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Smoking accessories, including rolling papers, pre-rolled cones, hemp-based wraps, and more, are essential for a successful smoke sesh. But finding the right smoking accessory for your stash can feel a little tricky, especially if you aren’t sure what to look for. 

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Why Buy Smoking Accessories at

When shopping for smoking accessories, you really are spoiled for choice. There are smoking accessories for just about every stage of the smoking experience. These tools help you prep your herb of choice and smoke however you’d like, whether with a customized roll or a prerolled cone. But many of these accessories aren’t very high-quality. Grinders can jam. Papers can rip. A cone can break. And filter tips can unravel, leaving you with a bits of bud in your mouth. So, finding the best, highest-quality products for your stash is crucial.

At, we offer a long list of high-quality items and plenty of other unbeatable benefits.

1. Premium Selection of Accessories

When shopping for high-quality smoking accessories, the best way to start is by filtering your search by brands. Doing so lets you see what types of accessories top-tier brands like TRĒ House, Zig Zag, and more offer. 

2. Competitive Pricing

Besides shopping from us, another option is browsing directly from a brand’s site. Here, you can see all that a brand carries. But you can’t compare that brand’s products to others. You also can’t see distinct product details from different brands, like price, product quality, and more. At, we give you extensive information about all of our products, helping you make a better-informed buying decision. 

3. More Than Just Smoking Essentials

While smoking accessories should be, in fact, called smoking necessities, they’re probably not the only things on your list. At, we carry all sorts of CBD and THC products to enhance your smoke sesh. From CBD flower to THC prerolls, we have a long list of products to accompany your smoking accessories of choice!

Top-Selling Accessories for Smoking

Don’t know exactly what accessory you need? Let’s take a look at what each one offers.

Rolling Papers

Rolling your own smokes has become increasingly popular within the past few years. This strategy lets users know exactly what is in their roll and customize the size of their roll. To do this, customers use rolling papers. Rolling papers are thin, yet durable sheets of cigarette paper. Companies make these papers out of various natural fibers like rice and hemp. These rolling papers come in multiple sizes, like mini, regular 1 ¼ size, and king size. If you haven’t used rolling papers yet, rolling your own cigarette requires a little practice. If you don’t know how to roll and need a little more help crafting your own roll, consider pre-rolled cones. 

Prerolled Cones

A prerolled cone is a cylindrical tube that holds ground herbs. These are perfect if you’re still trying to work on your rolling skills. Think of these as an emptied cigarette you fill with your herb of choice. First, grind your bud with an herb grinder (more on that below) and sprinkle a little into the cone. Most companies include a packing straw with their cones. Take this straw and lightly tamp the bud down, but don’t pack it too tight. You still want air to pass through. Continue this step until the bud just barely fills the roll. Then, twist the top of the paper. You now have a finely prerolled hemp cigarette!

Filter Tips

Companies sell filter tips as standalone items and in packs with rolling paper. Filter tips come as little durable sheets of paper with a couple perforated edges. You tear the paper along these edges and roll each piece of paper into a cylinder. Then, you place the filter tips on one end of your rolling papers. These filters help block anything but smoke from passing through, so you can enjoy a more straightforward, cleaner smoke sesh. 

Hemp Wraps

Aside from joints, blunts are perhaps one of the most popular ways to enjoy smoking cannabis, like hemp. Typically, blunts are made with tobacco paper. But this type of paper exposes you to harmful chemicals and addictive compounds like nicotine. To avoid these tobacco-based compounds, many are turning to hemp wraps. These wraps have a similar texture and feel to your standard blunts but don’t expose you to harmful or addictive chemicals. Instead, hemp-based wraps are crafted from natural cannabis (hemp) plant fibers. Many companies imbue these wraps with delicious flavors like blueberry, mango, and grape.

Herb Grinders

You’ll need a herb grinder to get your herb into a finely ground state. Most herb grinders contain three levels. The top level is where you put the raw buds. The second level is where the ground bud gathers. And the third level is where the finer ground bud, also called kief, gathers. Once you place the bud on the first level, you twist the top and bottom of the grinder opposite ways. This moves the buds between the dull grinder blades, breaking each bud into ground flower. Then, open the second level, grab the ground herb, and add it to your accessory of choice!

Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are flat, rectangular plates that aid in your rolling efforts. They are lightweight and often crafted from bamboo, plastic, or tin. Typically, rolling trays display a colorful design or graphic. These catch stray buds and provide an even surface to help you roll quicker and more efficiently. 


An ashtray is a must-have for smoking hemp-based cigarettes, prerolls, or wraps. These catch your burnt ash, making for a cleaner smoking environment. Many brands make their ashtrays with indented lips, letting you rest your joint when taking a break. Companies paint their ashtrays with distinct designs that give them a more decorative look. 

Product Data

Need some help deciding which brand is best for you? Here’s a helpful chart to break down different important factors between brands!

Brand Highlighted Products Price Range
TRĒ House Rolling papers, prerolled cones, rolling trays, filter tips, ashtrays & herb grinders $4.99-$68.17
Zig Zag Prerolled hemp cones, rolling papers, hemp wraps & cigarette roller $4.99-$119.99
Royal Blunts Hemp wraps $19.99

Choosing the Right Accessory

As you can see, there are many options to choose from when it comes to smoking accessories. Finding the right one depends on the goal you have for your sesh. So, consider what you already have in your smoker stash before setting out. Would you like to roll your own? Skip the rolling stage and go with a prerolled cone? Do you need a rolling tray? What about a grinder?

Shop for All Your Smoke Sesh Essentials

At, we have all the accouterment for a successful CBD or THC smoke sesh. If you’d like to shop for flower, be sure to check out our collection of CBD flower. If you’d like to skip the rolling stage altogether, we also carry THC prerolls. These are pre-filled joints that let you just light up and smoke. They’re small and portable, allowing you to take your smoke sesh wherever you’d like!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are smoking accessories?

Smoking accessories include a wide list of products like rolling papers, prerolled cones, hemp-based wraps, grinders, ashtrays, and more. These accessories make crafting your own joints and hand-rolled cigarettes easier and more efficient.

Where to find the right accessories for smoking?

While smoke shops carry a selected stock of accessories for smoking, they’re often out of stock or don’t carry your preferred product. Also, why drive all the way to a shop when you can have your favorite accessories for smoking mailed straight to your door? When you shop at, you can browse market-leading brands and have your favorite accessories shipped straight to you!

What are rolling papers?

Rolling papers are thin, small sheets of cigarette paper that let you hand-roll your own joints and hemp-based cigarettes. Companies make their rolling papers with various natural fibers, each one creating a unique smoking experience. 

What are rolling trays used for?

Rolling trays give you a flat workspace to use when making your own hand-rolled joint. Rolling trays catch all the stray, fallen buds and keep your space mess-free.