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Potent and portable, THC carts let you vape THC your way, with a wide variety of classic strains, delicious flavors, and euphoric cannabinoid blends to choose from! Shop our collection of THC vape cartridges and save big on popular brands like TRĒ House, Two Hawk Extracts, Canna River, and more!

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What Is a THC Cart?

Even if you vape THC regularly, cartridges might still be on your list of products to try. And if you’re new (especially if you’re new), it can be a little overwhelming; there are so many stellar vape products available! So, what is a THC cart, and why does it belong in your rotation of great vapes?

A THC cartridge is a cylindrical glass tube filled with THC-rich vape juice. Typically, the vape juice in these cartridges has been crafted with terpenes from popular hemp strains, so you can enjoy the classic flavors of Granddaddy Purp, GS Cookies, Green Crack, and more. The vape carts we offer are compatible with 510-threaded batteries, the most common personal vape battery on the market, and tout a number of potent cannabinoids—from mellow delta 8 to trippy THC-P.

How to Use THC Carts

Using a vape cart is super easy! Just make sure your vape battery is charged; nothing kills a sesh quicker than a blinking battery light. Once you have your vape cart out of the box, gently twist it onto your battery—keyword there is gently. Then, if your battery has a button-activated drawing system, press the button, but don’t take a hit. Let the battery heat the vape juice to a warmer, thinner consistency, and after a couple of seconds, take a puff. Now it’s time to ride the mellow, wild waves of wonder (this is just a fun way to say, “Gettin’ baked!”). Once you’ve completed your sesh, try to store your cartridge upright, just so the vape juice doesn’t congeal near the mouthpiece.

Top-Selling THC Carts

Finding the right THC cart starts with finding the right brand. Here are three heavy hitters we turn all newcomers and THC aficionados to!

TRĒ House

Uber-popular THC and mushroom brand, TRĒ House has one of the most extensive lines of deliciously potent THC carts on the market. TRĒ House THC Carts spotlight a number of psychoactive cannabinoids, like delta 8, delta 10, HHC, and THC-P. TRĒ House tailors each cart with tasty, strain-specific terpenes, combined with unique cannabinoid blends, to create a one-of-a-kind ride of groovy euphoric effects.

Two Hawk Extracts

Two Hawk Extracts THC Carts are definitely unique; they boast a whopping two grams of potent, THC-rich vape juice. While other brands pack around one gram in these little glass tubes, Two Hawk Extracts lets you double the fun with popular strains like Green Crack, Wedding Cake, and Cereal Milk, all backed by potent levels of delta 8 THC!

Canna River

Canna River THC Carts let you enjoy the subtle, elevating effects of delta 8 while tasting the distinct terpenes of classic strains, like Purple Kush, Blue Dream, and Lemon Jack. These carts come with one gram of THC-rich juice, so you can explore strains you’ve never tried before, without committing to a mega-sized vape pen.

Breakdown of Best-Selling THC Carts

Let’s break down some of our best-selling THC carts!

Brand Popular THC Carts Price per THC Carts
TRĒ House Ice Cream Cake, Grape Ape, Watermelon Zkit & Green Crack Starting at $16.99
Two Hawk Extracts Cereal Milk, Bomb Pop, Unicorn Piss & Granddaddy Purp Starting at $29.99
Canna River Lemon Jack, Rainbow Sherbet, Strawberry Tartz & Purple Kush Starting at $20.00

Why Should You Buy THC Carts at

We’ve carefully collected our selection of THC carts from the best brands on the market; each brand we offer publishes third-party lab tests (Certificates of Analysis) alongside their products. These let you verify a product’s potency and purity. Plus, they show the level of attention and care a brand takes during each step of the cultivation process.

At, we offer our products at competitive prices and let you compare key product details in real-time. We’ve set up this comprehensive shopping experience to give you all the information you need to make your purchasing decision. Also, when you shop at, you can enjoy discounts, exclusive sales, and promotions—all while earning Rewards Points with every purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do THC carts stay in your system?

THC molecules can be detected in different parts of your body for different periods of time. The longest place THC can remain detectable is in your hair, which is around 90 days.

How long do THC carts last?

Depending on how much you use your THC cart, it can last a couple of months.

What’s the difference between THC pens and THC carts?

There are three main reasons customers choose carts over pens. First, carts usually carry less vape juice than disposable pens, and while that might sound like a downside, these small vape devices let you try newer strains without committing to a 2g+ vape pen. Second, vape cartridges often come at cheaper price points. And third, carts connect to your personal battery, so you can enjoy them until the very last drop—a feature many disposables are still working toward.

How much are THC carts?

The price of THC carts ranges based on how much vape juice they carry. Typically, THC carts can span between just under $20 to just over $30.

What is in THC carts?

THC carts carry THC-rich vape juice. This vape juice has a balance of PG/VG, strain-specific terpenes, and hemp-derived THC oil.

Where to buy THC carts?

Nowadays, there are plenty of places to buy THC carts. But many of these come from sketchy, unreliable brands. At, we only carry reputable brands, backed by independent third-party lab tests: the mark of a trustworthy company. We also ship straight to your door! What’s more convenient than that?

What THC is in THC carts?

THC carts can carry a number of different hemp-derived THC compounds, like delta 8, delta 10, THC-P, and HHC.

How to charge a THC cart?

You don’t physically charge the cart, but you do charge the vape battery. Usually, these use a USB-C or standard USB cable.

How do I store a THC cart?

It’s best to store a THC cart upright, so the vape juice doesn’t pool and congeal near the mouthpiece. Also, it’s imperative to keep these out of reach from pets and children.

How to unclog a THC cart?

Don’t worry—your clogged cart won’t derail your sesh! Vape juice can often harden in the airway, leading to a minor clog. If your vape battery has a button-activated battery, press the button to heat the vape juice. Then, blow through the mouthpiece. Next, take a couple pulls off the cart. If you don’t want to get ridiculously baked at this point, only take puffs; don’t inhale the vapor. Keep alternating between blows and puffs until the airway is cleared.