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The Best THC Cartridges

When THC carts are filled with decadent, mouth-watering, mind-melting, psychedelic oil, they’re the go-to choice for any hemp extraordinaire who wants a front-row seat to hemp’s iconic psychotropic effects. When cultivated by an industry-trusted brand, THC carts can contain large amounts of THC, ensuring a cosmic trip through the galaxy for tolerances of any level. THC carts provide a reliable elevated experience with each puff, and because they’re attached to a rechargeable vape battery, you can enjoy THC carts until the last drop.

But what makes carts so special? Why do so many users prefer them over other forms of hemp? Do they still get you as elevated as edibles like cookies and gummies? Can they be easily integrated into a Weed-O’s daily bake schedule? And should you, an interested customer of the ganja, delight your senses with a premium THC cart?

At, we have a curated selection of THC carts fit for any occasion, tolerance, and desired experience. So, let’s discuss carts, what they are, what they aren’t, and why you––my friend––should add them to your next sesh.

What Are THC Carts?

First, before we know how to use them, let’s learn exactly what THC carts are. If you’re unfamiliar with what’s inside a THC cart (hint: it’s THC), then man’oh’man, do you need to strap in for a rocket ship ride of bliss.

Inside the hemp plant, there are around 113 known cannabinoids. One of those is THC––the psychoactive molecule we typically attribute cannabis with. You know those red-eyed, wide-smiled hippies back in the day? It was THC that got them all giggly and happy. And it’s THC now that’s carving out its own marketplace for users interested in an elevated ride through the cosmos. And when bought responsibly, it’s legal for millions of Americans around the country.

Hemp brands and companies take the THC molecules and formulate them into a wide array of cannabinoids like HHC, THC-O, and Delta-8 THC. While all these molecules have different properties, they all get you feeling baked. They take these molecules, cultivate them into an oil (more on that process below), and fill cartridges with this oil. When you take a hit off the pen, the lithium battery heats this oil into a vapor. When you inhale the vapor, the cannabinoids filter through your pulmonary glands. Once inside your bloodstream, the cannabinoids interact with your endocannabinoid system, activating the receptors that cause THC’s trippy effects.

How Are THC Carts Made?

The hemp plant is mystical. Over the last thousand years, mankind has used this plant for various purposes––one of which has always been to get more faded than the signatures on the Magna Carta. In the last few years, since the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp cultivation has finally found its footing in the modern world. With the introduction and widespread production of popular vessels like THC carts, users can enjoy the psychedelic effects of THC just about anywhere. But, how are they made?

To extract THC from the hemp plant, cultivators have to usher the plant through a series of reactions that introduce extreme heat and pressure to the plant, activating and siphoning out the euphoria-inducing molecules. Some of these processes also use chemical-based solvents that strip away all the plant matter that isn’t THC. When cultivators take this route, they end up with wickedly potent, thick, honey-colored THC oil.

How to Use THC Carts

To use a THC cart, you first need a vaporizing battery. You can find these at any smoke shop or at many convenience stores. Then, once you have one in your hand, I want you to go put it on the charger. This will lead to a smooth-sailing experience in the near future.

Once the battery is sufficiently charged, screw your THC cart onto the battery. Pro tip here is to turn your battery on, but don’t take a puff yet. Let the battery heat the oil in the cart to a warm temperature. This may take a minute or two. Also, before you take your first hit, make sure all of the oil has pooled at the bottom of your cartridge. This will give you a more powerful hit.

THC Oil Cartridges vs. Live Resin Cartridges

When choosing the best THC cart for you, there are two unique options: THC Oil or Live Resin. As we mentioned earlier, THC oil is produced when cultivated ganja herbs undergo a process that includes chemical solvents to strip away unnecessary plant matter. But some vapers want to experience more of the plant’s tasty delicacies and don’t mind trading in more potent THC contents to do so.

Live Resin oil is made when cultivators freeze hemp buds right as they’ve been picked off the stem. Once hemp buds are frozen, all their terpenes and trichomes are kept intact throughout the cultivation process. At the end of this process, these frozen buds are heated and pressurized, releasing the plant’s fresh cannabinoid profile.

Our Favorite THC Carts

Now that you know what carts are and how to use them, the next step is to pick one that suits your tastes and desired effects. At, we offer several different industry-trusted brands that routinely debut high-caliber, decadently potent THC carts.

First, we have SoCal legend TRĒ House. With their latest collection of Live Resin THC carts, TRĒ House is ahead of the pack when it comes to options, strains, and potency. From THC-O to HHC to Delta 8, they’ve tailored their collection of THC carts for the beginner hemp extraordinaire and even the most advanced Weed-O.

Next, we have other brands like Liquid Str8 and Kinda High that are industry titans in their own right. These brands carry an assortment of flavors and strains that appease even the pickiest Vape Gods.

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So, now what do you do? With all this information, it’d be best to take a deep breath first. You, my friend, have a fun, psychedelic trip ahead of you. At, we give you the industry-leading hemp products that can take you on a cosmic rocketship ride through the cosmos or an introspective dive into the soul of your couch.

Go to the search bar and find your perfect THC cart today! Whatever adventure you’re in for, be sure to check out what THC carts we have in stock and let the secrets of the universe come to you!

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