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There is a multitude of different ways to treat yourself to the benefits of CBD, but one of the quickest, easiest, and most enjoyable of all is with CBD cartridges. These powerful, compound-rich cartridges are highly portable and a fantastic way to get your CBD on the go. At CBD.co we carry a huge selection of the top name brands and top-tier CBD cartridges. Whether you are looking to treat yourself to 99.9% pure CBD isolate, a soothing broad-spectrum CBD, or are looking to enjoy the highly sought after entourage effect provided by full-spectrum CBD, you are sure to find what your heart desires here at CBD.co.

We are wholly committed to bringing our customers the best CBD cartridges on the market and refuse to carry anything but the purest, most effective products on the market. When you want to treat yourself to the power of premium botanicals in the form of a handy CBD vape cartridge, there is no better place to find the biggest selection of the best CBD cartridges on the market.

The Best CBD Cartridges… Anywhere.

The only way to make truly top-tier CBD cartridges is to use the absolute best ingredients. The CBD cartridges that we offer only contain the finest botanical ingredients that nature has to offer. One of the many things that people love about these cartridges is their ease of use. You can skip the potential mess of refilling vape tanks, and not worry about the maintenance required with other vape rigs. Sound easy? Thats because it is!

You are going to love how simple, delicious, and effective our broad range of the top CBD cartridges are. If you are looking for a quick, easy, incredibly convenient way to enjoy CBD, there is no better choice than CBD vape cartridges.

How Long Do CBD Cartridges Last?

We all have different habits when it comes to CBD use. Some of our customers are more than satisfied with taking a single puff periodically throughout their day, while others enjoy hitting their vape with great frequency. Your own personal vape habits and frequency of use are going to have a huge impact on how long a CBD vape cartridge lasts you. If you take long drawn out puffs frequently, you are going to go through your cartridge much faster than someone who takes small drags periodically.

A good way to gauge how long one of these delicious cartridges will last you is to take a step back and analyze your vaping habits. The average CBD vape cartridge will last roughly 150 puffs. This means that if you take just 3 puffs a day on average, you can expect the cartridge to last you about 50 days before it needs to be replaced or refilled. If you take 3 exceptionally long puffs per day, you can expect that number to be a bit lower, if you take 3 moderate drags from your vape each day, then it might last you longer than 50 days. The best way to find out exactly how long a CBD cartridge will last is to try it for yourself and maintain an awareness of how you vape.

High CBD Vape Cartridges

Every person on the planet has an incredibly unique body that reacts in its own special way to CBD. Some people only require a tiny serving of mildly potent CBD to feel huge effects for a relatively long duration of time, while others require very high potency options to feel they achieve their desired results. Because everybody is unique, and CBD works differently for each of them, there is no way to tell which potency will be right for you.

If you have already done your experimentation, and are an experienced CBD user who knows that they are a high potency kind of person, then you are going to love our incredible selection of pure, delicious, highly concentrated CBD vape cartridges. We have potencies to suit anyone’s preference, so whether you are looking for a more mild experience with a 250mg concentration, or want to indulge in the power of a 500mg concentration, we have you covered with a full range of premium vape cartridges filled with high-grade hemp extract.

Pre Filled CBD Vape Cartridges

One of the best things about CBD oil cartridges is that they come pre-filled. While you can buy empty cartridges and fill them yourself, this practice is reserved for the CBD connoisseur who is less concerned with convenience and more concerned with making their own blend of CBD flavors.

Pre-filled vape cartridges provide the user with several unique benefits. These are an incredibly easy way to carry around different flavors and formulations of hemp extract and provide a fantastic way to have a variety of different options available to you when you are on the go. Whether you are constantly running back and forth to business meetings, chauffeuring the kids around, or just want to hang out and enjoy an awesome CBD vape experience, these cartridges might just be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

The Awesome Power of Cannabis

Cannabis is truly amazing. People have utilized this plant for thousands of years for an endless number of reasons. Some people find that cannabinoids help them sleep and others feel that cannabidiol can be a great way to combat aches and pains.

The earliest use of cannabis was for textile purposes. The earliest remnants of hemp fabric date back to 8,000B.C. High-quality hemp has been a valued commodity throughout the ages. It has been utilized by Queens and commoners alike.

It is widely believed that Queen Victoria of England utilized cannabis as a way to combat menstrual pains. Long before people could articulate what terpenes and cannabidiol are, they were using hemp for its obvious benefits.

It wasn’t until the 1930s that hemp prohibition began. Hemp was a major competitor in the blossoming American textile industry. It is speculated that this direct competition with the steel industry was the cause of hemp prohibition.

