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Why Buy THCP Gummies at

With the demand for hemp-derived gummies, there’s been a surge of new cannabinoids to learn about and a variety of ways to experience them: tinctures, flower pre-rolls, vape cartridges, and delicious gummies.   With so many CBD brands and THCP products out there, it can be overwhelming figuring out where to shop for THCP gummies. So, you may be asking, what makes such a trustworthy and popular THCP retailer?

  1. Wide Selection of Best-Selling CBD Brands

Step one in your search for delectable THP gummies is finding the right CBD company. Since the effects and potency of THC-P products may vary with your own individual body chemistry, it’s best to try THC-P items from a proven and reliable company. At, we’ve put in the work to research and curate a selection of THC P products from some of the industry’s biggest brands. Shop with brands like TRĒ House, Galaxy Treats, Geek’d, and so many more to find the right THCP gummy for you.

  1. Compare Prices of Gummies in Real Time

The price of THC P products hinges on several factors, including the strength of THC P in the gummies, the quality of hemp sourced, and other exclusive additives. We believe in providing a wide range of gummies with THC P for all shoppers. So, carries both affordable gummies and more luxurious selections, letting you enjoy the benefits of THC P no matter your price range. When you shop at, you can compare flavors, prices, and other product details from some of the best CBD brands on the market to find your ideal THC-P Gummies.

3. Tons of THCP Products & Other Hemp Items

Our vast selection of THCP products includes more than just gummies and other edibles. While other CBD retailers limit themselves to offering just hemp-derived delta THC 9 or THC P vapes, we’ve committed to providing a selection of items with a wide spectrum of hemp compounds, including HHC edibles, legal delta 9 THC edibles, and more! If you aren’t looking for THCP gummies, we also carry THC P carts and THC P edibles, giving you plenty of options to enjoy this buzzy cannabinoid.

Spotlight on Top-Selling THCP Selections

With the 2018 legalization of hemp products (such as gummies), it seems like there’s a new CBD company entering the legal cannabis marketplace every day. So, it can be complicated for both THC P beginners and experienced cannabinoid users to find a CBD company that fits their needs. There are so many proven CBD brands that use best practices with their ethical cultivation and superior manufacturing methods, but a number of them choose to go the cheapest route possible with second-rate items that don’t always serve the customer’s best interest.   When CBD businesses cut corners throughout the cultivation and manufacturing stages, the results are typically ineffective and potentially even harmful. These subpar CBD offerings frequently contain contaminated hemp and dangerous solvent residues. When purchasing CBD, be sure to stick with reputable CBD brands that use non-GMO crops to harvest their hemp and use all-natural ingredients in their items. When it comes to THC P, make sure it’s synthesized through a toxic-free process. Finally, only purchase from CBD companies that allow customers to see third-party lab tests. Three CBD brands that follow these superior health and quality guidelines when creating their scrumptious gummies and THC P products are:

TRĒ House

Southern California company TRĒ House is a leader in the cannabinoid industry! Their high-concentration THCP blends are made from top-tier ingredients and are guaranteed to provide all of THC’s trademark effects. To guarantee customers a terrific THCP experience, TRĒ House subjects all of their products to rigorous, third-party lab testing. TRĒ House has many THC P products, including their mouthwatering THCP blended Tropic Mango Delta 8 Gummies. If you love to double dip with THC-P and other delta cannabinoids and you are open to smokeable products, try their White Widow Hybrid THC-P Cartridge and their Rainbow Sherbet Hybrid THC-P Cartridge.

Galaxy Treats

Galaxy Treats is renowned for creating out-of-this-world hemp-derived edibles and vapes! Their delicious THC P products are manufactured in the United States, third-party lab-tested by an accredited lab, and contain only the highest quality ingredients. Prepare for blastoff with their THC P, delta 8, and delta 9 THC-infused Berry Melon Lifter Gummy. Kick things up a notch with their delta 8 and THC P 125 mg Blue Punch OG Gummies. For those looking for a taste of sunshine, pop one of their Delta 8, Delta 9, and THC P Tropical Kush Gummies.


