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Why Buy Apothecary Rx at CBD.co?

Year after year, the market for CBD and THC products grows to meet an ever-expanding demand. With this stellar market growth, many brands have rushed to carve out their own piece of the pie, vying for a spot in your daily wellness routine. While many of these brands follow gold standard practices, a select few cut corners, rush manufacturing, and debut shoddy, unreliable products. Unfortunately, these few bad actors create uncertainty among customers, both new and old. So, how do you know which company to trust?


At CBD.co, we pride ourselves on carefully vetting all the brands we offer. Each company has a proven track record of producing the highest quality products—products that customers routinely reorder. All the brands we offer back their products with third-party lab tests. These tests let you verify a product’s purity and potency; only the most reliable companies grant you this level of transparency.


With the best selection of products on the market, we also let you compare best-selling products in real-time and customize your order. Here, you can order from multiple brands at once—a feature exclusive to a trusted online retailer.

Exclusive Discounts

Plus, when you shop with us, you can enjoy discounts, exclusive sales, and promotions, and earn Rewards Points with each purchase when you shop your favorite brands on CBD.co!

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Here, you’ll find an extensive range of premium CBD products, including CBD edibles, tinctures, vape pens, capsules, and more! Also, if you’d like to enjoy cannabis’s euphoric effects, we carry a long list of high-quality THC products, including THC gummies, THC syrups, THC tinctures, HHC vapes, and much, much more.

About Apothecary Rx

Tucked just north of Atlanta, Apothecary Rx runs one of the most popular retail and wholesale hemp-based businesses, consistently giving customers some of the best, highest-quality products on the market. Reminiscent of an old, frontier-style store, Apothecary Rx uniquely brands themselves as a one-stop shop for all your hemp needs. Like other top-tier brands, Apothecary Rx carefully sources their ingredients and focuses their cultivation methods on optimal purity and potency. Their line of CBD and THC products spans from delicious gummies to fast-acting psychoactive vapes and even relaxing, aromatic CBD candles.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is among the most abundant cannabinoids in cannabis plants, including both hemp and marijuana. Cannabinoids are unique compounds that interact with your body’s endocannabinoid receptors when ingested or inhaled. These all-natural compounds trigger a cascade of wellness-boosting benefits for sleep, mood, relaxation, and so much more.**


CBD is non-psychoactive, unlike its cannabinoid cousin, THC (more on that compound soon.) CBD works to calm the mind and body and promote an overarching sense of well-being.** You can enjoy CBD in a myriad of products, from tinctures to edibles to topicals and vapes. But, not all CBD products carry the same type of CBD.

Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum vs. CBD Isolate

CBD comes in three different types: full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate. Knowing the difference between the three will help you sift through this brand’s catalog.


First, we have full spectrum CBD, the most robust type of hemp extract. When companies whittle away unnecessary plant matter from hemp, what’s left is an extract teeming with fragrant terpenes, piquant flavonoids, and hemp’s full cannabinoid profile, which has over a hundred different cannabinoids. Because hemp’s cannabinoid profile stays intact, users have a higher likelihood of experiencing the Entourage Effect. This is when more than one cannabinoid simultaneously interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid receptors, leading to stronger, more profound effects. Since it has the most amount of cannabinoids possible, full spectrum CBD is often seen as the go-to choice for maximizing CBD’s effects.


So, if full spectrum CBD has all the benefits, why don’t all customers choose it over the other two types of CBD? Most customers veer away from full spectrum CBD because of its THC content. Though it’s derived from hemp, which naturally has miniscule levels of THC, full spectrum CBD products can still carry less than 0.3% THC by dry weight. Even though it’s small, this amount might still be too much for some users. So, that’s where broad spectrum CBD comes into play.


Broad spectrum CBD has all the terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids as full spectrum CBD; however, its THC levels have been whittled down to undetectable percentages. So, users can enjoy all the benefits of hemp-derived CBD without having to worry about detectable levels of THC. The only downside to broad spectrum CBD is that it’s less likely to accomplish the Entourage Effect.


Last, we have CBD isolate, the purest form of CBD. CBD isolate contains 99% CBD, meaning its terpenes, flavonoids, and non-CBD molecules have been stripped away. CBD isolate is perfect for those who’d like to experience the benefits of CBD—and only CBD.

