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Products with magic mushrooms offer vastly different cerebral effects compared to your favorite THC-infused product—effects that send waves of relaxing euphoria throughout the brain and body.

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Why Buy Magic Mushroom Products from

Within the last few years, the market for recreational substances has grown exponentially, leading to a spike in the number of products available. Recently, this expansion has led many brands to venture into the world of mushrooms, debuting products formulated with functional mushrooms and magical mushrooms. While some of these companies have fine-tuned their formulas with natural, safe ingredients, other brands are still in the process of making reliably dosed mushroom-infused gummies and chocolates. 

At, we’re proud to bring you a curated selection of high-quality shroom products. Compared to other retailers, we come with a few added benefits to give you a top-of-the-line shopping experience.

1. Top-Tier Products With Mushrooms

Other sites make you sift through shoddy unreliable products and make looking for that one perfect product like finding a needle in a haystack. Here, we’ve selected a number of high-quality products from many top-tier brands to help you browse only the best products on the market.

2. Compare Product Details

An alternative to shopping with us is ordering directly from a brand’s site. Of course, when you shop from a brand, you’ll see all that one brand has to offer, but you won’t get the chance to compare them to other companies. At, we give you extensive information about a product’s details, like price, formula, and potency, letting you see how various products stack up side-by-side. With all the facts in one place, we help you make a better-informed purchasing decision. 

3. More Than Just Mushrooms

At, you get to enjoy an all-in-one shopping experience. We know that products with mushrooms might not be the only item on your list. Maybe you’re also looking for THC gummies, CBD vape pens, or delta 8 tinctures. Luckily, we have a ton of options to choose from, letting you cross all the cannabinoid essentials off your list.

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Top-Selling Mushroom Brand

Mushrooms have been around for a long time, roughly a couple hundred million years. They’ve been used across cultures for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits. But only within the last few years have brands started to use mushrooms in a wide range of products, like chocolates, gummies, and health supplements. While many of these brands follow the gold standard manufacturing practices, some don’t. So, it’s essential to start your search for products with mushrooms by finding the right brand.

One brand that makes remarkably delicious, potently psychoactive products with mushrooms is TRĒ House

TRĒ House

Perhaps best known for their THC vapes and THC gummies, TRĒ House has ventured out of the alternative cannabinoid space and into the realm of psychoactive mushrooms. Though these products don’t contain extract from psilocybin or amanita muscaria mushrooms, they still elicit potentially psychotropic effects. TRĒ House makes four different mouthwatering shroom chocolates and four chewy, fruit-flavored shroom gummies. Both types of products contain the same active ingredients but offer differing tastes and textures.

Breakdown of Products with Mushrooms

Here’s a helpful chart to break down TRĒ House’s line of shroom products:

TRĒ House Mushroom Products Flavors $ per piece
Magic Mushroom Chocolates Churro Milk, Cookies & Cream, Fruity Cereal & Chocolate Milk $1.99
Magic Mushroom Gummies Blue Raspberry, Juicy Mango, Watermelon Wonder, Strawberry Dream $1.99

What Are Mushroom Products?

Did you know there are over 14,000 species of mushrooms? Some of these are great for health and wellness, some are ideal for cooking, some incite cerebral effects, and some are toxic. So, knowing the nuances between all of these mushrooms is essential.

Brands use certain mushrooms to promote a series of desired effects in customers. These companies formulate their shroom products into tinctures, gummies, and, yes, chocolates. Because of the products’ additional ingredients and sweeteners, these products don’t carry a funky fungi flavor. Rather, they often taste sweet, creamy, and fruit-flavored. 

What Makes Them “Magical”?

Typically, when you think of “shrooms,” psilocybin and amanita muscaria mushrooms come to mind, as they are two of the most popular psychoactive mushrooms. However, the shroom products we offer don’t active ingredients from amanita muscaria or psilocybe mushrooms. 

Rather, they boast a combination of adaptogens, nootropics, and a proprietary blend of mushroom extracts to initiate waves of euphoric effects in your brain and body. So, they aren’t that type of “magic” mushroom. But, the psychoactive effects from these products feel similar.

Types of Mushroom Products

While the market for mushroom-infused products is still relatively new, two types of products have already found their stride, offering delightfully sweet flavors with seriously psychotropic effects. Let’s investigate two of the most popular types of products with mushrooms: magic mushroom gummies and magic mushroom chocolate. 

Magic Mushroom Gummies

Made with a variety of tasty fruit flavors, mushroom gummies capture all that you’ve come to love about psychoactive gummies but with a fungi twist. You might’ve tried different THC gummies before (if you haven’t, we have many to choose from.) But instead of producing THC’s patented effects in your mind and body, these fungi-infused gummies promote different, equally euphoric effects in your mind and body. Since they don’t contain hemp-derived cannabinoids and boast effective doses of psychoactive mushrooms, they’re a delicious respite from your go-to THC gummies.

Magic Mushroom Chocolate

Another popular product is mushroom chocolate. While the idea of mushroom-flavored chocolate might not sound appealing, companies have found novel ways to mask their mushrooms’ funky aromas with delicious chocolate flavors. These chocolates are divided into individual squares, each one containing a measured dose of mushrooms. 

Mushrooms vs. THC

A common question is, “Do mushrooms feel like THC?” If you’ve ever enjoyed a THC vape pen, a THC edible, or a THC preroll, you’ll know THC’s distinct effects. But are these similar to mushrooms’ effects? Yes and no.

Like with THC, everyone will experience mushrooms differently—different long-term effects for different people. But, if these mushrooms mirror any THC products, it’ll be with THC edibles. When you ingest either of these psychoactive products, they need to absorb into your body before inciting their effects. Depending on your body composition and other bioavailability factors, this can take thirty minutes to two hours. Plus, you can expect these psychoactive effects to linger for around six to eight hours. 

Pros & Cons of Mushroom Products

Like any of our other products, magic shroom products come with their own unique benefits and drawbacks. Knowing what these are beforehand will help you make the best purchasing decision.


  • Delicious flavors
  • Chocolate & gummy options
  • Psychoactive effects


  • Effects take thirty minutes to two hours to set in

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are magic mushrooms?

Typically, magic mushrooms are associated with psilocybin and amanita muscaria mushrooms. However, companies like TRĒ House combine adaptogens, nootropics, and a proprietary blend of mushroom extracts to mimic the effects of these shrooms, creating gummies and chocolate-based products. 

How long do magic mushrooms last?

Effects from these mushroom products set in after thirty minutes and two hours and last for around six to eight hours. 

How do you take magic mushrooms?

Companies often craft their mushroom products into fruit-flavored gummies or delicious chocolate bars. 

Can you make your own magic mushroom products?

Making your mushroom products requires expert knowledge of over 14,000 mycological species. Some are beneficial for your health. Some are psychoactive. And some are deadly. So, making your own mushroom product might not be the safest endeavor. When in doubt, trust the experts and only buy mushroom products from reputable, reliable companies.

Where to find mushroom products?

While you can find a small number of mushroom products at smoke shops or wellness stores, lets you shop for your fungi-infused favorites from the comfort of your home! Here, you can browse our wide collection of THC, CBD, and mushroom products, finding the perfect one that checks off all your boxes. Then, you can have your favorites delivered right to your home!