Built by industry experts, Geek’d is a customer-first cannabinoid company that uses only the best ingredients and vetted supplies. Their delta-infused gummy products and live resin disposables are an excellent way to enjoy potent hemp-derived products at an affordable price. If you have a craving for sour candy, try their Delta 8 and THCP Green Apple Gummies or Delta 8 and THCP Blue Raspberry Gummies. Prefer the sweet life? Unwind, relax and chill with their 100% hemp-derived Delta 8 and THCP Strawberry Gummies and Delta 8 and THCP Watermelon Gummies.

Gummies and Other THC P Product Data

Here is a helpful chart to review during your research for THC-P gummies:

Brand Flavors $ per cannabinoid mg
TRĒ House Tropic Mango $0.04
Galaxy Treats Berry Melon, Tropical Kush, Blue Punch $0.01
Geek’d Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Watermelon, Strawberry $0.01

What Are THCP Gummies?

THC P is a powerful and trippy cannabinoid found in hemp and legally synthesized for your pleasure. This powerful cannabinoid’s molecular structure allows it to bind even more strongly to your body’s receptors than your everyday THC. THCP gummies are a perfect way to experience this cannabinoid for those who enjoy edibles and other smoke-free products. If you’re interested in adding THCP to your collection, we have a ton of THCP products for you to explore.

When Should I Take a THCP Gummy?

Open up and enjoy your THCP gummy when you’re ready to enjoy the cerebral effects of this cannabinoid. Edibles are ideal for the weekend or nights when you can enjoy them responsibly.   As with any supplement or gummy, it’s important to do your research and to talk to your doctor if you are currently taking any prescription medications before consuming this cannabinoid in order to avoid any unintended negative side effects. Generally, THC-P is safe to use when purchased from proven companies and used in recommended servings.

Pros & Cons of THC P

Like any other hemp products, THCP has some key advantages—and a few disadvantages, depending on your wants when it comes to finding a recreational product. Make sure to read and review the following before selecting your items!


  • Stronger than other hemp-derived cannabinoids
  • Works well with other cannabinoids for the Entourage Effect
  • Available in tasty and tempting flavors
  • Can be enjoyed with edibles, carts, vapes, pre-rolls, and more


  • Can be a more expensive cannabinoid
  • Minimal health and wellness benefits

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If you’re excited to try a THCP product, feel free to dive into our large inventory of THC P items right here at!   If you’d like to read more about THC P and see what other items use it as a key ingredient, check out our entire collection of THC P products!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are THC gummies the same thing as THCP gummies?

THC, or, tetrahydrocannabinol, is a naturally occurring product that can be harvested from both the hemp plant (in much smaller doses) and the marijuana plant. Also known as delta 9, THC has a tricky status when it comes to legality, whereas THC P is generally less regulated (check your local laws). Gummies are an easy-to-use and smokeless way to enjoy THC P, making them an ideal product for newcomers to cannabinoids.

How do I use a THC P gummy?

Gummies always receive enthusiastic customer reviews for user-friendliness. We recommend starting with less than the suggested dose for your first gummy experiment and then adjusting the amount of gummies you consume the next time you try THCP gummies. Just pop your gummy into your mouth and wait to feel the mind-altering effects. Edibles and gummies are generally felt within 30 minutes to two hours, depending on your bioavailability, and can last six to eight hours.

Is it safe to eat some gummies and drive?

No! Cannabinoid gummies are meant to be recreational products. Gummies containing delta 8, delta 9, delta 6, THC P can impair your judgment and motor skills. Enjoy your gummies responsibly and do not operate heavy machinery or drive after ingesting them. Gummies are a super-fun and exciting product, but be sure to plan your day around them for the safety of yourself and others. Also, note that the intoxicating effects of cannabinoid gummies may last up to six to eight hours, depending on your own individual body chemistry.