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Whether you’ve tried cannabis products in the past or are entirely new to the lifestyle, HHC cartridges should be on your wishlist. Packed with delightfully potent HHC, an alternative cannabinoid we’ll dive into below, these cartridges are perfect for taking the good times on the go––but are they right for you? Many have already donned HHC carts as their go-to vape product––but should you?

Within the last few years, we’ve seen an expansion in all things cannabis––thanks to recent federal legislation and scientific advancements. Now, we can enjoy a myriad of cannabinoids that range from delta 8 to delta 10 to HHC, all of which boast exciting new sensations and cerebral effects. You can enjoy these alternative cannabinoids in different products ranging from vapes to drinks to cookies to gummies.

So, why should you choose carts when enjoying HHC? Let’s discuss.

What is HHC?

First, we need a basic understanding of what HHC is. So, let’s dive into the plant on a molecular level. When you picture cannabis, do you imagine red eyes, infectious giggles, and an insatiable appetite––colloquially coined as “the munchies”? These effects are associated with cannabis’s iconic “high” and are caused by one of the two most prevalent cannabinoids: THC. If you’ve tried full spectrum CBD, cannabis flower, or infused edibles, you’ve encountered varying levels of THC.

It’s about to get a little science-y––hold on to your lab coats! To make HHC, cultivators begin with extracted THC molecules. They then add hydrogen molecules to THC’s chemical structure, creating an entirely new compound that still holds basic similarities to THC. It might sound complicated, but hydrogenation is a standard process; in fact, it’s how they convert vegetable oil into margarine.

In terms of effects, many say HHC is similar but slightly less potent to your standard delta 9 THC. Some say it’s a more functional experience and less intoxicating, often cited as THC-lite. But the only way to know how HHC affects you is to try it for yourself. Everyone is different, and how they process cannabinoids is different. Plus, the HHC product you choose to enjoy will also elicit a different type of experience.

So, what do HHC carts offer?

What is an HHC Cart?

For the uninitiated few, HHC carts are vape products that deliver all the benefits of HHC in the form of a portable little glass tube. These little glass tubes screw onto lithium vape batteries that heat the vape juice in the cart, creating a vapor. You then inhale the vapor and ride the HHC wave of euphoria!

Once you’re done enjoying the cart, unscrew it, slip it back into your pocket or bag, and go on your way, enjoying the effects of HHC anywhere you go. Many prefer carts because they provide a smoother, more reliable experience. Disposable pens are only worthwhile if they’re rechargeable. Some pens’ batteries die before you can enjoy all the vape juice.

If this sounds like a shared experience, ditch the non-rechargeable pens and pick out a decadent HHC cart!

How to Use HHC Carts

If you’re new to vaping, you might not know how to use carts. The first step, perhaps the most crucial, is to ensure your vape battery is charged before your sesh. The last thing you’ll want is for your vape to die before you even take a pull off your HHC cart. The next step is to screw the cart on. Carts are made of glass, so they are fairly fragile. Be gentle with them. Next, and this step is more of a pro-tip, hold down the button on the side of your battery before taking a hit. This will help unclog the cart and prepare the juice for a smooth pull. Then, take a hit. Feel the vapor in your mouth and inhale it into your lungs.

Then, store the cart right-side-up. This will help prevent the juice from hardening in places the battery’s heat can’t reach, ensuring no future clogs.

HHC Cart vs. HHC Edibles

A popular alternative to vaping HHC is edible HHC. Infused treats have always been a mainstay in the cannabis world, but do they offer similar effects to vaping?

When you eat cannabinoids, they have to pass through your digestive tract before getting absorbed into your bloodstream. This process can take a couple of hours, much longer than the few seconds it takes for vaping to cause its effects. So, edibles might not be for you if you need a quicker path to “chill.” On the other hand, edibles are incredible for a prolonged experience. Since they take longer to process, edibles offer longer, more drawn-out effects––a factor many are fans of!

Pros and Cons of Vaping HHC

Much like any cannabis product, HHC carts come with their own pros and cons. Knowing these before making your purchase can help you make the best decision. Let’s dive in.


  • A whole new experience. HHC offers users a new type of cerebral euphoria you can’t experience with your standard cannabis. Because of products like HHC carts, these are exciting times for all who love cannabinoids!
  • Wide range of strains. Cultivators can use just about any strain to formulate HHC carts. If you scroll up, you’ll see we have a wide range of possibilities from a number of brands. With HHC carts, the possibilities are truly endless.
  • Quicker than edibles. Vapes of any kind hit quicker than edibles, which may be more advantageous for many users.


  • Vaping isn’t for everyone. Depending on where you are, you might not feel comfortable vaping. You also might not be allowed to vape. In addition, you might find that you don’t love the sensation of vapor in your mouth and throat. If this sounds like you, be sure to check out our extensive collection of HHC edibles!

The Best HHC Carts

Now, we can’t tell you to invest your hard-earned money into HHC carts and not show you where to go! Whether or not you’re new to the world of HHC, the first step is to find the right brand. Since new brands debut almost every week, finding the best one for you can feel overwhelming. Below are three go-to companies we point each and every one of our customers to.

TRĒ House

Our first go-to brand is TRĒ House. This SoCal-based company is known for their approach to excellence and commitment to quality. Their HHC pens and carts are close to the top of the market, with a loyal cult-like following throughout the country. Check out their products if you want to experience HHC the right way.

Two Hawk Hemp

Like TRĒ House, Two Hawk Hemp has quickly become one of the most popular brands in the country. Their line of vape carts includes HHC and other alternative cannabinoids like delta 8, THC-O, and delta 10. Many say Two Hawk Hemp products are necessary morning, noon, and night.

Astro Eight

Perhaps one of the younger brands on the market, Astro Eight has quickly made a name for themselves with their delightfully dank HHC carts. Like the other two mentioned, Astro Eight has gained an enviable following. Check out their list of products to find the one that best suits your needs!

HHC Cart Customer Reviews

Before purchasing your own HHC cart, learning what previous customers have to say about them might be helpful. Many agree that HHC feels less intense compared to delta 9 THC. Others say HHC offers a manageable “high” that leaves them feeling creative and lucid throughout their day. But is it right for you?

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