In 2018, the Farm Bill was passed. This effectively ended hemp-prohibition and made it so people could legally grow hemp that contains 0.3% THC or less. Now people can enjoy the incredible power of CBD products without any concern of legal ramifications.

Cartridges vs Vape Pens

There are a lot of great ways to vape, but pens and cartridges are among the most popular. These two products often get compared because they are both incredibly convenient and highly effective.

While these two methods of use share a fair amount of similarities, there are some distinct differences that you should be aware of. Knowledge is power and the more you know about vaping, the more likely you are to find a product that perfectly fits your preference.

Cartridges and pens both provide an enjoyable way to access the benefits of cannabidiol. They both utilize an electrical charge to atomize hemp extracts into a compound-rich vapor. So, what’s the difference?

The primary difference between these products is that vape pens are disposable. Vape pens are often used by beginners because they don’t require any maintenance. They come pre-charged, with a pre-measured amount of CBD. When you’re done with a vape pen, you simply toss it in the garbage.

Cartridges also come pre-measured, but they are used with a vape device that is not meant to be disposable. Cartridge compatible devices require a charger and are meant to have their cartridges replaced when they’re empty. These devices also have coils that need to be changed.

While this might make cartridges seem like a bit of work, it’s these attributes that make cartridge devices so popular. These features make them highly customizable. Experienced vapers often prefer cartridges over pens. 

Arent sure which you prefer? Try them both!

Some of Our Favorite Flavors

It’s no secret that vaping e-liquid is one of the most popular ways to use CBD. The hemp plant offers a wealth of benefits, but it’s not just the MCTs and natural terpenes that people love, it’s all the funky flavors!

Vape cartridges are notoriously delicious. There’s an almost endless number of vape oil flavors to choose from. Flavoring is hugely important and has an impact on how enticing it is to stay on top of your CBD regimen. 

We know that it can be difficult to decide between so many amazing flavors, so we put together a list of our customer’s favorite vape juice flavors to help. Vaping CBD is a delightful experience when you’re using a terpene profile that really speaks to you.

These flavors have won the hearts of countless customers. Classic strains like these have flavors that are so distinct and delicious that they have become timeless. Whether you want the sharp, robust taste of OG kush cartridges, or prefer something sweet and fruity like strawberry lemonade, we have you covered at CBD.co.

We are committed to quality, so no matter which cartridge you choose you can rest assured that you’re getting the best! These products are made with the finest hemp extract, the best botanicals, and a craftsmanship that’s hard to rival. If you want a flavor you wont soon forget, try one of these customer favorites!

Pineapple Express

If you’re looking to load your vaporizer with the flavor of a classic cannabis strain, you’re going to love pineapple express. This strain of cannabis was made famous in the United States when a movie was released under the same name. This strain is of the highest quality and has become one of the most recognized cannabis flavors out there.

Strawberry Cough

You won’t have to spend your time mixing additives to get the perfect flavor with Strawberry Cough! This delicious flavor embraces the rich, aromatic essence of the classic marijuana strain, but won’t leave you with any hazy side-effects. This cartridge allows you to treat yourself to the power of CBD while indulging in the naturally sweet flavor of strawberries and hemp.

These delicious vape cartridges are like taking a bite of fresh strawberry and a puff of top-tier cannabis all at the same time. The best part is; you dont have to deal with the hazy side-effects people often feel when using marijuana. CBD contains 0.3% THC or less and is 100% non-intoxicating. If youre looking to enjoy the delicious flavor of strawberry couch, but want to stay productive and focused, this cartridge is the perfect choice!

OG Kush

This is probably the most famous flavor of all. Nothing beats the original, and this Kush flavored CBD extract has all the flavor you could ask for. We live in a busy world and the side effects of marijuana just aren’t conducive to productivity. Fortunately, this cartridge can keep your taste buds satisfied and your body performing at its peak!

Strawberry Lemonade

If you’re looking for high-quality CBD that will make your mouth water, look no further! Strawberry-lemonade CBD cartridges will make you feel like you’ve been relaxing by the pool even if you’re in a blizzard. The sweet berry flavor perfectly balances the bite of citrus and offers you the best of both worlds. When you want a vape cartridge that’s sure to make your mouth water, there’s no better choice than strawberry lemonade.


There’s something special that happens when a manufacturer finds the perfect blend of hemp extract, propylene glycol, and a delicious flavor. You end up with a product that both benefits and delights your senses. Watermelon is an absolute classic. This sweet juicy cartridge will bring you back to the warm summer days of your youth when chowing down on a juicy watermelon was the only thing you had to worry about.

