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Medterra, known for its high-quality, affordable CBD products, provides customers with a consistent, reliable experience backed by a simple mission that spotlights all-natural, wellness-boosting ingredients.

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About Medterra

Many CBD brands strive to achieve goals that come easily, if not naturally, to Medterra. Based out of Irvine, California, Medterra has been a major player in the hemp market for a couple years, consistently providing adults with top-quality CBD products. From fast-acting tinctures to long-lasting gummies, Medterra’s line of CBD products is all-encompassing. Their selection has products for just about anyone. Similar to other top-echelon brands, Medterra edits out any fluff in their cultivation and manufacturing processes, streamlining high-quality hemp through a series of steps that yield maximum potency and purity—all backed by routine third-party lab tests. Medterra is an excellent place for newcomers to start; and for seasoned CBD users to fall in love with the compound all over again.

Medterra’s Mission

The Medterra team approaches their mission like a unified and singularly focused family. They aim to offer customers the best, highest-quality hemp products at affordable prices. And this carefully thought-out approach spans from seed to sale—first in Kentucky, where their hemp plants have found a flourishing home, and finally, when the product makes its way to your front door. 

  • Kentucky-grown Hemp: Medterra uses industrial hemp, grown and extracted according to the strict guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.
  • All-natural Ingredients: In addition to this carefully cultivated hemp, Medterra formulates their products with other all-natural ingredients to complement CBD’s natural wellness benefits.**
  • Third-party Lab Tests: At the end of the line, Medterra personally tests their products before sending them to third-party labs for additional rigorous screening. These tests help customers verify a product’s purity and potency. Only reliable, trustworthy brands routinely publish these alongside their products.

Top-Selling CBD Products

If you’ve never had Medterra CBD products, here are some must-haves!

Medterra CBD Gummies

Medterra CBD Gummies include many different types of formulations, each one packed with accompanying ingredients to improve focus, deepen sleep, or enhance CBD’s wellness-boosting benefits.** When crafting these gummies, Medterra applies a varied approach, using each type of CBD, from full spectrum CBD to CBD isolate. Plus, these gummies come in delicious flavors like red raspberry, strawberry lemonade, and mixed berry.

Medterra CBD Tincture

Compared to edibles, CBD tinctures are a faster way to enjoy CBD’s benefits, and Medterra CBD Tinctures make that process even quicker. Medterra crafts their tinctures with MCT oil, a fatty-rich oil, that shields cannabinoids during absorption, leading to a faster, more profound burst of wellness.** Medterra’s tinctures, like their gummies, utilize the whole spectrum of CBD, from full spectrum CBD to CBD isolate.

Medterra CBD Capsules

Medterra CBD Capsules allow for a simple, convenient dose of CBD. Just take a desired serving with other supplements, and don’t worry about measuring the perfect dose. These CBD capsules come pre-measured. They range from broad spectrum CBD to full spectrum CBD with effective levels of delta 9 THC—for a subtle microdose.

Medterra CBD for Pets

Medterra also offers relaxing, soothing CBD products for your cats and dogs! These Medterra CBD Products for Pets carry pet-friendly ingredients to enrich joint health and soothe Fido’s worries.** Plus, Medterra develops these products with tail-waggin’ flavors for any picky pet’s taste buds.

Why You Should Buy Medterra at

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medterra?

Medterra is a top-tier, hemp-based CBD brand specializing in wellness-boosting cannabinol products. Their CBD products range from helping enrich sleep and relaxation to enhancing daytime focus.** Medterra also makes some of the best, highest-quality CBD products for pets!

Where to buy Medterra CBD gummies?

You can find Medterra in many online CBD shops. Still, none of these sites accomplish the brand’s founding message of affordability quite like Here, we compete with the brand themselves, offering more approachable price points for the same great products.

Where is Medterra located?

Medterra is headquartered in Irvine, California. Their hemp is grown in Kentucky.

Is Medterra legit?

Medterra is more than legit! Their products have consistently ranked high with our customers and are routinely found atop our best-sellers list.

How much Medterra CBD oil should I take?

Medterra’s CBD tinctures range from 1000mg to 2000mg of CBD per bottle. 2000mg is for more experienced users: those with stronger tolerances for CBD. For your first time, take a dropper full of Medterra’s Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture—just to see how a recommended serving feels. If you like this effect but want to enhance it, take more the next time. If you want a more subtle relaxing experience, aim for half a dropper or less for your next dose.

What type of CBD does Medterra use?

Medterra uses full and broad spectrum CBD in many of their products, as well as CBD isolate (99% pure CBD). They also have a couple of products that boast moderate levels of delta 9 THC for a relaxing microdose.