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The almighty weed pen. Every veteran ganja lover has one tucked away in a drawer, easily accessible for a quick hit, or snug in a pocket, always ready for a little puff of euphoria wherever they go. When you think about the modern hemp and cannabis market, the weed pen undoubtedly floats to the surface as a mainstay on the shelf of any veteran or newbie cannabis consumer.

If you’ve never tried a weed pen, get ready for a wonderfully easy, hazy way to enjoy a wide breadth of different cannabinoids––psychoactive and non-psychoactive ones. Because the wonderful world of weed is so new, many untested and unreliable products litter the market. Sure, these weed pens can get you feeling the full effects of some pretty stellar cannabinoids, but they also come with the added risk of poor and unsafe cultivation methods. Many of these unreliable brands debut products not tested by a third-party laboratory. This lack of regulation usually results in harmful, toxic chemicals lingering in the final product.

So, we’ve curated a collection of weed pens from companies that routinely send their batches of products through third-party testing at ISO-certified laboratories. This adds an unmatched level of transparency as well as consumer safety that lets you shop with added peace of mind––a peace of mind that’s delivered straight to your door. Let’s start talking weed pens.

What is a Weed Pen?

First, what are they? If you’ve smoked cannabis or hemp from a joint, spliff, or blunt, expect similar effects but wrapped in a slightly different experience. A weed pen is powered by a lithium battery that heats cannabis oil to its boiling point, converting it into a vapor. This lithium battery can be triggered by you inhaling from the pen’s tip or by a button on the side. When the oil hits its boiling point, the vapor rises to the top of the pen and––if you’re inhaling through the tip––flows into your mouth and fills up your lungs. This is how those decadent cannabinoids filter into your bloodstream––much like with a joint, spliff, or blunt.

But with all the nuances that have come through the hemp marketplace, weed pens have evolved significantly from their first iteration. They now come in either oil-filled glass cartridges you attach to a vape battery or a pre-filled disposable. While both options have pros and cons (more on that soon), they are both easily portable, so you can take euphoria with you on the go––a big advantage of weed pens!

How to Use a Weed Pen

If you’re new to weed pens, they’re pretty simple to use. If you chose a disposable pen, unbox it, take the plastic covers off, inhale from the tip, and vape away. Disposables are really that easy to use. This is one reason why so many people choose them over other options. Now, if you pick a cartridge, there are just a couple more steps.

Before unboxing your cart, make sure your vape battery is charged. Bringing an uncharged vape to a smoke sesh is a classic rookie mistake. Next, unbox your cart and screw it onto your vape battery. If the battery has a power button, turn it on before taking a puff. This will make sure the oil is hot before your first hit. Then, enjoy! Vape away!

Pros and Cons of Weed Vape Pens

When it comes to enjoying weed, you are spoiled for choice. Every path and product you choose will lead you to a different experience altogether––one that might or might not be your ideal sesh. Like all the other cannabis products, weed pens have their own patented pros and cons. These might be the make or break when looking for the best go-to item.


  • Perfect for on-the-go maintenance of a good time
  • Comes in a variety of strains and flavors
  • Used discreetly
  • Fast-acting
  • Vape has no smell, unlike joints, spliffs, and joints


  • Not everyone likes the sensation of vaping
  • Needs a charged battery to use

Disposable Weed Vape Pen vs. Vape Devices

If you’re committed to trying a weed pen, you now need to decide on either a disposable or a vape device. A disposable comes pre-charged and pre-filled with cannabis oil. They’re ready to rip right out of the box. But the prep and experience before vaping are very different for vaping devices.

You can choose a vape cartridge, like the one mentioned above, or a bottle of weed vape juice that you add to your own vape device. For the vape cartridge, you just screw onto your battery and enjoy until the little glass tube is empty. Adding your own vape juice is a little more intricate. It really depends on how involved you want to be. Different weed vapes call for varying levels of involvement.

The Best Weed Pens

When shopping through our collection, you’re sifting through the best weed pens on the market. If you’ve never decided on a weed pen before, it’s best to start with the brand. Many brands offer different types of weed pens with a wide array of cannabinoids. Whether you’re looking to get faded with pure psychedelia or chilled out with non-psychoactive vapes, we have three notable brands that’ll be everything you want––and so much more!

TRĒ House

First, we have one of the, if not the best, makers of weed pens on the market. TRĒ House is a SoCal-based company known for their flavorful vapes that blast any aspiring Vape God into the stratosphere. They offer many different types of vapes, including disposables and cartridges. If you’re looking for the best entry point into weed pens, these bad boys come in an assortment of strains, flavors, and cannabinoids, perfect for any veteran or newcomer!


Next, we have CBDfx. Known for their premier CBD products, CBDfx boasts a unique collection of non-psychoactive vapes that tout all the therapeutic benefits of CBD. Their signature white pens are rechargeable, so you can enjoy the hemp oil until the last drop. CBDfx also offers vape juice that comes in different strains and flavors. This company is ideal if you want to enjoy a CBD-rich experience without all the euphoria that comes with THC.


Our last brand spotlight is on Koi. Like CBDfx, Koi is known for their CBD products. But recently, Koi has dropped into the psychoactive sphere, debuting new vapes with delta-8, THC-O, and THC-P––all of which are full of psychoactive forms of THC. Because they can straddle both the CBD and THC markets, Koi is a fun brand to order so you can get a little best of both worlds.

Buy Weed Pens at CBD.co!

We’ve got you covered if you’d like to try weed pens for yourself. Our curated collection of weed pens offers a wide variety of effects and experiences that range from sativa-leaning to indica-infused to CBD-based. It really all comes down to what type of experience you want. Be sure to check out our list of weed pens to find one that sounds enticing, and we’ll deliver it straight to your door!