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cbdMD, a leader in the hemp-based wellness space, packs a lot of flavors and all-natural ingredients into their premier line of CBD and THC products!

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About cbdMD

Not many CBD brands can compete with cbdMD’s gold-standard cultivation methods, diverse line of products, and commitment to affordability. After earning all these green flags, this brand has become a staple in the health and wellness space. Now, as cbdMD matches up with other top-tier brands, they offer users a unique collection of excellent CBD, THC, and pet-friendly products.


But how do they achieve so much, while still staying budget-friendly?

Farm-to-Bottle Purity

The term “farm-to-bottle” follows cbdMD’s skilled cultivators from the moment they plant hemp seeds to the moment they reap all-natural, USA-grown CBD oil. cbdMD focuses on real quality borne from real ingredients. What you see on the label is precisely what you’re about to enjoy. No harmful additives. No extraneous ingredients. cbdMD keeps their efforts hyper-focused, so only the best make it into their products, giving you all CBD’s benefits without the fluff.

Affordability Is Key

In the last few years, CBD has seen a renaissance. Many brands make many products—all coming to us at various price points. cbdMD aims to make their products approachable for all customers. They believe everyone should experience the healthful benefits of CBD.** And their pricing structure keeps that door wide open.

Empower Customers

While it is (perhaps) the most popular hemp-derived compound, CBD only offers a limited list of wellness benefits.** cbdMD kept this in mind, venturing out to bring other cannabinoids into the fold. Now, they have a growing selection of CBD, CBD + THC, and delta-9-exclusive products, giving customers several ways to enjoy hemp’s all-encompassing wellness benefits.**


Learn what real customers are saying about cbdMD in this comprehensive cbdMD review!

cbdMD’s Mission

cbdMD’s mission spans from seed to supplement. Here’s how they do just that:

  • Highest-Quality: cbdMD carefully raises their hemp with beneficial compounds that enrich the plant’s cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid profiles, giving you the purest, highest-quality product.
  • Innovation: cbdMD manufactures cutting-edge products you can’t find from other brands. These products are meant to test the limits and make room for all types of cannabis enjoyers—from seasoned users to fresh-eyed beginners.
  • Accessibility: High-quality CBD shouldn’t break your budget. cbdMD finds novel ways to make the best products possible, at accessible prices.
  • Third-Party Testing: Third-party lab tests are a report card for a brand’s cultivation and extraction processes. Only the best, most reliable brands make these tests available for any and all to see. You can find cbdMD’s up-to-date third-party tests right here, at CBD.co

Top-Selling CBD Products

If you’ve never had cbdMD CBD products, here are some must-haves!

cbdMD CBD Gummies

cbdMD CBD Gummies come in a range of delicious flavors and unique formulas. These gummies boast full and broad spectrum CBD, with some others carrying effective levels of delta 9 THC. Plus, cbdMD has CBD gummies specifically formulated to calm the mind and body or relax your daily stress, preparing you for a restful night of sleep.**

cbdMD CBD Oil Tinctures

cbdMD CBD Oil Tinctures let you choose between full and broad spectrum CBD. With exciting flavors like chocolate mint and berry, these fast-acting tinctures bring CBD’s benefits quicker than edibles. These tinctures help melt away stress and fit seamlessly into any day or nighttime routine!**

cbdMD CBD Capsules

cbdMD CBD Capsules are crafted with additional, all-natural ingredients to complement CBD’s relaxing effects on the mind and body, like sleep-heavy melatonin. Browse from full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD capsules; plus, shop CBD + THC capsules to enjoy a subtle microdose of relaxing euphoria.

cbdMD CBD for Pets

Cats and dogs rejoice! Of course, cbdMD has thought about them, too. cbdMD CBD for Pets consists of pet-friendly CBD tinctures (with tail-waggin’ peanut butter and cat-nip flavors) and Calming CBD Dog Treats designed to benefit your pet’s hip and joint health.**

Why You Should Buy cbdMD at CBD.co

Our aim, at CBD.co, is to introduce you to the best CBD, THC, and mushroom-based brands on the market, offering the highest quality products at the lowest competitive prices. Here, you can shop from brand-name companies and up-and-comers—all while comparing product details in real time. Also, when you shop at CBD.co, you can enjoy discounts, exclusive sales, and promotions, and earn Rewards Points with each purchase!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is cbdMD?

cbdMD is a leading company in the hemp wellness space. They have a wide range of CBD products, made from high-quality, all-natural ingredients. These products span from delicious gummies to fast-acting tinctures and convenient capsules. Also, cbdMD has a premier line of CBD products for pets!

Who owns cbdMD?

cbdMD is one of the only publicly traded CBD companies. A majority of cbdMD is owned by cbdMD insiders and institutional shareholders, like THCX (a cannabis ETF) and AXS Investment LLC.

Where is cbdMD located?

cbdMD’s headquarters are in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Where to buy cbdMD products?

You can buy cbdMD products from many places, but no other site competes with the brand’s own prices like CBD.co!

How to take cbdMD oil?

To take a cbdMD oil tincture, measure your desired dose and place the oil under your tongue. Hold it there for a couple of seconds before swallowing. This will allow the capillaries in your mouth to absorb the cannabinoids and transfer them to your bloodstream almost immediately.