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Why Buy Hemp Wraps at CBD.co?

Within the last few years, the hemp plant has seen a reawakening of interest, once again proving to be an essential, durable fiber for textiles, clothing, rope, paper, bioplastics, and more. 

One of these notable hemp-based products to experience a surge of interest is hemp wraps. Alongside rolling papers and cones, hemp wraps are a necessity for any user’s stash. But finding the right ones can be a little tricky—especially in this crowded marketplace. 

We carry a wide selection of premium hemp wraps from top-tier brands like Wild Hemp, Zig Zag, Royal Blunts, OCB, and more. But other important factors make us your one-stop shop for all your smoking essentials! 

1. Compare Product Details

To find the right wraps for you, you could shop directly from a brand’s site. When you choose this route, you’ll undoubtedly see what that brand offers—but only that brand. Shopping directly from a company’s page doesn’t let you compare their products alongside similar items from different brands. You can’t see how their products stack up in quality, price, ingredients, and more. 

We put your favorite brands and products side-by-side, letting you compare essential product details in real-time. With our selection of top-shelf CBD and THC companies, you can choose between many premium, top-level brands in the hemp industry—a feature exclusive to accomplished CBD retailers like CBD.co!

2. Exclusive Discount!

You can also save 15% on your entire order of $45+ with code CBDCO15! This exclusive discount lets you take 15% off your favorite hemp wraps, HHC gummies, THC vapes, and more! 

3. All Your Hemp Smoking Essentials

While wraps are essential for those who like to roll their own hemp-based blunts, there’s probably more on your shopping list than just wraps. We have a vast collection of smoking accessories to accompany your wraps. From rolling papers to cones to prerolls, we have all the accouterment you need for a successful smoke sesh.

What Are Hemp Wraps?

Hemp wraps are thin, yet durable sheets of rolling paper made from 100% tobacco-free hemp fibers. They are slow-burning and provide a smokier experience, similar to your traditional blunt—minus the harsh compounds and addictive nicotine in tobacco leaves. 

Wraps tend to be slightly thicker than rolling papers, but they are still malleable enough to conform to your ideal blunt shape, whether that’s a thick or thin roll. Unlike rolling papers, hemp wraps don’t have a glue-like adhesive on one edge. To keep the roll in place, you’ll need to add moisture to the wrap, which will help it stick. Check below, where we’ll teach you how to roll with wraps. 

Selection of Top-Selling Hemp-Based Brands

If you’re new to rolling your own hemp-based blunts, it’s always best to filter your search by brands. There are many companies to choose from, and while most of these brands produce high-quality hemp-derived wraps, some cut corners or follow poor manufacturing practices. These companies often make wraps that rip while you’re using them or can’t hold the preferred shape for long.

If you’re looking for hemp wraps, start with brands like Wild Hemp, Zig Zag, Royal Blunts, and OCB. 

Wild Hemp

Perhaps best known for their Organic Hemp Cigarettes, Wild Hemp also makes four packs of organic hemp wraps, each with a distinct flavor. These wraps mirror your typical blunt but don’t contain tobacco or nicotine. Instead, these wraps use non-GMO, organic hemp with natural flavorings to add other delicious aromas to your smoking experience. These wraps are firm and durable, making for a robust roll. They burn slowly, so you can savor the experience for longer than other types of rolling papers. 

Their collection of wraps includes:

These are the perfect accessories if you prefer the smoky experience of blunts but want to avoid tobacco and nicotine. 

Zig Zag

Famous for their extensive line of rolling papers, Zig Zag also makes some of the highest-quality hemp wraps available. Their wraps come in packs of two and a number of flavors, from Natural to OG Purp to Blue Dream to Shortcake. Each pack is resealable, so you can store your hemp roll for later and keep them fresh longer. Zig Zag includes thin, solid straws in every pack to help you stuff your blunt perfectly, tamping down any loose ends or straying buds. 

Royal Blunts

Since 1995, Royal Blunts has been manufacturing some of the industry’s best wraps for perfectly rolled blunts. Their blunts burn slowly and come in various flavors, like mango, sweet, blueberry, strawberry, purple haze, and many more. They make two sizes, skinny cigar-shaped (hemparillo) and XXL for a small or king-size smoke sesh.

