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HHC Vape Pen

For those new to the world of alternative cannabinoids, you might be slightly overwhelmed by the endless number of available options. From vapes to gummies to flower to syrups to drinks to candy, the list goes on and on––and seems to expand exponentially year after year! And not to mention over 100 known cannabinoids, each getting their own 15 minutes of fame––it’s okay to feel overwhelmed!

Let’s introduce you to a classic product that touts an alternative cannabinoid you might be unfamiliar with. HHC vape pens are disposable vapes––like the ones you’ve come to love––packed with a different psychedelic cannabinoid that’ll surely become a favorite amongst you and your friends. But what exactly is HHC? Do you use the same way you use other cannabis products, and (most importantly) are HHC vape pens right for you?

At CBD.co, we pride ourselves on introducing delicious and effective products to our customers. With our curated collection of HHC vape pens, you’ll definitely see what we mean! But before we investigate the pens we offer, let’s learn more about what HHC is and what it does.

What is HHC

When you think about cannabis, chances are you picture red eyes, an infectious giggle, munchies, and new, more creative ways of thinking. This is the plant’s iconic “high,” and it has made cannabis so popular (and controversial) over the years. This high is caused by the body’s reaction to the plant’s THC molecules. You might be familiar with THC, knowing it as CBD’s psychoactive cousin or the molecule responsible for causing cerebral effects.

This molecule dances with CB1 receptors in your endocannabinoid system––receptors primarily concentrated in the brain and spinal cord. When these receptors light up, they activate the corresponding cerebral cells, which researchers believe to be the mechanism of action for THC’s psychoactive effects.

Now, over the last few years, thanks to recent advances in cannabis legislation and cultivation practices, chemists have been able to alter various cannabinoids, creating new, exciting molecules. One of these molecules is hexahydrocannabinol (HHC). Created in 1944, a chemist stumbled upon HHC when he added a hydrogen atom to a delta 9 THC molecule. This hydrogenated form of THC seemed to still interact and stimulate similar cerebral areas of the brain––but in a less psychoactive way.

What is an HHC Vape Pen

Within recent years, vaping has gone mainstream. Now, there are so many ways to enjoy it! Whether it’s tried and true nicotine-salt vapes, weed vapes or relaxing CBD-only vapes, there’s a pen for just about any need or effect. So, are HHC vape pens similar?

To make HHC oil, the cultivators first extract the THC molecules, stripping away all unnecessary plant matter and then hydrogenating them. Next, they take the hydrogenated molecules and formulate them into an oil. Finally, they mix this oil with propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) to make a vape juice. PG is responsible for carrying most of the flavor while providing a strong throat hit, a sensation many might not be fans of, and VG delivers most of the vapor.

How to Use HHC Vape Pens

If you’re new to the world of vaping, you might be hesitant to ask the simplest of questions like how do you use a vape? Though veterans might roll their eyes at this, using a vape the right way is not always intuitive. So, the first step to vaping HHC will sound pretty obvious: find one you like!

Most pens, like the HHC vape pens by TRĒ House, come with around 200 puffs. For a beginner, that’s 200 times enjoying a certain flavor, strain, or experience. So, it’s important to find one you like and wish to return to throughout the day.

Next, check the pen to see if there’s a button on the side. Some disposables have buttons that activate the lithium battery, heating the oil inside. Others are activated when you inhale through the top. If yours has a button, press and hold it down. This’ll help heat the oil and make your first pull smoother and more worthwhile. Once you’ve taken your hit and are satisfied with the effects, return the vape to your pocket or bag and go about your day! Vape pens are ideal because they let you take HHC’s effects on the go!

HHC Pens vs. HHC Edibles

Another popular way of enjoying your daily dose of HHC is with edibles. Many have already fallen in love with various forms of THC edibles like delta 8 gummies, THC-O drinks, and HHC edibles. Unlike vaping, edibles pass through your digestive tract before entering your bloodstream. This process takes longer than through your lungs, which is almost immediate, so you have to wait to feel the effects of an HHC edible typically.

But, the effects of edibles last longer than vaping. Because their molecules break down over time, HHC edibles drag out the cerebral effects. You should feel the cerebral sensations for around 3-5 hours after taking an edible, while the effects from vaping can last for up to 2 hours.

Pros and Cons of Vaping HHC

Like every other type of alternative cannabinoid product, HHC vapes come with their own unique pros and cons. These might make or break your buying decision, so it’s best to know what they are before submitting your order.


  • A wide range of strains. To make HHC oil, cultivators can use just about any strain of cannabis, meaning they can take an HHC-rendition on a classic strain like Maui Wowie, Wedding Cake, and so many more.
  • Less potent than other alternative cannabinoids. Depending on what your goal is, this might be a con. HHC is known to many users of all tolerances to be one of the less psychedelic cannabinoids on the market––perfect for a beginner’s mild buzz!
  • Portable. One of the biggest pros of vaping is that you can take them with you wherever you go! They’re perfect for on-the-go maintenance of a good time.


  • Vaping might not be your cup of tea.You might be surprised by the sensations if you’ve never inhaled vapor for pure enjoyment. You might love it or hate it.

The Best HHC Vape Pens

We can’t boast all the benefits of HHC vape pens without showcasing some truly exceptional brands. Below are three companies known for their deliciously potent HHC vape pens.

TRĒ House

Perhaps the one company that needs no introduction, TRĒ House is more than just known for their HHC vape pens––they’re celebrated for them! From Lemon Slushie to Blue Milk, TRĒ House’s line of HHC vape pens are perfect for those new to HHC––or those who’ve already fallen in love with this rockstar cannabinoid.

Canna River

Another popular brand touting exceptional HHC vape pens is Canna River. Their disposable pens are 2.5 grams of pure, psychotropic HHC. These are perfect for beginners or veterans and can be enjoyed at just about any point in your day!

Two Hawk Hemp

Maybe the newest all-star on the market, Two Hawk Hemp has made quite the splash on the scene. Their HHC vape pens are quickly gaining a cult following for their unique cerebral effects and mouth-watering tastes. Definitely add these to your wishlist!

HHC Vape Customer Reviews

Before buying, you might want to hear what previous users have to say about HHC vape pens. Most say HHC is less cerebral than delta 8, meaning it’s much less potent than delta 9––the classic THC molecule. So, consider this before searching our collection page for the right HHC vape for you.

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