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Enjoy unique blends of potent cannabinoids and delicious fruit flavors with Mellow Fellow’s artistic line of THC-infused products!

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Why Buy Mellow Fellow at

Finding the right THC brand in a crowded marketplace can be tough, especially for newcomers. At, we try to refine your search by only offering the industry’s most reliable, reputable companies. There’s no question, with their creative, unique products, Mellow Fellow has earned a spot on our top-shelf!

Third-Party Lab Tested

The products we offer are all derived from hemp, which is the federally legalized, low-THC cannabis plant. As a bioaccumulator, hemp naturally absorbs just about any compound in its surrounding soil, from healthful nutrients and minerals to heavy metals and toxic pesticides. If the hemp plant is mismanaged throughout its cultivation processes, these potentially harmful compounds can linger in the finished product.


Reliable, transparent companies publish up-to-date, third-party lab tests to show their product’s chemical makeup. These tests reveal whether a brand followed the list of best practices and whether there are any harmful chemicals in their products.


All the brands we offer publish their lab tests to give you complete transparency and peace of mind. To find a product’s lab test, click on the product page and scroll down to “Lab Report.”

Exclusive Discounts

Do you hate paying full price for top-shelf Mellow Fellow products? When you shop at, you can enjoy discounts on popular brands, exclusive sales, and promotions, while earning Rewards Points with every purchase!

All-in-One Legal THC Retailer

Whether delta 8 gummies stand alone on your list, or if you’re shopping for other hemp goodies, we have a wide selection of THC products from other premium brands. Check out our popular collection of delta 9 gummies, CBD tinctures, smoking accessories, and magic mushroom products!

About Mellow Fellow

Beginning as a small, family business, Mellow Fellow has grown into a heavy hitter among other premium alternative cannabinoid brands. Mellow Fellow is known best for their unique, proprietary blends named after generational painters, like Salvidor Dali, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Frieda Kahlo. These blends carry different ratios of popular cannabinoids, using both psychoactive and non-psychoactive hemp-derived compounds.

What Is THC?

Inside all cannabis plants, you’ll find a family of compounds called cannabinoids. These molecules uniquely interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system, producing various wellness benefits for sleep, minor aches and pains, stress, and more. But one type of cannabinoid is solely responsible for inciting cannabis’s notorious “high.” And that’s THC.


While delta 9 THC is the most common form of THC, there are other THC cannabinoids found in cannabis plants, which create their own unique psychoactive effects. Mellow Fellow, along with many different brands, infuse their products with these THC compounds to provide a trippy, elevating experience!

Delta-8 THC

One of the most popular alternative cannabinoids is delta 8 THC. Compared to delta 9, delta 8 produces more mellow effects on the mind and body, perfect for adults who’d like a slightly elevating experience. Mellow Fellow delta 8 products include their ever-popular Dali’s Dream Blend Fruit Punch THC Gummies, Frida’s Recover Blend Jungle Cake Vape Pen, Da Vinci’s Clarity Blend Fruit Punch THC Gummies, and more.


HHC, another popular alternative cannabinoid, is a hydrogenated form of THC. Expert chemists have found a way to attach a single hydrogen atom to THC’s molecular structure, which creates a slightly more potent and energizing THC product. Mellow Fellow HHC products include O’Keefe’s Tranquility Blend White Buffalo Vape Pen, Banksy’s Introvert Blend AK-47 Vape Pen, Warhol’s Charged Blend Wedding Crasher Vape Pen, and more.


THC-P has recently made serious waves in the cannabis community for being much stronger than traditional delta 9 THC. THC-P is naturally occurring, existing in all cannabis plants—just at lower concentrations. You can find THC-P in many of the previously mentioned products, as well as their Picasso’s Euphoria Blend Sour Punch THC Gummies.

About Their Unique Blend

Here, we break down the differences between a few of this brand’s best-selling THC products!


Featured Product Featured Cannabinoids Price
Euphoria Blend Green Crack Live Resin Disposable Live Resin Oil, THC-P, HHC, Delta 8, H4CBD, CBD & CBG $49.99
Dali’s Dream Blend Fruit Punch THC Gummies Delta 8, HHC, CBD & CBN $39.99
Van Gogh’s Creativity Blend White Widow THC Vape Pen HHC, Delta 8, Delta 10, CBD, CBG $39.99

How to Enjoy These Mellow Munchies

If you’re a beginner to THC gummies, here’s a little crash course. THC edibles pass through your body’s digestive system before absorbing into your bloodstream. This path takes some time, so you won’t feel the effects of a THC gummy right away. Generally, it can take 30 minutes to two hours until you feel the effects of an edible. And this timeline heavily depends on your body composition, height, weight, and other bioavailability. So, how a gummy affects you will differ from how a gummy affects someone else.


If it’s your first time enjoying a THC-infused gummy, begin with the recommended dose and wait a couple of hours before taking more. Effects from edibles can last between six to eight hours.

How to Vape Like a Fellow

Unlike effects from edibles, effects from THC vapes set in after a few minutes, if not seconds. This timeline is because cannabinoids in vapor absorb directly through your lungs into your bloodstream, which is a short, quick path. You can expect effects from vapes to last around 30 minutes to two hours.

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At, we carry a wide selection of THC vapes, gummies, tinctures, vape cartridges, and more from many top-shelf brands. Whether you’re shopping for the latest Mellow Fellow products or interested in branching out and trying other popular brands, you can always shop our online shelves knowing you’re browsing the best brands on the market!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to charge a disposable vape?

At the bottom of your disposable vape, you’ll find a micro-USB or a USB-C charging port. Connect the compatible charging cable to this port when your vape battery is low. As it charges, the device will slowly pulse a red light. After it is fully charged, the vape device will stop lighting up.

How to take THC gummies?

If it’s your first time taking THC gummies, start with the recommended dose or lower. You can split a gummy in half and save the other half for a future dose.

How much vape juice is in a THC vape pen?

Mellow Fellow makes their vape pens with 1mL, 2mL, and 4mL of THC-infused vape juice.