Whether you’re a fan of nature-based products for health and wellness or you just like to party, it might be time for you to look into the fantastic world of mushrooms. Take some time to explore our large inventory of versatile mushrooms for both recreational and wellness use.

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Why Buy Mushroom Products at

With over 14,000 mushroom species currently documented, it can be a bit overwhelming for both veterans and newbies to find a brand and products that fit their individual needs. So, you may be wondering, what makes the best place to shop for mushrooms?

Large Selection of Best-Selling Brands

Finding the right brand is always the ideal place to start your search for products with mushrooms. Many mushrooms can make you sick or induce undesired side effects, so it’s best to try mushrooms from a proven, third-party tested brand to ensure your safety.

At, we’ve done the research for you and selected safe and verified mushroom products, including oil tinctures and edibles, from some of the biggest brands on Earth. Shop with companies like TRĒ House, CBDfx, HempLucid, and so many more, to find the mushrooms that fit your needs!

Compare Prices of Products in Real Time

The price of a mushroom product is determined by several factors, including the source quality of the mushroom, the amount of mushrooms in the product formulation, and other additional cannabinoids in the blend, like CBD.

Dedicated to accessibility, provides mushrooms and other CBD products at a variety of price points so you can enjoy the magic of mushrooms, no matter your budget.

When you shop at, you can compare flavors, prices, and other product details from some of the best brands on the market to find your ideal mushroom product.

Tons of Mushrooms & So Much More

Dedicated to diverse product options, offers both functional mushrooms and legal magic mushrooms.

If you aren’t looking for mushrooms, we also carry delta 9 gummies, CBD oil, and a plethora of other cannabinoid products.

Spotlight on Top-Selling Products

Mushrooms are a precarious thing; some have natural health and wellness benefits for humans while other species are poisonous. On top of that, there are brands that skip ethical guidelines with their cultivation and harvesting practices that may add further risk for customers. Thankfully, there are other proven and safe brands that are dedicated to crafting a well-made and effective product for their customers.

To avoid risky mushrooms and products, make sure to shop from trusted brands that:

  • Harvest non-GMO mushrooms
  • Use all-natural or organic ingredients, additives, and flavors
  • Publicly share the results from third-party lab tests with customers

Three brands that follow these ideal guidelines when crafting their marvelous mushrooms are:


CBDfx is one of the most recognizable CBD producers in the world. Committed to using only natural and healthy ingredients, CBDfx is celebrated for their mission to create high-quality CBD and products with functional mushrooms. This Southern California-based brand subjects all their mushrooms to rigorous, third-party lab testing to guarantee customers a safe and superior experience. CBDfx has many offerings for you to enjoy, including their cherry-flavored CBD Mushroom Gummies for Wellness. Blended with seven adaptogenic and nootropic mushrooms and broad spectrum CBD, these vegan gummies are the perfect product for a healthy mind and body. A major part of maintaining good health is making sure you get consistent sleep. Put your mind at ease and drift off to dreamland with a few drops of their Relax Blend CBN Mushroom Tincture. Need help with energy and focus? Take a few drops of their Focus Blend CBG Mushroom Tincture for a health-boosting pick-me-up.

TRĒ House

A titan in the recreational hemp world, TRĒ House has also become a mushroom product innovator! If you’re a chocoholic, you’ll love their mind-expanding Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars. Available in four different flavors, including Cookies & Cream Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar, Chocolate Milk Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar, Fruity Cereal Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar, and Churro Milk Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar, these bars are a great way to experience the buzzy effects of mushrooms without breaking the law. Prefer your mushroom buzz in gummy form? Prepare for blastoff with their Blue Raspberry Magic Mushroom Gummies, Juicy Mango Magic Mushroom Gummies, Strawberry Dream Magic Mushroom Gummies, and Watermelon Wonder Magic Mushroom Gummies. These fruit-flavored products are potent and powerful, so be sure to start slowly if you’re new to recreational mushrooms.


