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Broad Spectrum CBD

When enjoying the world of CBD, you might notice a seemingly endless amount of options for products. These products might have confusing labels with a number of other qualifiers that don’t make a whole lot of sense. So, let’s answer a few questions about one of, if not the, most popular type of CBD: broad spectrum CBD.

Much like other types of CBD, broad spectrum offers the therapeutic, worthwhile benefits of CBD. But, it does so without the aid or influence of THC––the psychoactive compound native to cannabis. So, if you’re in the market for a CBD product that boasts all the medicinal uses of CBD without the psychoactive effects, broad spectrum should be at the top of your list. But what exactly is broad spectrum CBD? What does it do? How does it interact with the body? How is it different from full spectrum and CBD isolate, and––most importantly––is it right for you?

What is Broad Spectrum CBD

First, let’s find out what broad spectrum CBD entails. Inside a hemp plant, you have unique compounds called cannabinoids. These often include other molecules you’ve probably heard of, like CBG, CBN, and tiny traces of THC (less than 0.3%, so it’s not intoxicating.) Also inside the plant are flavonoids and terpenes that influence the plant’s aromatic profile. Typically, when cultivators set out to make broad spectrum cannabidiol (CBD), they first create full spectrum CBD. Full spectrum CBD is just a condensed version of the original plant. This type of CBD contains the full range of cannabinoids (hence the name, full spectrum) plus all the plant’s terpenes and flavonoids.

To carry the process further, cultivators take the full spectrum CBD and chemically whittle away the THC molecules. This is how we end up with broad spectrum CBD. Broad spectrum CBD has all the components of full spectrum CBD (terpenes, flavonoids, and CBD) without any THC. So, any time you see broad spectrum CBD, know that it has every part of the hemp plant but no THC.

How to Use Broad Spectrum CBD

Many use broad spectrum CBD for a number of reasons. These often include help with relaxation or pain relief. Others use broad spectrum CBD to calm nerves and ease jitters. Whatever you’re using CBD for, it’s best to know how to use it for the most effective benefit.

To use broad spectrum correctly, the first step is to read your product’s packaging. Depending on your product’s dosing, you’ll need to know how much one serving is and how much you need to feel your desired effects. This can be a trial-and-error process. Because there is no THC in these products, you don’t have to worry about feeling the plant’s iconic euphoric effects. Also, how you use your broad spectrum product depends on what type of product you purchase.

Different Forms of Broad Spectrum CBD

When browsing the different types of broad spectrum CBD, you’ll come across three notable products. Each of these has unique benefits that may attract some users over others. So, what are they?


The classic broad spectrum CBD gummy is on most users’ Mt. Rushmore of CBD products. They’re easy to pop back, chew, and enjoy. Because each serving is counted in a certain number of gummies, it’s easy to know just how much CBD you’re taking with gummies.


Tinctures are viscous oils that have a blended form of broad spectrum CBD. Typically, these come with a dropper attached to the lid. This dropper lets you accurately measure out your preferred dose. You place the tincture under your tongue and let the cells in your mouth absorb the CBD-rich oil, which then incites the therapeutic effects.


Another popular way to consume broad spectrum CBD is through vaping. These often use lithium batteries that heat CBD-rich vape juice to the point of vapor. You inhale the vapor, absorbing the CBD molecules through your lungs. Vapes provide quicker effects than the previously mentioned forms of CBD.


Many use broad spectrum CBD as a topical cream to alleviate physical pain and soreness. When you apply CBD, the cells in your cells absorb the CBD molecules and seep them into the surrounding tissue. The molecules seep into the inflamed, sore areas and work to provide calming relief.

Broad Spectrum CBD vs. Full Spectrum CBD

As we mentioned before, full spectrum CBD has all the plant’s full cannabinoid profile and terpenes. This includes a host of over 100 cannabinoids and different flavonoids that give it its distinct aromatics. The main significance of full spectrum CBD is the presence of THC––the psychoactive cannabinoid native to cannabis. All federally legal CBD products have to have less than 0.3% THC to be available for commercial use. Though that amount of THC may not cause noticeable psychoactive effects, many users don’t want to take the chance. That’s why so many turn to broad spectrum CBD. These products boast all the same cannabinoids and terpenes without any detectable THC––so you don’t have to worry about taking too much and feeling slight psychotropic effects.

Pros and Cons of Broad Spectrum CBD

Much like any other CBD product, broad spectrum CBD comes with its own pros and cons. These might make or break your buying decision, so let’s see what they are.


  • THC Free: With similar benefits as full spectrum CBD and a cannabinoid profile that doesn’t include THC, broad spectrum CBD is perfect for those who want to steer clear of psychoactive effects.
  • Wide range of products: Because broad spectrum CBD is one of the most popular types of CBD on the market, there are so many products to choose from––any of which can satisfy a particular taste or preference.
  • All the benefits of CBD: CBD is known for its therapeutic benefits, which you can readily enjoy with broad spectrum CBD!


  • Limited Entourage Effect: For those who don’t know, The Entourage Effect is a phenomenon where the presence of various cannabinoids influences and enhances each other’s therapeutic effects. Because broad spectrum CBD has fewer cannabinoids than broad spectrum, this effect is diminished.

The Best Broad Spectrum CBD

When looking for the best broad spectrum CBD products, you should always start with finding the right brand for you. Below are three notable, trustworthy brands. These heavy hitters are titans in the world of CBD––and for a good reason! They each routinely debut effective broad spectrum CBD products that have gained thousands of loyal customers.


As a major player in the world of CBD for the better part of a decade, CBDfx is well known for their incredibly tasting and effective CBD products. From broad to full spectrum choices, their collection of goodies has earned nooks on many users’ top shelves. Their products are perfect for feeling all the therapeutic benefits of CBD and the other many, many cannabinoids.


Another favorite brand amongst customers is Medterra. Known for their wide range of CBD for wellness products, Medterra is typically on every user’s short-list of trustworthy brands. They have ingestible and topical products that’ll surely bring every user lasting, calming relief.


CbdMD is famous for their wide variety of broad spectrum CBD products. Much like the previous two brands, cbdMD holds themselves to a high bar of excellence, which is more than exemplified in their broad spectrum products.

Broad Spectrum CBD Customer Reviews

Before buying a broad spectrum CBD product, you might want to read about other users’ experiences. Many agree that broad spectrum products are the best way to get all the benefits of CBD without the mental effects of THC. They also say most taste great and that it’s important to find one that best fits your needs.

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