Types of CBD Products

Like other top-tier brands, Apothecary Rx has a handful of different CBD products, ranging from CBD tinctures to CBD edibles. Knowing the differences between their selection will help you make the most informed purchase!

CBD Tinctures

First, Apothecary Rx has a few different types of CBD tinctures. Made with all-natural ingredients like adaptogenic mushrooms and mood-enhancing terpenes, these CBD oil tinctures carry the full power of CBD oil, with a few extra benefits. You can also find a couple CBD oil tinctures with added delta 8 THC, each coming in different delicious fruit flavors—more on these THC tinctures below.

CBD Topicals

Popular for providing localized relief, CBD topicals offer a different type of relief. Unlike other CBD products, CBD topicals are applied on the skin, where skin cells absorb and usher the all-natural compounds to the underlying muscles and joints. These cannabinoids never enter your bloodstream, like with edibles, vapes, and tinctures. So, you can pinpoint exactly where you’d like to experience CBD’s soothing relief for minor aches and pains.**


Apothecary Rx has a Cooling Full Spectrum CBD Lotion ideal for runners, weekend warriors, or anyone who experiences occasional muscle and joint discomfort.**

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are perhaps the most popular type of CBD product, specifically CBD gummies. These CBD health supplements come packed with a premeasured dose of CBD and other wellness-enriching, all-natural compounds. When you take a CBD edible, the cannabinoids have to first travel through your digestive system before entering your bloodstream—a trek that takes around 30 minutes to two hours, depending on personal bioavailability factors.


So, patience is key. Relaxing effects from CBD edibles can last between six to eight hours, which is much longer than other types of CBD products. If you’re a beginner, we’ll teach you how to use these products and more below.

What Is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol, conveniently shorted to just THC, is the cannabinoid responsible for cannabis’ taboo notoriety. It’s what elicits the plant’s classic “high.” And it is the only cannabinoid to do so. When we talk about THC, we’re typically referring to delta 9 THC, the most abundant form of THC. Delta 9 THC is so abundant, in fact, that many users don’t know there are even other forms of THC naturally occurring in every cannabis plant. These other types of THC create similar, though slightly unique, euphoric effects—and you’ll find different ones in some of this brand’s best-selling products!

What Is D8?

Delta 8 THC is perhaps the second most popular THC cannabinoid, behind delta 9 THC. In the last few years, as laws around hemp loosened, delta 8 THC quickly became a go-to recreational cannabinoid nationwide. You can find delta 8 THC in every cannabis plant, just in small concentrations, dwarfed by delta 9 THC. Users commonly report that delta 8 THC creates similar euphoric effects to delta 9 THC; however, they say these effects feel a little milder and more muted, leading to a more controlled, enjoyable experience. They say these effects feel more grounding, yet still elevating. Because of its slightly weaker effects, delta 8 THC is perfect for users with lower tolerances or those who’d like a more moderate dance with THC.

What Is HHC?

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is a hydrogenated form of THC. Hydrogenation might sound like a pretty scientific, elaborate, white-coat process, but we use the same process to convert vegetable oil to margarine. Companies take a THC molecule and simply add a stable hydrogen atom to its molecular structure, creating HHC. Now, because HHC is structurally similar to THC, HHC can create comparable effects. However, that little hydrogen atom plays a role, too, leading to effects that some users say feel more energetic than traditional THC.

Different Types of THC Products

Apothecary Rx uses different forms of THC to make different types of products, like CBD’s various forms. Each type of THC product produces different effects that set in at different times, so understanding the differences between all the products is key before your purchase.

THC Tinctures

Like CBD oil tinctures, THC oil tinctures come in a little jar with a dropper attached to the lid. This dropper lets you customize your dose, taking how much THC oil you prefer. Apothecary Rx formulates their THC oil tinctures from classic strains, like Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Blue Dream. These oil tinctures carry a balanced amount of full spectrum CBD and delta 8 THC. This balance evens out the effects, creating a steadier rise in cerebral sensations.

