CBD for Dogs

There's nothing quite like the joy of treating your furry friend to the remarkable benefits of CBD. People give their pets CBD for a huge variety of different reasons and love the difference they see when they do. If you are looking to treat your dog to some high-grade hemp extracts, then we have just what you are looking for right here at!

Dogs suffer from many of the same ailments as their humans and sometimes struggle with anxiety or chronic pain. It is immensely difficult to watch your pet go through such struggles, but many of our customers find that CBD is just the thing to reach for on such an occasion. These delicious tinctures are formulated specifically for dogs and have flavors that are sure to have your dogs mouth-watering.

Our customers absolutely love giving their dogs CBD, and we are certain that you will too. If you aren't yet familiar with CBD oil for dogs, then stick around, because we have some information that can help you on your way to providing your pooch with the power of CBD!

Selecting The Best CBD Oil For Dogs

Finding the best CBD oil for your dog requires a little bit of experimentation. Like humans, all dogs experience different benefits when using CBD and require different serving sizes to do so. If you are on the hunt for the best CBD oil for your dog there are a few steps to take that can help you get there easily.

The first thing to do is consider your dog's size. You wouldn't typically give a Maltese the same serving as a German Shepherd. They differ greatly in size and clearly the German Shepherd would require a larger serving than a small dog.

The next step is to shop to find a CBD oil that sounds like it would be appealing to your dog. These oils come in a variety of different flavors designed specifically for dogs. The Bacon flavor dog CBD oil is one of our customer favorites.

Last, spend some time experimenting with various serving sizes. We recommend that you start with smaller amounts and work your way up if necessary. What is the best CBD oil for dogs? The one that works perfectly for your particular pooch. CBD is 100% non-toxic and non-intoxicating so feel free to experiment worry-free.

What Is CBD Oil For Dogs?

People treat their dogs to CBD for a variety of different reasons. Some people CBD oil for dog's pain, and others use it as a way to stay on top of their daily wellness regimen. There is a myriad of uses for this oil, so what makes it dog CBD?

CBD treats for dogs are made to the same high standards that CBD is made for humans. The main difference between the two is that their flavor profiles differ. Dog CBD is made specifically for dogs and while it is completely safe for human use, you and your dog might not agree on what qualifies as delicious.

Your dog also probably requires a lower dose of CBD than you do so these oils are formulated to be slightly less potent than human CBD. While this may not sound appealing to you, the lower potencies are meant to be the perfect concentration for your pooch.

Is CBD Safe For Dogs?

When it comes to pets, people don't mess around. We know that you won't accept anything but the absolute best for your beloved fur monster and only offer the cleanest, safest dog CBD products on the market. CBD has been proven to be 100% non-toxic, non-intoxicating, and completely safe for both animals and humans even when consumed in incredibly high doses.

Do vets recommend CBD oil for dogs? No, because although CBD is completely safe, there are still tests to be done before federal guidelines will allow doctors or vets to recommend it.

Nobody does dog CBD like All of the dog CBD oils that we offer have been subject to rigorous laboratory testing to ensure that they don't contain anything harmful such as residual pesticides, heavy metals, harsh chemicals, or toxins of any kind. You aren't going to find a CBD oil for dogs Petsmart aisle, nor will you find a CBD oil for dogs amazon store. If you want the best CBD for your pooch, you can find it right here at

Let's face it, our dogs eat some pretty nasty stuff. Even if you think you are on top of it, they are bound to sneak something gross from time to time. It's in their nature! Dog CBD is so thoroughly tested and strictly regulated that it will probably be one of the cleanest, safest things your dear doggo has ever consumed.

Organic CBD Oil For Dogs

Your dog is there for you through thick and thin. Dogs have been known to pull their owners to safety and to continue following their beloved humans long after it is safe to do so. Every dog deserves the best, and when you want to treat them to some CBD you should give them nothing less.

We carry a variety of different organic dog CBD oils to choose from so when you are ready to give your little buddy something special, give them organic CBD dog oil and prepare to have one happy dog.

How Much CBD For Dogs?

Finding the right amount of CBD to give your dog is a fairly easy endeavor but requires a bit of experimentation. There are a variety of different potencies of dog CBD and it is important to find what works best for your dog.

CBD servings for dogs are highly dependent on the size of the dogs. The general rule of thumb is to give your dog 1mg of CBD for every 10lbs of weight. This means that if your dog weighs 50lbs and appropriate serving might be 5mg. If your dog only weighs 20lbs, they may only need 2mg of CBD. While results will vary from dog to dog, this rule will give you a good idea as to where to start.

Broad Spectrum vs Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Dogs

When you are considering giving your dog CBD it is a good idea to be as informed as possible. Though CBD is wildly popular in health and wellness communities some people remain confused about the difference between broad spectrum CBD oil and full-spectrum CBD oil.

