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If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy a tasty beverage while indulging in the wonderful world of weed, delta 8 drinks should be your next go-to product. They carry the same benefits and effects as other delta 8 products like vapes and gummies but with a unique experience. While many of our customers have already fallen in love with delta 8 drinks, some have yet to branch out and try the new alternative cannabinoid––in any of its many forms.

At, we pride ourselves on bringing the best cannabis products to our customers. With a carefully curated collection of cannabis products, we only offer safe and effective products from proven companies like TRĒ House, Enjoy Hemp, and Barney’s Botanical. Companies like these are well-established titans in the alternative cannabinoid space.

So, before you dive into a delta 8 drink, let’s first learn what delta 8 is, how to use these drinks, which ones we recommend, and (most importantly) if they’re right for you.

What is Delta 8

If you haven’t had a chance to enjoy the new all-star cannabinoid on the market, delta 8 will bring you some pretty stellar experiences. In cannabis, there are two distinct cannabinoids: CBD and THC. Many know CBD as the therapeutic cannabinoid, touting a list of health benefits that include anti-inflammatory properties. But if you’ve ever experienced cannabis’s iconic cerebral effects (the “high”), you have THC to thank.

In most strains, the most abundant THC molecule is delta 9 THC. But just because it’s the most abundant doesn’t mean it’s the only. In every strain, delta 8 plays in the background, influencing the cerebral effects. Because it’s still on the THC molecular chain, delta 8 incites similar (but weaker) effects. Over the past few years, cultivators have found novel ways of highlighting, extracting, and showcasing delta 8 THC.

What is a Delta 8 Drink

To make a delta 8 drink, cultivators have to first extract delta 8. This laborious process shouldn’t be tried in any at-home or DIY efforts. Next, they take the delta 8 oil that this extraction process produces and mix it with other liquids like coconut oil to form a more viscous liquid. At the end of this process, cultivators have a syrupy product that can be drank directly from the bottle or mixed in with other drinks. A popular concoction is mixing this syrup with sparkling water or lemonade to enhance the taste, consistency, and experience of your delta 8 drink.

How to Use a Delta 8 Drink

If you’ve never used a delta 8 drink before, the first step might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s perhaps the most important step: find one you like. You are certainly spoiled for choice with the ever-expanding world of delta 8 products. You have so many delta 8 drinks to choose from. So, you want to make sure you find one that sounds right for you.

Next, read the instructions. Though delta 8 is weaker than other cannabis products you may have tried in the past, it can still carry potent psychedelic effects––especially if you take more than the recommended dose. So, read the instructions and take a recommended serving or less. You can always take seconds after you’ve felt the full effect of the first dose.

Delta 8 Drink vs. Delta 8 Edibles

Another popular way of enjoying delta 8 is with edibles. Whether it’s cookies, gummies, or candy, delta 8 edibles are a staple in the community––and on many users’ top shelves. Edibles work the same as infused drinks because they pass through your digestive tract. Once the edible reaches your liver, its cannabinoids are swept up and ushered into the bloodstream. This process takes longer than smoking or vaping, so you won’t see results from edibles or drinks as quickly.

Unlike edibles, drinks are often formulated with different ingredients that speed up absorption, resulting in a quicker onset of cerebral effects. So, which one is better for you? The question comes down to mostly: what type of experience do you want? Edibles are easy to pop back, chew, and wait for effects to cosmically come to you. At the same time, drinks let you take your time, sipping on the decadent delta 8 beverage over an extended period. So, what type of experience do you want?

Pros and Cons of Drinking Delta 8

Much like any other delta 8 product, delta 8 drinks come with their own unique pros and cons––ones that may make or break your buying decision. So, it’s best to know these before ordering a bottle to your door.


  • Sippable experience. If you want to extend your delta 8 experience, delta 8 drinks let you! You can keep them on ice and return to them all day or night.
  • Quicker effects than edibles. Because many delta 8 drinks are formulated with ingredients that boost absorption, you can expect to feel effects from delta 8 drinks quicker than edibles with the same cannabinoids.
  • Down-right delicious. Delta 8 drinks come in a wide range of fruity, sweet flavors. These are the perfect addition to get creative and make your own mocktail!


  • Effects are slower than vapes. Because your body processes delta 8 drinks through your digestive system, it can take a couple of minutes to an hour to feel its effects. But cannabinoids processed through your lungs only need a couple of seconds to minutes to incite cerebral effects.

The Best Delta 8 Drinks

If you’re new to the world of delta 8 products, you might not know the number one rule when finding the best product for you: start with the brands. Find a trustworthy, reliable company known for their approach to excellence and customer satisfaction. Below are three titans in the marketplace, famous specifically for their approach to delta 8 drinks. If one (or all) of them are on your wishlist, you’re in for a deliciously psychedelic experience.

TRĒ House

Perhaps most famous for their vapes and gummies, TRĒ House has recently debuted a line of THC syrups that are truly out of this world. They are all fruity and delicious while also being incredibly potent. If you love delta 8 and the other alternative cannabinoids, TRĒ House’s delta 8 drinks should definitely find their way into your next sesh.

Enjoy Hemp

Another popular brand for drinks with delta 8 and other cannabinoids is Enjoy Hemp. This brand is known for their approach to edibles, making some that are absolutely divine––and their drinks are just the same! Enjoy Hemp’s products aren’t as potent as others on the market, which is great for newcomers and those with perpetually low tolerances. Enjoy Hemp should be at the top of your list if you love a mild, soft buzz and want to avoid getting too too faded.

Barney’s Botanicals

Barney’s Botanicals is another well-known, well-respected brand in the alternative cannabinoid space. They routinely debut stellar drinks that have almost acquired a cult-like following. Check them out whether you’re a beginner or a veteran!

Delta 8 Drink Customer Review

Before you buy, you might want to hear what others have to say about delta 8 drinks. Many agree that delta 8 drinks feel similar to delta 8 edibles. They say it’s nice to spread out the effects of delta 8 over time instead of vaping or eating it all at once. They also say diluting some of the drinks is probably best because of their concentration. So, maybe consider adding some juice or sparkling water to your delta 8 drink when it comes in!

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