Delta 10 Vape Juice

Delta 10 THC is a super-potent cannabinoid harvested from the leafy green hemp plant. Like most cannabinoids, it can be enjoyed with disposable vapes, edibles and, of course, vape juice!


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Delta 10 Vape Juice
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What Is Delta 10 THC?

Delta-10 THC is a cannabinoid harvested from the hemp plant. Delta-10, also referred to as D10, produces psychotropic effects when smoked or ingested, similar to traditional delta 9 THC. Delta 10 is a recreational cannabinoid unlike CBD, which is used purely for its wellness benefits. Some legal cannabis users liken delta-10 THC to delta 8 THC, for feeling slightly milder than delta 9 THC. Your experience with delta-10 THC will vary depending on your own personal body chemistry.

Why Buy Delta 10 Vape Juice From

With the radical popularity of cannabinoids from hemp and vape e-liquid, the market has become super saturated with options when it comes to vape products. Delta 10 is a recreational cannabinoid and it can be enjoyed in the form of edibles, vaporizers, and disposable carts. Although shoppers benefit from having options when it comes to brands and product types, it can become overwhelming deciding where and what to buy.


So, you might be asking, what is it about that makes it such a proven and popular vape juice retailer?

  1. Wide Selection of Best-Selling Vape Juice Products

Step one of your search to find the perfect delta 10 vape juice is to find a safe and trustworthy delta brand. Sadly, there are a lot of undesirable e juice companies out there, so it is imperative to buy vape products from a proven brand.

At, we’ve done the research for you and picked the best hemp-deprived THC products from some of the largest and most well-respected legal THC brands in the cannabinoid industry.

  1. Compare Prices in Real Time

The price of vape juice depends on a few factors, such as the purity or quality of delta 10 THC, the potency of D10 THC in the juice, and other additional hemp additives, like CBD. We believe in carrying both affordable vape liquid and more top-shelf juice, so everyone can find the delta-10 product that fits their lifestyle and needs.

At, you have the ability to compare companies, prices, juice ingredients, and all other delta-10 THC details from some of the most popular cannabinoid brands in the United States, allowing you to find your perfect delta vape product.

3. Tons of Delta 10 Products & So Much More

We don’t just sell vape juice; we sell all kinds of hemp-derived THC products! While many vape shops only sell hemp-derived delta 9 THC cartridges or THC juice options, we are committed to offering a wide range of delta 10 THC infused products. This includes delta 10 THC gummies, delta 10 THC disposable vape products, and more!

If you aren’t looking for D10 THC products, we also carry more wellness-focused hemp offerings, like CBD vape pens and CBD edibles, giving you a variety of hemp product options to enjoy.

Spotlight on Top-Selling Delta 10 Selections

With the implementation of the 2018 Farm Bill, it’s now easier than ever to craft potent and delicious cannabinoid products for hemp users to enjoy. While it’s exciting that shoppers now have so many options when it comes to buying delta 10 vape products, it can make finding your ideal cannabinoid company a bit more complex. While many THC products use best practices in their hemp cultivation and manufacturing process, some legal THC companies take price-cutting shortcuts that can have harmful results for vape juice.


If you’re looking for safe and effective legal THC products, you should avoid unproven brands that may use contaminated hemp, add harmful additives, and use processes that may leave behind chemical residue. To avoid this, make sure you only buy from reputable THC brands that harvest non-GMO hemp, use all-natural and organic flavors and ingredients, extract cannabinoids using a non-toxic, residue-free filtration process, and publicly publish the results of third-party lab reports.


One stellar example of a legal THC brand that follows these stringent guidelines when crafting their D10 juice products is:

Serene Tree

Founded in October 2019, Serene Tree is a hemp brand based out of San Diego. Making all of their products in small batches by hand, this brand is an excellent place to start your search for delta 10 vape products and vape juice. Enjoy the decadent flavor of their Serene Tree Delta-10 THC French Vanilla Vape Juice with your favorite vape kit. Prefer juice products with a fruit flavor? Take the edge off with Serene Tree Delta-10 THC Strawberry Vape Juice or Serene Tree Delta-10 THC Sweet Watermelon Vape Juice.

Are Vape Pens and Vape Juice the Same Thing?

Although they are both disposable, vape pens and vape juice are not the same thing. Pens are disposable battery-operated devices used to inhale a vaporized oil. Vape pens can be used for compounds like nicotine, CBD and, of course, delta 10 THC. Vape juice refers to the liquid inside the pen, and can be added to your own reusable vape kit. Juice can be enjoyed in different flavors and cannabinoid combinations.

Product Data

Here is a helpful chart to review some important product information from these selected tinctures!

Brand Flavors $ per mg of THC
Serene Tree French Vanilla, Strawberry & Sweet Watermelon Starting $0.05


Pros & Cons of Vape Products

Like any form of legal THC consumption, vaping has some major advantages—and a few disadvantages, depending on your preferences. Review the following information before selecting your D10 THC items.



  • Deliver effects quickly compared to edibles
  • Come in several delicious flavors
  • Portable and easy to bring with you


  • Effects don’t last as long as with edibles
  • Not welcome in some social situations

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