THC & HHC Gummies

They also carry different types of assorted fruit-flavored THC gummies and HHC gummies. Their HHC gummies come with 25mg of HHC per piece, while their THC gummies have 30mg of delta 8 THC per piece. If you’re new to edibles, you can divvy a gummy in half and split it with others, or save the other half for later.

THC Vape Pens

Also made from popular sativa, indica, and hybrid strains, their delta 8 THC vape pens pack quite the punch, letting you enjoy THC’s euphoric effects wherever you’d like! These delta 8 THC vape pens carry hemp-derived cannabinoids and natural terpenes to mimic the flavors and effects of popular strains, like Granddaddy Purp, Green Crack, and OG Kush.

Product Breakdown

Here’s a breakdown of Apothecary Rx’s best-sellers!


Popular Product Types Key Ingredients Price
CBD Tinctures Full spectrum CBD, adaptogenic mushrooms, sleep-based terpenes, and wellness-based terpenes Starting at $19.99
CBD Topicals Full spectrum CBD, aloe vera, arnica, calendula, eucalyptus, frankincense, and ginger Starting at $44.99
CBD Candles Essential oils like Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemongrass & Lemon $29.99
THC Tinctures Delta 8 & full spectrum CBD Starting at $4.99
THC & HHC Gummies Delta 8 & HHC Starting at $15.99
THC Vape Pen Delta 8 & strain-based terpenes $34.00


How to Use These Products

As mentioned above, hemp-derived products come in many forms that you can ingest, inhale, and enjoy topically. Newcomers to the hemp space might need to learn how to use these products or how best to implement them into their daily lives. Let’s give you a miniature crash course on these popular hemp-based products!


Gummies, drinks, and syrups all fall under “edibles.” When you ingest a hemp-infused edible, the cannabinoids filter through your digestive system before absorbing into your body through your liver. This path to your bloodstream takes time, so don’t expect to feel CBD’s relaxing benefits or THC’s euphoric effects right away.


With THC edibles, this is where many newcomers make the classic rookie mistake of taking too much too soon and getting too elevated. When in doubt, stick to a recommended serving and wait around 30 minutes to two hours before taking more. This is how long edibles can take to absorb into your body, based on different bioavailability factors.


Lastly, unlike other types of products, the effects of edibles last the longest. Typically, you can expect to feel the effects of an edible for six to eight hours.


Unlike hemp-based edibles, hemp-based vape pens introduce cannabinoids into your bloodstream through your lungs. First, make sure your pen is charged—nothing kills a vape session quicker than a dead battery. Next, take a little pull off the pen and inhale the vapor. In the next few seconds, you should feel delta 8’s iconic effects set in. You can expect these effects to last from 30 minutes to two hours.


CBD and delta 8 THC oil tinctures come as viscous liquids that are administered sublingually (under your tongue.) Place this hemp-heavy oil under your tongue, and the capillaries in your mouth absorb the cannabinoids and filter them straight through to your bloodstream, leading to a rather quick onset of effects.


Last, we have topicals. Apothecary Rx makes a Cooling Full Spectrum CBD Lotion and a Cooling CBD Salve. Both carry relieving CBD that gently targets sore soft tissue areas. Just take a little bit of the lotion or salve and rub it liberally around the intended areas. Wait for the area to air dry before covering. Apply as needed.

Shop Other Best-Selling Hemp-Based Items & More!

At CBD.co, we carry a wide selection of hemp-based and mushroom-based brands for any occasion, from health and wellness activities to getting the party started! Browse our online shelves, customize your perfect order, and get your goodies delivered straight to your door.


It really is that easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Apothecary Rx located?

This company is located just north of Atlanta in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Which CBD or THC product is best for you?

Both types of cannabinoids can be perfect for different people and for different reasons. So, before ordering a CBD or THC product, think about what your intended effects or benefits are and what you would like to experience and feel. Choose CBD if you want a relaxing, non-psychoactive experience and THC if you want a euphoric ride of psychoactive effects.

Then, think about how long you’d like to feel these effects. Vape pens create short-acting effects that ramp up very quickly, peaking within minutes. Edibles, on the other hand, create effects that gradually set in and last for hours. And oil tinctures fall in between. So, think about the duration of effects you’d like to enjoy.

What is in these vape pens?

Apothecary Rx makes their vape pens with high-quality hemp extract and natural terpenes.