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Famous for their expertly made rolling papers, Zig Zag offers premium smoking accessories, from papers to cones, and is backed by over 140 years of excellence!

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About Zig Zag’s Rolling Papers

As one of the more storied rolling paper brands, ZigZag has over 140 years of experience producing their line of premium rolling papers off the Seine River in France. In fact, they’re the ones who made the first “French-made” smoking papers, a sign of pride for rolling-paper brands everywhere. These papers are crafted with slow-burning, natural plant fibers, which gives adults a smooth, long-lasting smoke session. Plus, these come in a wide range of sizes, from 1 ¼” Size to King Size, and different paper types—unbleached, ultra-thin, French Orange, and Organic Hemp.


But, while rolling papers made ZigZag famous, they have other high-quality rolling accessories that have transformed them from a household name to an iconic, timeless smoking companion.

Pre-Rolled Cones

For those who don’t jive with the concept of rolling their own joints, or those who want to give their rolling skills the night off, ZigZag also has a premier collection of pre-rolled cones. These cones come preformed with a filter on one end and an opening on the other. Just fill the cone with your choice of ground-up THC or CBD flower, pack it down with the packing stick, twist the top, and light it at your convenience!


Be sure not to pack the cone too tight. You still want air to gently pass through the flower and filter.

Hemp Wraps

With flavors reminiscent of the classic blunts, hemp wraps are a popular choice for those who want a smoky experience, without tobacco or nicotine. ZigZag makes their hemp wraps from 100% tobacco-free hemp leaves. These wraps are thick yet flexible, quick to roll, but slow to burn. Hemp wraps hold much more flavor than traditional smoking papers, which means a smokier session for you!

High-Grade Rolling Machine & Rolling Tray

If your rolling skills aren’t quite up to par, ZigZag also has state-of-the-art Rolling Machines to expertly roll the perfect joint—every time! Just sprinkle your ground-up flower of choice in the machine’s open spine, insert your preferred smoking paper, and roll the edges until the paper conforms to the flower, creating a pristine joint!


Plus, Zig-Zag gives customers an even surface to roll on with their smooth metal Rolling Tray! This tray lets you keep your ground-up buds off the ground, making a pretty solid workspace for all your joint-rolling activities.


About Their Smoking Accessories

Here’s a breakdown of Zig-Zag’s best-selling products!

Type of Smoking Accessory Available Products Price
Rolling Papers 1 ¼” Size French Orange Papers, 1 ¼” Size Organic Hemp Papers, 1 ¼” Size Ultra Thin Papers, Kutcorners Slow-Burning Papers & Original White Papers Starts at $14.99
Pre-Rolled Cones King-Size Pre-Rolled Cones, 1 ¼” Mini Unbleached Cones, Shortcake Terepene-Infused Hemp Cones & 1 ¼” Ultra Thin Cones Starts at $6.99
Hemp Wraps Blue Dream Wraps, Clementine Terpene-Infused Wraps, Granddaddy Purp Terpene-Infused Wraps, Limoncello Terpene-Infused Wraps, Island Vibes Wraps, Mini Palm Rolls & Natural Hemp Wraps Starts at $6.99


Let’s Review!

If one word were to describe Zig-Zag, it would be historic. Their smoking papers have stood the test of time, standing firm as the go-to choice for smokers in every generation. With so many other smoking accessory brands flooding the market, Zig-Zag has stayed resilient, wading to the top of the scene for over 140 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Zig Zag make?

Zig Zag makes an extensive collection of smoking products, from rolling papers to cones and hemp wraps. They also have many accessories too, like a simple-to-use Rolling Machine and a super smooth Rolling Tray!

Are hemp wraps organic?

Their hemp wraps use 100% pure hemp fibers. These wraps are 100% tobacco- and nicotine-free, so you can enjoy the tastes and feels of a classic blunt without all the harmful chemicals.

Should you use papers or a pre-rolled cone?

Rolling a joint with papers takes a little finesse and practice. If it’s your first time rolling, you may need a couple of tries to perfect the art. If you’d like to skip the rolling stage and get to the fun faster, a pre-rolled cone is perfect!