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Delta Munchies has perfected the art of delicious ’n’ potent, hemp-derived gummies & vapes! Sit back, buckle up, and prepare for a strong, euphoric ride through the stars—all thanks to Delta Munchies!

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About Delta Munchies

Founded in Los Angeles, CA, Delta Munchies is the accumulation of many award-winning cannabis brands, producing top-tier hemp products for over 15 years. Their brand’s image aims to merge the rebellious, uplifting, and free-spirited natures of the cannabis culture, molding all three aesthetics into one fun, approachable brand—a brand worthy of new and seasoned cannabis enjoyers!

Delta Munchies’ Mission

Since the 2018 Farm Bill, Delta Munchies has perfected their extraction, filtration, and testing approaches, opting for reliable transparency. They also strive for cannabis inclusivity, letting all adults enjoy a wide range of hemp-derived cannabinoids. But how do they achieve this vision?

  • Top-Quality Source: Hemp is a tricky plant to cultivate. It absorbs any compound it’s grown around—this is known as a bioaccumulator. So, growers need to be wary when using herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals. These toxins can leak into the final product. Delta Munchies follows strict protocols to keep these chemicals from their plants and finished products. By publishing third-party lab tests from DEA-certified labs, Delta Munchies lets customers verify a product’s potency and purity.
  • Detailed Approach: Ingenuity is a commodity in the hemp space. Delta Munchies has found creative ways to introduce cannabinoids, unique flavors, and one-of-a-kind blends to create an exclusive, euphoric experience. This approach has let Delta Munchies rise above the standard hemp-derived products, offering customers a unique swirl of novel cannabinoids and delicious fruit flavors!
  • Customer Satisfaction Above All: Delta Munchies holds customer satisfaction as their highest priority, from their corporate offices to their warehouse team. Every member of the Delta Munchies staff works to deliver the highest-quality products on the market.


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Top-Selling THC Products

If you’ve never tried Delta Munchies before, here are two must-haves!

Delta Munchies Gummies

Delta Munchies’ ingenuity certainly shows up in their delicious delta 8 gummies. Delta Munchies Gummies come in fun-loving shapes like sour belts, sour worms, or classic round sour gummies. These gummies offer tasty, mouthwatering fruit flavors that lead to a gradual euphoric rise.

Delta Munchies Vape Pens

Delta Munchies Vapes are designed to fit snugly in your palm, letting you enjoy discreet puffs of THC-P and delta 8. These pens come with flash-frozen live resin oil, which gives users stronger flavors and potencies. Plus, Delta Muchies Vapes are rechargeable, so you can enjoy all four grams of vape juice, Vape Gods and Goddesses!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Delta Munchies legit?

Delta Munchies is more than just legit. This brand is known their attention to detail and customer satisfaction, creating products that break the mold of traditional hemp-based gummies and vapes. Their products are routinely tested by accredited third-party labs. Their products are also quickly climbing the ranks of our best-sellers. Many customers see Delta Munchies as a satisfying start to their THC adventures—the perfect launching point.

What is Delta Munchies?

Delta Munchies is one of the best and fastest-growing brands in the hemp industry. They are perhaps best known for their delicious delta 8 sour gummies. But recently, their THC-P & delta 8 vape pens have quickly become a crowd favorite, offering customers a delicious puff of potent live resin vape juice.

Where is Delta Munchies located?

Founded in Los Angeles, Delta Munchies also has offices in Houston, Texas.

Does Delta Munchies give you munchies?

Delta Munchies THC products can certainly give you munchies, a classic side effect of cannabis.

Is Delta Munchies safe?

Delta Munchies tests each and every batch of products through third-party lab testing to ensure maximum potency and purity. You can find these test results on our site. Just go to the product’s page and look under “Lab Report.”