Product Data

Here’s a helpful chart to break down the differences between these brands. 

Brand Flavors $ per wrap
Wild Hemp Island Twist, Limeade, Natural, Purpz, Sweetz  $1.24
Zig Zag Natural, Island Vibes, Blue Dream $0.58
Royal Blunts Purple Haze, OGK, Naked, Mango $0.33

How to Roll a Hemp Wrap

Unlike prerolls and cones, hemp wraps require a slight learning curve. Many professional and amateur rollers agree that rolling with a wrap is slightly more complex than rolling with papers.

  • Get it together!
    First, you’ll need to gather all your materials. These will include:
  1. Hemp wrap of choice
  2. Grinder
  3. Your favorite CBD flower
  4. Thin solid straw
  • Grind.

Next, take your favorite CBD flower and separate the buds out. Then, place those buds in your grinder and twist the cap and kief compartment. This will shred the flower into finely ground pieces perfect for the center of a hemp wrap. 

  • Hold wrap & fill.

Hold your hemp wrap in your hands like a taco and sprinkle the ground flower in its center. The ground buds should create a pseudo-spine in the middle of the wrap.

  • Roll. 

Then, fold one edge over the other, pick the wrap up, and massage it back and forth with your fingertips. Condense the wrap’s inner content to form the roll, making a cylindrical shape. 

  • Fold & wrap. 

Next, fold one side over the other and roll the middle towards the outer edge, creating a funnel. Perform this part slowly. Many rolls have been rushed and consequently ripped at this point in the process. 

  • Wet the edge. 

Finally, with water or your tongue, wet the edge that’s sticking up. This helps create a sticky seal between the two sides of hemp paper. 

  • Enjoy responsibly!

Next, feel free to light your blunt and enjoy! Even though it is not tobacco, still be mindful of where you smoke this wrap. Hemp wraps make for a somewhat smoky experience. 

Also, be sure to store these wraps out of reach from children and pets. 

Hemp Wraps vs. Cones

If you’re looking for an easier, quicker way to get to the smoking fun faster, many of these brands also make hemp-based cones! Cones are easy-to-use, pre-structured papers that you just simply fill with your CBD flower of choice. Once you’ve filled it and tampered it with a solid straw, the cone is ready for use! You don’t have to worry about making sure it’s secure or rolled correctly.

If you’d like to experience the benefits of hemp-based wraps without going through the crucible that is rolling, maybe consider shopping for cones. 

Pros & Cons of Wraps

Just like with any other smoking accessory, wraps come with their own benefits and drawbacks. Knowing these beforehand can help you decide if hemp wraps are better than other popular rolling items like papers, cones, and prerolls


  • Natural hemp paper
  • Range of flavors
  • Thin, yet durable material
  • Healthier alternative to traditional blunts


  • Takes a learning curve to perfect
  • Aren’t as sticky as rolling papers
  • Can lose shape if rolled incorrectly 

Shop Our Full Collection of Smoking Accessories & More!

With our extensive collection of hemp wraps and other smoking accessories, it can be a little overwhelming to find the product that best suits your needs. Each of the brands we offer are tried and tested, customer-approved companies. Their hemp wraps are among the best in the industry. So, when shopping from one or all of these brands, you can never go wrong. 

If you’d like to stock your smoking tray with all the necessities, shop our full line of smoking accessories!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do hemp wraps get you high?

Hemp wraps are made out of 100% tobacco-free hemp. By its nature, hemp carries low THC—the cannabinoid responsible for cannabis’s iconic “high.” With hemp’s low THC levels (around 0.3% measured by dry weight), it’s safe to say you probably won’t feel high when smoking a hemp wrap.

Do hemp wraps contain CBD?

Hemp wraps can contain cannabinoids like CBD.

Are hemp wraps like blunts?

Hemp wraps have a similar consistency and smoking experience to blunts, but they don’t contain tobacco or nicotine.

Do hemp wraps contain nicotine?

No, hemp wraps do not contain nicotine, tobacco, or other harmful additives.

Can you smoke hemp wrap by itself?

Technically, you can roll the hemp wrap and smoke it by itself, but filling it with organically grown CBD flower tastes much better.