With their deliciously potent CBD, THC, and mushroom products, Koi CBD has solidified themselves as one of the best brands on the market; you can find their latest best-sellers right here at CBD.co!

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About Koi CBD

Native to sunny Southern California, Koi CBD knows a thing or two about curating “feel good” vibes—all thanks to their high-quality, all-natural products. From gummies to vapes and even hemp-based flower, Koi CBD’s line of products focuses on helping users elevate their well-being with safe and effective formulas. Whether you’re new to hemp and mushroom products or a seasoned daily consumer, each Koi CBD product offers something different. So, you can claim those “feel good” SoCal vibes anywhere, anytime, and in any way you please!

Koi’s Mission

The wellness market is, well, a little congested. So many brands are vying for a place in your daily routine. So, what makes Koi CBD stand out? If we pull back the curtain on one of the industry’s most established brands, we’ll find a company with simple, straightforward values—values that follow their products from seed to sale.

Tailored to You

It’d be cliche to say, “Everyone’s different.” But, no matter how commonplace this maxim is, Koi CBD has seemingly taken this idea and ran with it, letting it influence each step of their process. Their collection of products is eclectic. Their flavors are subtle and fruity, yet overwhelmingly delicious. And their reputation is based on hard work, careful cultivation, and unsurpassed quality above all. All these benefits help Koi CBD give users from all walks of life a home in a seemingly overcrowded market.

Wellness, Elevated Naturally

All of Koi’s award-winning products start from the same place: a high-quality, all-natural source. Whether that’s homegrown hemp from the USA or mushroom extract from trusted suppliers, Koi’s products begin in fertile, cared-for soil. Then, through meticulous cultivation and extraction, these products materialize into best-selling gummies, vapes, and flower, retaining their all-natural composition.

Forever Family-Owned

In a market shadowed by large corporations, Koi CBD stands firm as a family-owned small business. In 2015, a brother, sister, and cousin began working on the seedlings of an idea (from a tiny garage in Los Angeles, California, no less). After almost a decade, this dream has blossomed into one of the industry’s most revered brands, still helmed by the three close-knit family members.

Tried, True, Trusted

Unfortunately, the hemp market is rife with snake oil salesmen and unreliable goods. To counteract this, Koi (like all the other brands we offer) backs each and every one of their products with third-party lab tests. These tests by an accredited laboratory help prove a product’s purity and potency. You can even scan the QR code on a Koi CBD to see the lab test for yourself, or check the product’s page on CBD.co. You can find these results under “Lab Tests.”

Koi’s Best-Selling Products

Here are three must-haves if you’ve never had Koi’s top-tier products!

Koi Gummies

Koi Gummies combine a few notable cannabinoids, like full spectrum CBD, CBN, and delta 9 THC, to create a couple unique blends. These blends can help you find daytime relaxation or indulge in deeper nighttime sleep.** Plus, these gummies offer delicious, mouthwatering flavors—made possible by all-natural sweeteners.

Koi Vape Pens

Koi Vape Pens are high-tech, yet simple to use. These rechargeable disposable pens pack a ton of vape juice (up to 5 grams!) in a tiny, pocket-sized device. Choose from CBD vapes for a relaxing, non-psychoactive state of bliss, or dive headfirst into euphoria with their Live Resin THCA Vape Pens!

Koi THCA Flower

New to their collection is Koi THCA Flower. As a lesser-known cannabinoid, THCA is quickly becoming a popular cannabinoid, especially in flower form. Roll your own j or pack a bowl and light up with Koi’s terpy, tasty THCA Flower, made from iconic strains like Alpine White, Lemon Cherry Gelato, and more!

Why Should You Buy Koi CBD at CBD.co?

We are proud to say that our mission aligns with Koi’s. At CBD.co, we aim to bring you the best hemp and mushroom products, made from the best ingredients, all at the best prices. We pride ourselves on carefully curating our online selection of companies, mixing established and up-and-coming CBD brands together. We strive to give you the lowest price, the most accurate product details, and the best shopping experience possible. Additionally, at CBD.co, customers can benefit from instant product comparisons, special discounts, exclusive offers, and promotions, all while accumulating Rewards Points from each transaction!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Koi CBD?

Koi CBD is an award-winning hemp and mushroom brand based in Southern California. They’ve been in business since 2015.

Where to buy Koi CBD?

You can buy Koi’s products from many places, but no other site competes with the brand’s own prices like CBD.co!

How to use Koi THCA Flower?

Koi THCA Flower comes in 3.5-gram jars. Just take out little bits of bud and place them into an herb grinder. Grind the flower finely and empty the grinder on a flat surface. From here, you can use the ground flower in a pre-rolled cone, bowl, or bong or roll your own joint with rolling papers. Don’t have the proper accoutremont for a smoke sesh? Don’t worry! We carry a ton of smoking accessories, too!

What is in Koi gummies?

Koi uses a number of different cannabinoids in their gummies, like full spectrum CBD, delta 9 THC, and CBN. In their shroom gummies, Koi uses a special blend of all-natural ingredients, muscimol extract, and a number of nootropics.

How are Koi's mushroom products different from their hemp-derived products?

Koi’s mushroom products don’t contain any hemp-derived compounds. They use a special blend of all-natural ingredients, muscimol extract, and a number of nootropics to deliver psychoactive effects. These mushroom products come in either a drink or gummies.

How to use THC gummies?

If you’re new to THC gummies, start with the recommended dose. Generally, this is between 5-10mg of delta 9 THC, and even more for lesser-known cannabinoids, like delta 8 and delta 10. Take a small dose and then commit to waiting. Patience is key here. While it varies by person, effects from THC gummies can set in after 30 minutes to two hours, depending on your body’s personal bioavailability factors. Don’t take a second serving until you’ve felt the full effects from the first dose.