Full-spectrum CBD contains a variety of beneficial compounds including amino acids, terpenes, cannabidiol, and trace amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol (less than 0.3%). These compounds work together to elicit the entourage effect where each of the compounds becomes more powerful than it would have been by itself. Broad Spectrum CBD contains most of the same compounds as full-spectrum, but does not contain any THC.

CBD For Dogs Who Obsessively Lick

If your dog obsessively licks, there are various different techniques to try, but our customers find that CBD oil does just what they need it to. If your dog licks obsessively, pick them up some high-grade CBD oil and see how they like it. People often use CBD for dog's anxiety and for those who have chronic pain or arthritis, so experiment and find what works for your dog.

Stories From 5 People Who Tried CBD for Dogs

We’ve all seen CBD for dogs and considered trying it, but how many of us actually go for it? Many of us at the office have tried CBD for pets and love it, but we were curious as to how the general felt about their experience. So we reached out to the community, got a huge number of responses, and were more than delighted to read that so many people had found these products to be beneficial.

Our curiosity had been satisfied and we found ourselves so delighted by all of the great stories that we knew we needed to share them. We scoured through stories from countless pet CBD lovers. It was a hunt for the most entertaining stories, but it was misguided. We wanted something real, so we put blindfolds on, scrolled through dog CBD stories, and randomly selected five of them.

"... Now I Give My Dog CBD Daily"



Location: Brooklyn

Occupation: High School Teacher

K9: Nugget

My job requires me to spend most of my day on campus and my sweet little Nugget is left home with my cat Jynx. Animals can be quite different. Jynx is the most relaxed cat I’ve ever met. She’s not very vocal, she loves to play but is fine when left on her own. Just an easy pet. Nugget, on the other hand, is insane. Nugget is a little ball of energy 24/7 This is fine most of the time but when I’m at work and Jynx doesn’t want to play, he goes into full-on destroy-your-apartment mode.

I spent years feeling like I was stuck with a crazy dog. There was never any doubt that I loved Nugget, but when he broke the urn with my mother’s ashes, I knew it was time to make a change. The damage was discovered when I came home from work. It sent me into a panic and I instinctively reached for some CBD lotion. As I started to experience the effects of CBD inspiration struck like a lightning bolt.

Nugget was an anxious little ball of nerves and cuteness and pet CBD might be just what I’d been looking for. I had heard of people trying CBD for dogs, but somehow I had never considered Nugget when I was stocking up. (I still feel a little guilty about being selfish like that.)

Shipping was fast and easy. Before I knew it, I was feeding Nugget his first serving of full spectrum hemp treats. I was excited but hadn’t expected him to be as well. He loved the flavor and was trying to shake my hand for the next 20 minutes. About 30 minutes after his “treat time”, I started noticing things. He wasn’t bouncing off the walls or chasing Jynx. He was chilling out with me while I watched Netflix.

That might sound like a normal evening with your dog, but for me, it was something I had spent years longing for. Between the daily servings of his new favorite treat and a continued training regimen, Nugget is the dream dog I always knew he could be.

"I wasn't Sure how Cinnamon Would React to Cannabinoids"



Location: Montana

Occupation: Restaurant Owner

K9: Cinnamon

I’ve had Cinnamon since she was a puppy. She was raised on a big open farm and has always been incredibly active. She has always been eager to play and go on runs, but we started to notice a change a couple of years back.

There is a reason they call these animals “man's best friends”. Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes I’d come home from the restaurant exhausted and not knowing how we’d keep going if the farm didn’t start producing... Those were some of the hardest days of my life. But no matter how hard it got, Cinnamon was always there.

Cinnamon may look young, but she’s getting up there in age. I suppose that's just her youthful spirit emanating from her aging body. A couple of years back she started moving slower. It took her longer to stand up and before long she developed a limp. We went to the vet and tried different medicines - some helped and some didn’t.

October of 2019 was a cold one out here in Montana. Cinnamon was stiffer than usual and nothing is worse than watching your best friend suffer. I did what Cinnamon couldn’t and started searching for solutions online. It wasn’t long before I came across an article about dog CBD.

Cannabis has never really been on my radar. I don’t judge people who use it and I’ve heard some pretty impressive stories, but I haven’t felt the need to try it myself. This wasn’t for me though; this was for Cinnamon. Here were all these stories talking about CBD's health benefits and how it did this or that for people's dogs. We had tried everything and although it was helping, she was still having a tough time. It was time to try something natural like hemp seed oil.

Cinnamon is a huge fan of anything that tastes like bacon and it wasn’t hard to find a CBD pet treat that fit the bill. This stuff was a win from day one. It’s been years now and we keep it up. Not a day goes by that Cinnamon gets her special treat. I’ll even admit to having a nibble myself on occasion. These things are safe enough for humans and taste like some pretty good bacon, so why not?