The Brands You Know and Love

At CBD.co, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the continued satisfaction of our customers. We want to bring you the absolute best, so we only carry the most trusted names in the industry. We offer organic CBD from brands like CBDfx, CBDistillery, and all of the other brands you know and love.

We know that it can be hard to choose between these amazing brands, so we decided to put a list together of our customer favorites. These are brands with flawless lab results, delicious flavor profiles, and remarkably effective CBD. If you’re looking for the absolute best, these names need to be on your radar!


CBDfx is well known for their delicious gummies and powerful tinctures, but they also make an awesome vape products. They offer a vape kit that comes with everything you need to get started. The CBDfx V2 vape kit is hugely popular and offers a reliable, effective way for you to enjoy CBD.

This brand is committed to quality. They don’t use any harsh pesticides or chemicals, and use powerful MCT oil in all of their products. If you want a premium vape experience, you want CBDfx!


CBD has a lot to offer. Whether you vape sativa extract to help combat daily pains, or love the way it helps you keep your cool, JustCBD has just what you’re looking for. This brand invests a great deal of time and energy making sure that they source the best hemp and finest ingredients. All of JustCBDs vape cartridges are made with a carefully crafted blend of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol to give you the perfect pull every time!


If you haven’t heard of CBDistillery, this is a brand you definitely need to checkout! CBDistillery makes some of the finest vape cartridges on the market. This company has quickly become a household name due to their impressive commitment to excellence. These cartridges are made with high-quality botanicals and organic CBD. All CBDistillery products far surpass any FDA quality standards and offer some of the cleanest CBD around. Treat yourself to something special with a delicious vape cartridge from CBDistillery!

Is Your CBD Vape Pen Compatible?

One of the most important part of shopping for vape cartridges is making sure that your device is compatible. There are a bunch of different types of CBD devices out there. Some require 501 threads, some require pods, and others require cartridges. If youre just getting into CBD, its important to understand the differences between the different types of compatibility.

Reading the instructions for your device is a good place to start. The product packaging or instructions will tell you in detail which type of cartridge the device is compatible with. Pay attention to these instructions because compatibility is key.

Will CBD Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

One of the great things about CBD cartridges is they allow you to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without any of the hazy side-effects from THC. We all know that CBD distillate contains 0.3% THC or less. Unfortunately, drug testing still hasn’t caught up with the booming popularity of CBD.

It wasn’t until the 2018 Farm Bill passed that CBD blossomed in popularity. Though scientists have started developing more sophisticated drug tests since then, they still cant distinguish between certain cannabinoids. 

Each spectrum-type contains a different assortment of compounds. Full-spectrum CBD contains 113 phytocannabinoids that all register differently in drug tests. These tests cant distinguish between most of these cannabinoids which causes some people falsly test positive for marijuana.

If youre worried about being subject to regular drug testing, we recommend that you speak to your primary physician before using CBD.

Many athletes and professionals prefer to stick to CBD isolate for this reason. Isolates are comprised of 99.9% pure cannabidiol and dont contain any other phytocannabinoids. The World Anti-Doping Association doesn’t consider CBD a performance enhancing drug. This means that professional athletes can enjoy Isolate CBD without any worry of phytocannabinoids causing them to test positive for marijuana.

Tested at Third-Party Labs

One of the most important aspects of a CBD cartridge is the quality testing it goes through. Not all CBD cartridges are the same quality, but they all have to meet certain safety standards implemented by the FDA. 

There are a handful of different rules and regulations a cartridge must meet before it hits the market. It has to be made from industrial hemp, contain 0.3% THC or less, and it must be tested at qualified third-party labs.

Laboratory testing is hugely important because it confirms that the product doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or residual pesticides. All laboratories used for CBD testing must be ISO certified and meet all food and drug administration safety standards.

All of the cartridges we offer at CBD.co have been thoroughly tested by highly qualified labs. We offer detailed lab reports for all of the products we offer. If you want to see for yourself how amazing these cartridges are, just take a look at the lab reports!

CBD.co Is Where To Buy CBD Cartridges!

At CBD.co we refuse to offer our customers anything but the absolute best CBD cartridges. We carry the most desirable name brands and a huge selection of top-tier cartridges. If you are thinking “ I would be such a happy camper if I could buy CBD cartridges near me.” Then prepare to smile, because the best and closest place to buy happens to be right here at CBD.co.

Buy Wholesale CBD Cartridges Online

Our customer just can’t seem to get enough of these incredible CBD filled cartridges, and we know that yours are going to love them too. Having CBD cartridges for sale instantly makes you a hot retailer, and simple things like offering free shipping on CBD cartridges will have these products flying off of your shelves. When you are ready to offer your customers the best CBD cartridges on the market, head over to the wholesale page at CBD.co. We are more than happy to help!