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When looking for the next addition to your cannabis stash, you might want to add a product that takes you out of your routine. So, why not try a whole new cannabinoid? Your collection of vapes, edibles, drinks, and tinctures is probably loaded with delta 9 THC––the most famous and abundant psychoactive cannabinoid. Sure, this cannabinoid brings euphoric effects, but you might want to explore a different type of euphoria altogether. You might love your classic, reliable vapes but crave a different feeling. So, let’s introduce you to a new kind of vape––one that touts similar (but different) psychotropic effects to delta 9 THC.

Introducing HHC vapes! These puffable pens are filled with HHC-rich oil––an alternative cannabinoid formulated out of native THC molecules (more on that soon.) These vapes are as discreet as standard cannabis vapes and taste just as delectable, but they boast a different type of ride through the cosmos. They get you elevated and lit, but the experience is uniquely its own––thanks to its altered molecular structure.

When searching for the next great way to enjoy cannabis, you run into a lot of brands and products. It can oftentimes feel overwhelming. That’s why CBD.co is committed to offering only the best, most reliable cannabis products to our customers. But before we get into this collection, let’s see what HHC is, what it does, and how to best enjoy it!

What is HHC?

First, what is HHC? To put it scientifically, HHC is the hydrogenated form of THC. Now, what does this mean? Simply, an HHC molecule is just a THC molecule with a hydrogen atom attached to it. While such a simple molecular change can prove a little complex for DIY backyard chemists, this hydrogenation process is the same that converts vegetable oil to margarine.

Because of this molecular addition, the effects of HHC on the body’s endocannabinoid system are similar but distinctly different compared to THC. That’s why HHC affects others differently than their standard delta 9 THC.

Within the last few years, alternative cannabinoids like HHC have quickly found their way into the mainstream cannabis community. Now, thousands of users enjoy various alternative cannabinoids like delta 8, delta 10, THC-O, and HHC. Because research into the cannabis plant and the over 100 known cannabinoids is still considered cutting-edge, we’ll surely hear about HHC for a long time to come.

What is an HHC Vape

When cultivators set out to make HHC vapes, they first convert THC oil to HHC oil. Then, they take other liquids like propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) to make a vape juice. PG is responsible for carrying most of the flavor while providing a strong throat hit, a sensation many might not be fans of. This is the flavoring agent, while VG delivers most of the vapor. Then, the cultivators fill a vape pen with this oil. The pen contains a lithium battery that heats the oil, turning it into a vapor, which you then inhale through the mouthpiece.

Most HHC vapes contain a gram to two grams of HHC-rich vape juice. Also, most HHC vapes in our curated collection are rechargeable so that you can enjoy the euphoric experiences until the very last drop!

How to Use HHC Vapes

If you aren’t a resident Vape God or don’t have any experience with vapes, you might need a crash course on how to use the device. The first step might sound obvious: ensure your HHC vape is charged. A low-battery vape can really spoil a wake ‘n bake or a nightly unwind sesh.

Now, most disposable vape pens don’t have a button to press that turns the battery on. If yours does have one on the side, push it and hold it before taking your first puff. This will allow the oil to soften, letting you take a stronger, smoother hit. Next, take a puff. The vapor will flow through your mouth, throat, and into your lungs. Hold it there for a few seconds if you can. This will allow the HHC molecules to filter through your lungs quicker. Then, exhale.

Most of the time, you’ll feel HHC’s effects after a couple of seconds or a few minutes. Wait until 30 minutes to take another puff. If you’re a newcomer to the land of cannabis, you definitely want to avoid getting too too elevated your first time around.

HHC Vapes vs. HHC Edibles

As with every other cannabinoid, HHC also comes in delicious edibles––ones you can conveniently order to your door from CBD.co. When you ingest HHC, it works like any other cannabinoid. First, it filters through your digestive tract, which comes into contact with your liver. Next, your liver detects the cannabinoids, plucks them out of your digestive tract, and ushers them into your bloodstream. Once in your bloodstream, these molecules interact with endocannabinoid receptors in your brain and spinal cord, triggering cerebral effects.

Because this process includes many more steps than vaping, these cerebral effects can take longer to feel. So, HHC vapes provide quicker effects than edibles, which can be more advantageous for some users than others.

Pros and Cons of Vaping HHC

Like any other cannabis product, HHC vapes come with their own pros and cons.


  • Array of flavors. Like every other type of vape, HHC vape pens come in many fruity and sweet flavors. There’s undoubtedly one to satisfy your taste buds!
  • Hits fast. Because you’re vaping HHC, you’ll experience its euphoric effects quickly.
  • Compact & discreet. Vaping is nice because you can carry it around in a backpack, a pocket, a frocket, a carry-on, or a purse, and its near-odorless vapor makes its use nearly discreet!


  • Not for everyone. Not everyone enjoys the sensation of vaping, and you might be in that group. Inhaling vapor is a preferred experience that many might find uncomfortable. For these users, we recommend finding a delectable HHC edible!

The Best HHC Vapes

We can’t tout all the benefits of HHC vapes without discussing three notable brands. When finding the best cannabis product for you, it’s always best to first find the right brand.

TRĒ House

As a SoCal legend, TRĒ House is relatively new to the hemp market––if you’d believe it! To many, they’re already a staple brand. Their deliciously divine hemp-based products have quickly earned a cult-like following throughout the country. Keep this company at the top of your wishlist!

Canna River

With their two-and-a-half gram HHC vape pens, Canna River’s disposables are at the forefront of the cannabis and hemp marketplace. From classic strains like Wedding Cake, Rainbow Sherbet, and Lemon Jack, Canna River is a beautiful addition to any rotation of delicious vapes.

Two Hawk Hemp

Perhaps the newest addition to the hemp space, Two Hawk Hemp has quickly become a go-to for users of all tastes and tolerances. Their HHC vapes come in two-gram disposable pens. They are surely an addition to any budding cannabis stash.

HHC Vape Customer Reviews

Most users agree that HHC is less potent than delta 9 THC, which might benefit your unique needs. They also say that most vapes taste delicious while providing euphoric effects with each puff. Others say that HHC feels better than standard cannabis because it’s more grounded and less intoxicating. To this point, others don’t like having to take more to feel their desired effects, so it really is up to your personal preferences.

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