"I heard pet owners were dosing their dogs with CBD and I had to try it!"


Age: 31

Location: Colorado

Occupation: Graphic Designer

K9: Snow Ball

Snowball has been my best friend since I moved to Colorado. My girlfriend and I had just broken up and I needed someone new to love. Someone that didn’t talk as much. Someone who just wanted to cuddle for hours and always lets me pick dinner.

I realized that what I wanted in a person was actually a dog. I wanted a dog companion, not a human companion. Much easier to find, much easier to acquire. You also get to name them, cuddle them, and spoil them with toys and treats like a grandma. I’m not a dog mom by the way, I’m a dog grandma. I only do the fun stuff and bring toys home and give treats at all hours. It’s a great way to be.

While this dog grandma approach has been wildly successful in developing a bond between myself and snowball, it has also come with a downside. Snowball can’t be anywhere without me. He is completely co-dependant and has full-blown mild doggie panic attacks. It doesn’t matter if he’s at home or at doggie daycare, SnowBall was a shaky wreck. Not a good look for either of us. I was suddenly getting training tips from everyone and felt super guilty for being a bad dog grandma. I was also annoyed at all the unsolicited advice, but there was one extremely valuable tip passed along to me- “try CBD for dogs' '.

I have like 10 different CBD topicals at home and I love them. I didn’t even know that they made CBD for dogs. When that nosey stranger told me that there is CBD made specifically for dogs, I knew I had to try it. My cellphone was out in two seconds. I went to your site because he recommended it and I ordered SnowBall, the best Dog-Grandma treat ever.

Snowball just needed a way to chill. Of course, she would freak out when she wasn’t with me. We’re soulmates so duh! But, she should be able to function and not stress out as she does. CBD works great for Snow Ball and that works great for me. We are definitely fans. 

"I knew hemp oil had anti-inflammatory properties but I didn't know I could feed it to my Dog"


Age: 24

Location: Hawaii

Occupation: Fisherman

K9: Popcorn

Fishing and Popcorn are my two passions, but for a long time, they didn’t mix. I grew up on the Big Island and come from a long line of surf-loving fishermen. The ocean is in me and most of the time, I’m in it too. Or riding it, or fishing, or chasing Popcorn in the waves. Popcorn has always loved the ocean, but his relationship with boats wasn’t great.

I had always dreamed of having Popcorn there next to me while I was out there earning a living. There was nothing stopping me from having him there at my feet except his tummy. Every time I took that little puppy on the boat, he would throw up everywhere. He was worse than a group of tourists. 

Popcorn is still a puppy and I don’t want to give him any chemicals if I don’t absolutely need to. This took motion-sickness tablets off the table. I’ve always been a big believer in the power of hemp so it didn’t take long for me to give it a try. I knew I wasn't going to get a money back guarantee, but I was confident in my purchase and the power of cannabis.

After my morning surf and chief session, I went online and ordered some dog CBD treats. I got some that were fish-flavored because Popcorn loves to eat fish just as much as I do. We started small because he’s a puppy and worked our way up. 

On the first trip out, Popcorn still wasn’t feeling well. He threw up everywhere and I ended up calling it an early day so I could take him home. I had only given him about a quarter of the recommended dose for his weight, so it was probably my fault that it didn’t help.

I was determined to give it another try and pet CBD is non-toxic just like regular CBD, so there wasn’t any risk involved. I gave Popcorn the recommended dose about 40 minutes before we boarded and left the harbor. My fingers were crossed the whole time. I just kept waiting for him to get sick, but it never happened!

Finally, my little buddy can hang with me on the boat. It’s seriously amazing to watch him bounce around and play. He’s just as stoked as when he is on land. 

"I use CBD Isolate daily, but never thought about buying CBD dog treats"


Age: 29

Location: California

Occupation: Accountant

K9: Biscuit

Biscuit and I bonded the moment we saw each other. She was just a scared puppy at the pound and I was completely new to being a dog owner. I always liked dogs but wasn’t raised with a family pet. This was going to be big for both of us. I signed the papers, paid the adoption fee, and Biscuit and I headed home.

Los Angeles is a busy city and it’s nearly impossible to take Biscuit on a walk without coming across another person. And every time we’d pass another human, Biscuit would defend me by barking incessantly. Not only was this embarrassing, but I dealt with the constant fear of Biscuit actually biting someone and being in serious trouble.

At home, Biscuit was the perfect dog. She was relaxed and cuddly. She wasn’t aggressive with food and she never barked at anything. Outside, she was a completely different dog. I knew that it was time to invest in training Biscuit. We started working with a private trainer and after a few months, I was able to take Biscuit on a walk without a single bark.

