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Why Choose to Buy Rolling Papers & Cones at

Today, adults are more conscious of what they’re smoking, often opting for organic, hand-rolled smokes over pre-rolled packs with unknown, potentially harmful additives. This search for a more natural, DIY experience has led many adults to perfect the art of rolling their own hemp-derived CBD flower cigarettes (hempettes, for short). To do so, they use products like rolling papers, also known as “blanks,” and cones.

At, we carry a wide selection of rolling papers, cones, and hemp wraps to give our customers the freedom to choose what (and how) they smoke. Compared to other retailers, we proudly deliver a few other notable benefits.

1. Competitive Pricing

As with all of our products, we carry a variety of papers and cones that come in a range of prices. An alternative to shopping with us is browsing through a brand’s site. But shopping directly from a company’s site doesn’t let you compare prices in real-time. With us, you can see prices, quantities, and other important product details side-by-side from many companies, giving you the freedom to choose the best rolling paper and cones for your stash—and budget.

2. Selection of Top Brands

In the past few years, the market for rolling papers and cones has grown exponentially, leading to a vast number of options for consumers. While many of these companies offer top-shelf products, some less reputable brands cut corners in their manufacturing processes, debuting flimsy, fragile, and finicky blanks and cones. Rolling products like these can often tear during the rolling or packing stage, or worse, right after you light up.

We’ve curated our selection of rolling papers to spotlight those from top-tier brands like TRĒ Papers, RAW Papers, OCB Papers, and more. Brands like these offer high-quality, reliable papers and cones to upgrade your rolling skills and elevate your smoking experience.

3. Your One-Stop Shop

At, we also carry other perfect products to complement your choice of rolling papers and cones. Gathering all your smoking essentials can be a hassle, especially if you’re shopping from multiple retailers. Don’t worry—we’ve thought of it all. From CBD flower to a wide assortment of smoking accessories, we carry all the necessities for a successful rolling experience. 

Spotlight on Top-Selling Rolling Paper & Cones Brands

As we mentioned before, there are many brands to choose from when shopping for rolling papers. Some companies make natural, reliable, and durable rolling papers and cones, while others cut corners, producing shoddy smoking products that may contain harmful additives. If you’re new to rolling your own hemp cigarettes, it’s vital to browse from these reliable companies. It can make or break your smoking experience. 

Here are two notable brands we always point customers to: 

TRĒ House Papers

TRĒ House has nearly everything an amateur (or expert) roller may need. Their selection of 1 ¼  size rolling papers includes:

  • Ultra-Thin 1 ¼ SizePapers
  • Unbleached 1 ¼ Size Papers
  • King Size Ultra-Thin Papers
  • King Size Unbleached Papers

They also have all-in-one kits with rolling papers, a built-in rolling tray, and tips for crafting your own filters. Their kits include:

  • Ultra-Thin Kit
  • Unbleached Kit
  • King Size Ultra-Thin Kit
  • King Size Unbleached Kit

Plus, they have 8-meter rolls of paper, so you can customize the size of your hand-rolled hemp cigarette. These include:

  • 8 Meter Ultra-Thin Roll
  • 8 Meter Unbleached Roll

For cones, TRĒ House carries a similarly extensive collection, including:

  • Ultra-Thin 1 ¼ Size Cones
  • Unbleached 1 ¼ Size Cones
  • King Size Ultra-Thin Cones
  • King Size Unbleached Cones

TRĒ House papers are durable and slow-burning—two marks of high-quality rolling papers and cones. They manufacture their paper products in France, which, as many smoking historians will know, has been the hub for premier, ultra-thin rolling papers since the sixteenth century.

Zig Zag

Known for their premium rolling papers and old-school packaging, Zig Zag papers have been crafting some of the highest-quality blanks and cones for the past 140 years. Their collection of rolling papers includes:

And cones:

Zig Zag papers are some of the most popular products on the market, routinely relied on by smokers of all generations. 

Product Data

Here’s a helpful chart to break down the differences between these brands. 

