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cbdMD is perhaps best known for their delicious, expertly-made CBD gummies. Formulated from some of the highest-quality, organically grown hemp from US farms, cbdMD’s gummies deliver CBD’s popular wellness benefits—with a mouthful of tasty flavors, like Tropical, Mixed Berry, and Raspberry. They craft their gummies with either broad spectrum or full spectrum CBD, giving you the choice to pick the formula best for you. Additionally, these gummies are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO, catering to a wide range of dietary preferences.

CBD gummies let you take the guesswork out of measuring the perfect dose. Just take the recommeded serving (which can be 1-2 gummies, depending on your preferences) and wait around thirty minutes to two hours to feel the gummies’ effects. Other CBD products require you to measure out oil from a tincture or puff a precise dose from a CBD vape. But gummies are pre-dosed, so all you have to do is pop back your desired serving and wait for CBD’s wellness benefits to set in.

Like other top-tier, reliable brands, cbdMD routinely publishes their third-party lab reports. These detailed reports show the chemical composition of the finished product, exposing whether or not the CBD gummies contain harmful additives or toxic chemicals from improper cultivation and extraction methods. By publishing these lab reports, cbdMD is signaling a level of transparency to their customers that many other brands can’t compete with.