The training was serving her well and she wasn’t barking, but she was still clearly stressed out when people would pass. She wouldn’t bark, but she would shake. All of her instincts were telling her to go into defense mode but her training was telling her not to. The anxiety was hard to watch.

My friends and I are all CBD enthusiasts. I only use it a few times per week to help with my epilepsy, but most of my friends use it daily. One day, my friend Christine offered me some CBD gummies from a brand she liked. We had been discussing the Biscuit situation previously and when she offered me some gummies, we simultaneously came to the same conclusion - We should help Biscuit relax with pet CBD.

There are a bunch of people who use CBD for their dogs. Plus, it’s non-toxic and non-intoxicating, so I figured I’d give it a try. I ordered a few different products to make sure that I found a good fit for Biscuit and found that she likes flavorless products the best. Go figure! I was sure she’d love the cheeseburger treats, but she clearly prefers the natural taste of hemp.

After giving Biscuit her first serving, I waited about an hour before taking her on a walk. Her training was solid and now it was time to see if the hemp extract would help keep her calm when she was fighting her urge to defend. Of course, this was one of the rare days when the streets were fairly empty, but maybe that was a good thing. 

Eventually, we came across a group of teenagers. I could see Biscuit start to react, then her training kicked in and she stopped herself. But, this time something was different. She wasn’t shaking! She made the decision not to bark and then maintained her composure afterward. 

Biscuit has taken pet CBD every day for years now and it’s hard to remember a time when walks were unpleasant. She is an absolute angel and has gotten to the point where she’ll even let select strangers pet her. It all feels normal to me now. But, when I think about the changes I’ve seen from a combination of training and CBD, I still get a little emotional.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Separation Anxiety

There is a multitude of benefits that pet owners notice when they treat their dogs to quality CBD oil. Some say they notice that organic hemp oil helps their pooch keep their cool when they're around loud noises. Others claim that high-quality CBD has helped their pet with joint pain. But, of all the reviews we've read from customers who use CBD for dogs, we've noticed that it seems particularly beneficial for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety.

Dogs are sensitive creatures and many of them get anxious when they're left at home alone. Fortunately, a dropper full of full-spectrum CBD oil seems to do the trick for many of them. If your dog freaks out when you leave the house, you should certainly give CBD a try!

Side Effects

One of the wonderful things about CBD is that it comes from hemp plants that are non-gmo and full of valuable cannabinoids. Manufacturers typically don't use additives in their pet products because they know that your dog's health is of the utmost importance. They also use incredibly clean solvents like CO2 during their CO2 extraction process.

Because these products are carefully manufactured and don't contain any harsh preservatives or heavy metals, it is highly unlikely that dogs experience any side effects besides harmless things like dry mouth. That being said, no one knows your pooch quite like you do, so it's always important to use your best judgement

Your Dog's Health is Important

Dogs experience many of the same ailments as their human counter-parts. This can be everything from anxiety to restlessness, and can impart your pups health. Fortunately, these beautiful creatures have an endocannabinoid system that is much like ours. This complicated system of retrograde neurotransmitters and receptors impacts the central and peripheral nervous systems and helps your pooch experience many of the same benefits from the cannabis plant that you do.

It can be a bit intimidating to get started, but these products are made for wellness and are thoroughly tested before they get to you. There are strict regulations for CBD in the USA. The FDA requires that all CBD be thoroughly tested at ISO-certified third-party labs. This ensures that you are getting products that don't contain any heavy metals. residual pesticides, or anything else that could negatively impact your health or the health of your dog.

Can Body Weight to Determine Serving Size?

There are several different things to consider when trying to determine what amount of CBD to give your dog. Some people go strictly by weight, but there is more to be considered. When you purchase the highest quality products, you'll notice that they are made with fractionated coconut oil or some other form of MCT oil. They are also made with natural ingredients and are typically gluten free. These are all important things to take into consideration as they can impact the potency of pet CBD oil.

The use of CBD for pets is common practice, but there really isn't a universal guide for serving size. The best way to know how much CBD your dog needs is to experiment. We recommend starting with a low dose and seeing if it improves your dogs quality of life. If you don't notice any change, increase the serving size and try again.

The Very Best CBD For Dogs Is At!

At we pride ourselves in offering our customers the absolute best dog CBD on the market at incredible prices. Whether you're looking for peanut butter dog treats or you know your k9 would prefer bacon flavored treats, we have you covered! There's no need to scour the web for “CBD oil for dogs near me” because the closest and most affordable place for all of your dog's CBD needs is right here at!

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    Medterra - CBD Pet Tincture - Chicken - 150mg-750mg

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    TropiCBD - CBD Pet Tincture - 500mg

    Owners who use CBD know their dogs need the same lifestyle benefits. At TropiCBD, we don’t believe owners should have to choose between nutrition and CBD content in their tinctures. You’re in luck; this tincture is packed full of various...
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