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All About Social CBD (Formerly Select CBD)

Welcome! We’re happy you’ve stopped by to say hello. Whether you’re already familiar with Social CBD’s offerings or are are looking to familiarize yourself for the first time, we’ve put together this guide to help introduce you to the brand. You’ll find information on their products, which ones might be best for you and how they go about making them, and what makes the heart of a company like this beat. In an industry crowded with flash and bang, we’d like to provide an opportunity for you to better understand what sets these folks apart from the rest.

As we at continue in our mission to be the best, simplest to use marketplace in the business, it’s partners like this that remind us what we’re really here to do. Which is to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle, with CBD as a key ingredient. Should you choose to buy Social CBD with us you can rest assured that your order is on its way to you within two days, and if you order in the U.S., shipping’s free. Right now the company is issuing an online coupon, so keep your eye out for the Social CBD promo code.

Who is Social CBD?

The Social CBD brand is built around the practice of self-care and community awareness. In an increasingly busy, complicated world, taking time to connect with the present moment, with our bodies, and with the people we care about most is at the core of this company’s ethos. They are committed to ethical, transparent, traceable, and sustainable practices.

They provide a variety of products including drops, topicals, vape pens and pet tinctures. By using quality botanicals, essential oils, and natural flavors, their product line delivers great taste and premium experience.

What’s the difference between Social CBD and Select CBD?

You may have used Select CBD products in the past and, if you have, rest assured that you’ll be getting the same adherence to quality and transparency you experienced under the old name. Social CBD changed its banner in an effort to orient themselves around a more cohesive goal: to passionately pursue greater innovation, product development, research and, most importantly, investing in improving their community. If you were a fan of Select CBD, then you’re going to LOVE Social CBD!

What are some Social CBD products that we like?

We’re big fans of the Social CBD Drops. They come in a few really nice flavors, including Pomegranate Tea, Meyer Lemon, and a really mellow Natural-Flavor. With each product, you have a choice in potency: 375mg, 700mg, or 1500mg CBD. All of them are formulated using natural MCT oil (meaning they do contain coconut) and a choice in which kind of CBD you prefer: Broad-Spectrum or Isolate.

Another great product they offer are Social CBD vape pens. These combine pure hemp-derived extract with the rewards of essential oils, like lavender, spearmint, and grapefruit. They also allow you to customize your wellness routine with a few different blends: Relax, Focus, and Revive. Social CBD vapes are self-contained, incredibly portable, and provide the simplicity and quality that this brand is known for.

Each box has a clearly printed, detailed ingredient list, as well as a batch number. If you navigate to their website, you can use this number to check the lab results for each product. Every one of them is third-party tested, from plant to finished product, and they’ve made all of the reports visible online.

Their gummies are amazing as well. They come in three flavors: red raspberry, peach mango, and lemon. All of them use the Broad-Spectrum CBD extract and each bag holds 10 pieces, at 25mg per piece.

Social CBD also has an extensive line of topical products. One that we think is unique are the CBD patches they offer. These come in 20mg, 60mg, or 100mg boxes, with each patch containing 20mg of pure extract. They’re designed to slowly release the dosage over a 24 hour period, and can be cut in half to provide a low dose over the same period of time. They also offer a rub-on gel, a lotion formulated specifically for your feet, and a muscle rub meant for those of you desire relief from an active lifestyle.

Are Social CBD Vape Pens refillable?

No. These are crafted without the bother of charging and refilling, designed instead to be used anywhere you go and then disposed.

Does Social CBD have THC?

No. They use two types of CBD, and neither have any measurable THC in them. While the hemp plant, which is a cousin of the high-THC containing marijuana plant that many are familiar with, contains less than .03% THC. What social CBD does is take it a step further.

With a Broad-Spectrum extract, the hemp extract goes through an additional process that targets the THC and removes it entirely. What you have then is all the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that the plant produces. CBD Isolate, as the name suggests, is nothing but our good friend cannabidiol. Whichever you go with, you’ll find a clarity in flavor provided by the finest in industrial grade, CO2 derived hemp extract.

Where can I buy Social CBD?

One really cool thing this company does with their website is provide a store locator. They’ve put a lot of work into partnering with brick and mortar purveyors for those of you who like the in-store experience of purchasing CBD. Just input the city or town you live in, and an interactive map will show you if there’s somebody in your town who provides their stuff.

You can also buy Social CBD online. While we can’t vouch for shipping speeds when you order directly from their website, if you decide to order from, we guarantee your product(s) will be out the door within two days and any orders to the U.S. are free. There’s also a Social CBD coupon that only works online, so if you’d rather go that route, now’s a good time.

How about Social CBD review?

In short, they’re really good. Social CBD has received over 3,500 reviews with an average score of 4.7 out of 5 from a 3rd party providers. We’re big fans of utilizing customer reviews as a means to familiarize yourself with a company’s products. Not just as a means of exploring the selection, but in seeing how certain products worked for real people.

The companies themselves are restricted in what they can and can’t say about their products, but customers aren’t limited in the same way. Reading up on how other customers have experienced these products lets you determine which product will integrate most seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Social CBD has also been lauded in a ton of outside publications, garnering mentions in Rolling Stone, Mind Body Green, Leafly, and Us Weekly Magazine, just to name a few.

Buy Social CBD Online at!

With Social CBD’s dedication to purity (this includes testing their products for 58 unwanted residual contaminants and 30 pesticides), its insistence on crafting powerful, transparently labeled and well-tested CBD products, and the honesty with which they conduct their business, we couldn’t be more proud to call them a partner.

After you’ve given them a try, be sure to leave a customer review. This really helps the next customer to make the best possible purchasing choices and let’s us know how we’re doing as well. We work to be the best CBD marketplace on the planet and we’re excited to do so alongside companies like Social CBD. Thanks for stopping by!