety, our customers have found that CBD cat oil is just the thing.

How many drops of CBD oil for cats? Every cat is unique and requires different doses to experience the benefits of CBD. The best way to find the appropriate serving size for your cat is to experiment with different size doses and concentrations. CBD is completely safe so you and your cat can experiment freely.

CBD For Cat Allergies

Many of our customers have found that CBD is great when their cats are suffering from allergies. When the season comes around and allergies are in full swing, things can get stuffy. We as humans have a huge variety of products to choose from that can potentially help with allergies, but your cat can’t get up and tell you that they are all stuffed up. If your allergy stricken kitty could surf the web they would undoubtedly be on CBD.co hunting for the purrrfect CBD product. When allergies are a problem, cat CBD comes with high recommendations!

Cat CBD Reviews

Customer reviews are one of the most valuable resources for those interested in treating their cat to CBD oil. It’s pretty easy to get excited about something as cool as CBD cat treats and jump right into buying, but with just a little bit of research you are far more likely to find the perfect product for your cat. We highly recommend committing some time to doing your CBD homework and checking out some reviews to make sure you’re getting the perfect formulation for your feline.

CBD manufacturers have strict federal guidelines that they must follow down to the last word. These guidelines prevent CBD companies from making any direct claims about the benefits and effects of their products. Fortunately, average people leaving reviews can be as specific as they like about the difference they notice in their cat when providing them with CBD. If you are looking to use cat CBD oil to help with a particular ailment or issue, then you should definitely check out the reviews section we have available right here at CBD.co.

Where To Get CBD Oil For Cats

At CBD.co we are wholly committed to bringing you the absolute best CBD oil for cats. We offer a huge variety of the purest, most effective formulations at unbeatable prices, so if you are wondering where to buy CBD oil for cats, there is no better place than CBD.co. Your cat deserves the best, so pick them up a truly special treat of delicious, high-grade CBD cat oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do vets recommend CBD for cats?

Yes! Vets recommend CBD for cats because cats benefit from CBD the same way humans do: reduced anxiety, alleviated aches and pains, and a calmed state of being.

How fast does CBD work in cats?

Like with humans, CBD kicks in at various speeds. It comes down to the cat’s weight and whether they’ve eaten. If they’ve eaten, it’ll take longer. If they’re like Garfield and are on the heavier side, it may take a little longer to work as well.

What kind of CBD oil is best for cats?

The best kind of CBD oil for cats is flavored oils. Many companies have chicken-flavored CBD oil that no doubt makes cats lick their lips.

What are the side effects of CBD oil for cats?

Because CBD oil is safe and natural, there are no adverse side effects.

Where to buy CBD oil for cats?

The best place to buy CBD oil for cats is at CBD.co! We have the best-curated selection of CBD oil that’s perfect for any feline friend.