Providing premium wellness products since 2016, HempLucid is dedicated to unlocking the natural health and wellness properties of hemp and mushrooms. If you’re looking to start your mornings the right way, take their grape-flavored Focus Mushroom Gummies. Made with certified organic CBD, lion’s mane mushrooms, and CBG, these tasty gummies will give you a boost in focus and clarity without giving you those pesky jitters that may come with caffeine consumption. Work deadlines stressing you out? Take a deep breath and take a few Stress Mushroom Gummies to decompress. This carefully curated blend of functional mushrooms and hemp-derived delta 9 THC will relieve your stress without leaving you in a fog.** Want to get ready for bed, but your mind is still racing? Unwind the natural way with Sleep Mushroom Gummies.The blueberry-lemon flavored sleep gummies feature CBN, lion’s mane mushrooms, and certified organic CBD.

Product Data

Here is a helpful chart to break down some key aspects of these brands and products. Read the following information to make sure you find the right mushrooms for you!


Brand Mushroom Products Product Price Range
CBDfx Gummies & tinctures with functional mushrooms Starting at $51.99
TRĒ House Magic mushroom gummies & chocolate bars Starting at $29.99
Hemp Lucid Gummies with functional mushrooms $49.95


Are Edible Mushrooms Safe?

Who doesn’t love a mushroom sauce drizzled over their juicy steak? Mushroom flavor can really make a dish, but it’s best to stay safe and source your raw mushrooms from the grocery store or from experts at the farmer’s market. Edible mushrooms, like oyster mushrooms, are safe for consumption, but it can be tricky to identify which wild mushroom species are safe. So, we always advise you to refrain from foraging for your own mushrooms unless you are a professional. Growing mushrooms is also not a great idea for non-professionals as it requires a lot of space and dedication. If you’re on the hunt for a delicious oyster mushroom, head to your local grocery store. If you’re looking for recreational mushrooms or functional mushrooms, shop at a proven retailer like!

Mushrooms Used in Food vs. Health and Wellness Shrooms

Many mushrooms are packed with beneficial nutrients and make a wonderful addition to your wellness supplements. Other mushrooms are famous for their flavor and belong in your family’s pizza recipe. Although both are the same type of fungus, they are drastically different when it comes to usage. Mushrooms are often categorized by the color and size of their cap. The cap is the structure on top of the mushroom that holds the gills or pores.


One of the most famous mushrooms for wellness is the turkey tail mushroom. Packed with antioxidants, this colorful fungus has been studied by the science community for its impressive immune-boosting properties. Another major mushroom to add to your wellness diet is the shaggy lion’s mane mushroom. Although it won’t spice up your food with flavor, it may have beneficial effects for the brain, heart, and gut. With a reddish-brown cap, reishi mushrooms are another must-have for your wellness collection. Reishi mushrooms may help with fatigue. Just make sure to speak to your doctor before adding these mushrooms to your wellness routine as they may interact with certain prescriptions.

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If you’re interested in adding functional mushrooms and recreational mushrooms to your life, check out our huge inventory here at! We carry all the top brands, cutting-edge formulations, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is mushroom consumption safe?

Mushrooms, when purchased from a reputable and third-party tested brand, are generally safe. If you’re new to recreational products with mushrooms, we recommend starting with half the recommended dose and then adjusting the dosage accordingly the next time you use recreational mushrooms.

Do you have to take oil tinctures with food?

Products with functional mushrooms generally don’t need to be ingested with food.

How do I use tinctures with functional mushrooms?

Just fill the dropper with the recommended amount of oil, then squirt the oil under your tongue. Hold it there for 60 seconds, and then swallow the liquid mixture. You should start to feel the effects within 15 to 30 minutes.

What are magic mushrooms?

The magic mushrooms on our website contain adaptogens, nootropics, and a proprietary blend of mushroom extracts.These magic mushrooms do not contain psilocybin or amanita muscaria mushrooms.