Brand Types of Paper $ per paper
TRĒ House Ultra-Thin, Unbleached, King Size, 1 ¼ Size, 8-Meter Roll Starting at $0.20
Zig Zag Ultra-Thin, Hemp, French Orange, Kutcorners, Original White Starting at $0.29

Papers vs. Cones

While rolling papers might be a go-to for many users, other smoking accessories may be a little more user-friendly for beginners. Cones are a product that captures the benefits of rolling papers without the potential tumultuous rolling phase. These are pre-shaped and ready-to-fill. Cones come with a pre-attached filter and just require ground-up buds. 

If you’ve ever used glass pipes or bongs before, filling a cone is similar. To use a cone, simply sprinkle your finely ground hemp into the cone’s open side. You’ll want a thin stick to help tamp down the contents as you fill the cone, but be sure not to make it too tight. The smoke needs to pass through. Most companies include a packing stick with their cones. Once you’ve filled the cone close to the top, twist the end of the loose paper tightly, which will help you avoid spills and keep the bud in place. Now, you have a ready-to-smoke cone!

Some prefer cones to papers because cones are easier and quicker to use. However, many users still choose the joy of rolling their own, claiming there’s a certain art to rolling that’s lost when choosing cones over paper. 

Pros & Cons of Papers & Cones

Compared to other accessories like glass bongs and pipes, rolling papers and cones come with their own distinct benefits but with two notable downsides.  


  • Many types of rolling papers to choose from
  • Various sizes like King Size and standard 1 ¼ size
  • You know exactly what’s in your roll
  • Cheaper than prerolls


  • There’s a slight learning curve to mastering the perfect roll
  • Slower, more involved process than other products like prerolls

Shop Our Full Collection of Hemp-Based Products

Whether you’re on the hunt for rolling papers, cones, hemp wraps, or more, we carry an extensive collection of smoking accessories and hemp-based products to meet your needs! 

Shop our selection of CBD flower, or if you’d like to skip the rolling stage entirely, check out our array of prerolls from top-tier brands like TRĒ House, Space Walker, Redwoods Reserve, Wild Hemp, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to roll with papers?

Rolling with papers is a great way to know exactly what’s in your hemp cigarette. But it takes a few tries to craft your first usable roll. Begin by laying your paper on a flat surface and filling it with your desired smoking material. Next, roll the paper between your fingers, condensing the contents to fit the roll’s cylindrical shape. Then, bring the side without the glue strip over and tuck it between the smoking material and the other side of the paper. Roll the paper up to the glue strip and wet the strip with your tongue or a couple drops of water. Next, firmly secure the damp glue to the paper. 

Pro tip: gently run a flame over the glue strip to further seal the bond.


Where to buy rolling papers and cones?

Many adults shop at smoke shops to find their preferred rolling papers and cones, only to find that the shops are out of stock. The best place to buy rolling papers is in the comfort of your own home. 

At, you can shop a wide selection of premium rolling papers at competitive prices. Plus, we ship right to your door, so you don’t even have to leave your home when your stash of rolling papers is running low.


How to use a cone?

Using a cone is a little easier than rolling. First, grind up your hemp flower. Then, take the cone and stand it straight up, open-side facing you. Fill the cone with the ground bud. Most cones come with a straw to help you tamp the flower down. When you tamp it down, make sure it’s not too tight. You still want air to flow through it. Once you’ve filled the cone close to the top, twist the paper at the top together. This will close the end and help you avoid any spillage. Finally, you can either smoke it right away or safely store it for later use. 


How much are rolling papers and cones?

Prices of rolling papers and cones vary from brand to brand. A pack of rolling papers can cost between three and ten dollars, depending on the number of papers in that pack, and a standard pack of pre-rolled cones can cost between seven and fifteen dollars. 


Do you have to be 21 to buy rolling papers and cones?

In most states, you must be at least 21 years old to buy rolling papers and cones or other smoking accessories.

What can you use for rolling papers and cones?

Rolling papers and cones are expertly manufactured to help you craft your own hand-rolled CBD cigarettes.