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THC Pills

The world of hemp-infused products has brought us a number of fascinating goodies. From THC carts to psychedelic syrups, this market for novelty hemp products has grown exponentially year after year. Now, we can shop for various psychoactive delights ranging from vapes to edibles to drinks. All of these products have allowed more people across the country to enjoy all the decadent wonders cached away in the hemp plant. But you might have tried a number of these products and still feel unsatisfied with your options. Smoking might be too much of a hassle, edibles might be too sweet, and drinks might get you too faded. Many people just want to pop back some delightful THC and be on their way. So, let’s introduce those people to THC pills.

THC pills are little capsules that carry a full serving of THC and several other cannabinoids, natural ingredients, and health-boosting supplements. These capsules come in a range of strengths, perfect for any taste or tolerance.

At, we are proud to bring our customers the best, safest, most effective products on the market. This curated collection of goodies only includes products from reputable, trusted companies like CBDfx and MedTerra. Read more to learn all about what THC pills are, what they’re not, how to use them, and which one is best for you!

What are THC Pills

First, we must all be on the same page about what THC is and what it does in the human body. Under your skin’s surface, there’s a recently discovered network at work, tethering many different areas of your body together like a bridge between the mind and body. This system is your endocannabinoid system. Discovered within the past few decades, the endocannabinoid system was stumbled upon by researchers investigating THC’s reaction inside the human body. This startling discovery led to another: all animals have an endocannabinoid system. So, yes, your dog, cat, and guinea pig can also enjoy the psychedelic wonders of THC––though it’s not advisable.

The endocannabinoid system comprises CB1 receptors centralized around the spine and brain. CB2 receptors exist on peripheral nerves in your immune system. It’s these CB1 receptors that directly handle the THC molecules swimming through your bloodstream. When these receptors tango with THC molecules, they light up, triggering the attached neuron to fire up in new and unusual ways––this is how THC causes cannabis’s classic cerebral effects. That iconic high feeling? It’s thanks to these firing neurons.

So, to make THC pills, cultivators extract THC from hemp or cannabis plants. This extract typically comes in the form of a honey-hued, potent oil. The cultivators then put this oil into gel capsules, which make THC pills. These pills are precisely dosed with a measured amount of THC oil, so you know just how much you’re getting––a significant advantage when it comes to THC pills.

How to Use THC Pills

While it may seem self-explanatory, using THC pills does require some introductory knowledge. Mainly, you should know how many milligrams of THC you want to take. If you’ve never enjoyed cannabis in the form of an edible or smoked it from a pen or joint, then you might not know what’s in store. Different forms of THC, like delta 8 THC, delta 10 THC, THC-O, and THC-P, all have differing effects on the human body. So, make sure you know what experience you signed up for. Regardless of what the form of THC is, this cannabinoid’s positive effects include the following:

  • Increased appetite
  • Heightened creativity
  • Less anxiety
  • Boosted mood

But, taking too much THC can cause unwarranted effects like anxiety, trouble concentrating, and loss of awareness. So, staying within the bounds of your tolerance is critical when popping back some THC pills. When you use THC pills, read the label to see how much THC is in each capsule, then plan accordingly. 5mg-10mg is perfect for a newcomer and an intermediate user. You should approach anything above 20mg with caution. Ask any cannabis user you know––getting too high is never the move.

THC Pills vs. CBD Pills

Much like other hemp and cannabis products, there are different types of capsules for those who may want the therapeutic benefits without the psychoactive effects. CBD pills, as opposed to THC pills, carry only CBD––the non-psychedelic half of the hemp plant. These pills offer all the noted benefits of CBD like:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Minimized stressful thinking
  • Calmer breather
  • Leveled heart rate

If you’re interested in more of the wellness benefits of hemp, CBD pills might be the way to go.

THC Pills Pros and Cons

Like all other THC products, THC pills come with their pros and cons. These different factors may make or break your decision to order THC pills for yourself. It’s good to know all facets of this product before committing to an order.


  • Easy to dose. Because each serving comes in compact capsules, it’s easy to dose precisely how much THC you want with THC pills––a feat that is not always easy with products like brownies or cookies.
  • Easy to use. Just take a THC pill and wait for the euphoria to come to you!
  • Portable. These little bottles of THC pills are easy to take when you want to take the good times on the go.


  • Not much of an experience. If you’re looking for a shareable experience like with joints and edibles, THC pills might not be for you. They are more of a solo experience.

The Best THC pills and THC Capsules

Who would we be if we didn’t offer up some personal favorites? These three THC pill products are perfect for any tolerance and user level. These capsules are a great addition to any morning routine or nightly unwind.

Daily Chill Blend CBD + THC Capsules – CBDfx

Perhaps the most popular CBD company in the country, CBDfx has made a name for themselves with their commitment to excellent and effective products––and their Daily Chill Blend CBD + THC Capsules exemplify that to a tee. These capsules are perfect for quieting any mental chatter and ready your mind for a relaxing night.

Full Spectrum Delta 9 THC Liquid Capsules – MedTerra

Another titan of the CBD market is MedTerra. With their Full Spectrum Delta 9 THC Liquid Capsules, you can enjoy the full range of benefits from THC in as little as thirty minutes. These liquid capsules are perfect for morning, noon, or night.

Full Spectrum Liquid Capsules CBD + THC – fiveCBD

fiveCBD’s Full Spectrum CBD + THC Liquid Capsules are made with 50mg of CBD and the full power of five’s Full Spectrum Extract. These best-selling capsules are perfect for anyone looking for a genuine, balanced THC experience that’ll get them to an extra level of chill.

THC Pills Customer Reviews

Many customers report that THC pills are their new go-to THC products. They rave about easy they are to add to a busy workday or a fun-filled weekend. Whether you’re a newbie to the world of infused edibles, psychedelic vapes, or THC-filled capsules, THC pills are sure to be the next BIG thing in your day-to-day life!

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