Mushroom Chocolate

Packed with nootropic and adaptogenic mushroom extracts, mushroom chocolate delivers all the fantastically fun cerebral effects of legal mushrooms—without their funky fungi flavors!

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What Is Mushroom Chocolate?

Mushroom chocolate; just the name may pique your curiosity. No, it’s not mushroom-flavored chocolate. It’s mushroom-infused chocolate, crafted with delicious milk and white chocolate flavors—and potent functional or psychoactive mushrooms.

So, what is mushroom chocolate?

Typically, mushroom chocolate comes in the form of a classic chocolate bar divided into a few breakaway pieces. Each piece is evenly dosed with functional mushrooms (think like lion’s mane, reishi, and cordyceps) or psychoactive mushrooms (legal magic mushrooms). Because each piece carries the same dose, a mushroom chocolate bar gives you the power to customize your experience.

Do you want to keep it subtle and melt away in a mild microdose? Or do you want to crank the amp to ten and dive head-first down the rabbit with a macro dose? Mushroom chocolate gives you the freedom to choose.

How to Use Mushroom Chocolate?

New to the world of delicious, mind-melting chocolate? Let’s show you how to use mushroom chocolate!

  • Creating the ideal dose: For your first time, follow the instructions on the packaging. Most mushroom chocolate brands will have graphics on their packaging showing how strong a few pieces of chocolate are. Follow these instructions, and don’t get greedy.
  • Patience is key, young one: After taking your ideal dose, sit back, relax, and wait. Don’t take a second dose before feeling the full effects from the first.
  • Ride the mellow waves: Once you feel the effects, just breathe and ride the waves.
  • Keep your stash safe: Remember, this is chocolate and can easily melt. So, store your mushroom chocolate in a cool, dry area away from children and pets.

Top-Selling Brands & Products

Whether you’re a new mushroom chocolate maestro or a long-time master, we always point our mushroom-curious customers to our buds at TRĒ House.

TRĒ House

Since their introduction to the mushroom space, TRĒ House has not slowed down, creating the highest-quality, most diverse selection of legal magic mushroom products. At the heart of this collection are TRĒ House Mushroom Chocolate Bars! These delicious cocoa bars come in four unique flavors, divided into 15 squares each.

Why Buy Mushroom Chocolate From

The market for hemp and mushroom products is growing so fast, it may feel impossible to keep up. At, we’ve sorted through the noise, so you don’t have to. Here, we’ve curated our collection of hemp and mushroom products from the best brands on the market. Every brand we carry publishes third-party lab tests (Certificates of Analysis) to prove a product’s potency and purity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mushroom chocolate?

Mushroom chocolate contains legal mushroom extracts from functional, nootropic, and adaptogenic mushrooms. Typically, mushroom chocolate comes in the form of a classic chocolate bar that’s been divvied up into evenly dosed, breakaway pieces.

Where to buy mushroom chocolate bars?

Even though they’re so new, mushroom chocolate bars are everywhere. But many of these sites source their ingredients from sketchy, unreliable places. At, we only offer reputable brands that publish third-party lab tests (Certificates of Analysis) alongside every product. These tests help prove a product’s potency and purity, giving you complete transparency into the brand’s cultivation and manufacturing methods. Plus, we deliver straight to you. What’s more convenient than that?

How do you use a mushroom chocolate bar?

A mushroom chocolate bar comes divided into several pieces. Each piece is evenly dosed with functional or psychoactive ingredients. Typically, brands include a dosing guide on the packaging. Follow this guide’s instructions for your first rendezvous with deliciously creamy mushroom chocolate!

Do these mushroom chocolates contain psilocybin?

No, these mushroom chocolate bars do not contain psilocybin, the active ingredient in classic psychedelic mushrooms.

How many pieces are in a mushroom chocolate bar?

The number of pieces varies from brand to brand. Typically, there are around 12 to 15 pieces per bar.

How do I store mushroom chocolates?

Keep your mushroom chocolates out of direct sunlight and store them in a cool, dark area away from children and pets.