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Why Choose CBD Gummies for Sex at CBD.co?

With all of their wellness benefits, CBD gummies might feel out of place in your bedside drawer. But, with their relaxing and mood-enhancing effects, these hemp CBD gummies offer several blessings for a healthy sex life. And, with our array of formulas from several top-tier brands, we carry CBD gummies specifically designed for the mister or missus in your life. 

At CBD.co, we’re proud to offer one of the most extensive collections of hemp-derived products (including those formulated for a healthy sex life) from some of the best CBD companies on the market. 

1. Range of Prices

When you shop at CBD.co, you can choose from various brands offering their own competitive price point. Whether you gravitate toward the higher end or are a little more price-conscious, our collection of CBD gummies comes in a range of prices, giving you the freedom to choose what’s best for your budget. 

2. Shop From Top CBD Brands

If you’ve been around the CBD market for long, you’ll know there are many, many brands to choose from. While every brand approaches CBD cultivation differently, not all of these companies do so with the same expert care and attention. At CBD.co, we curate a diverse selection from some of the best, most reputable brands on the market today, letting you compare premium CBD gummies from different companies in real time. 

3. Choose From an Array of Formulas

Many CBD gummies contain other natural ingredients that mingle with the cannabinoid’s relaxing effects on the mind and body. Specifically, some of the CBD gummies for sex we offer are formulated with organic compounds, like maca root and ashwagandha, which can be beneficial for a healthy sex life. We carry different CBD gummies for sex formulated for both men and women, so you can choose the one that’s best for you or your partner.

Spotlight on Top-Selling CBD Brands

The search for the best CBD gummies for sex starts with finding the right brand. As we’ve mentioned, there are numerous CBD companies to choose from, and not all offer high-quality products. Also, not all top-tier CBD brands design their CBD gummies for a healthy sex life, so finding the perfect gummy for you and your partner can feel a little tricky. We’re here to help!

Below are five brands that have formulated their gummies with your sex life in mind:

House of Wise CBD Gummies

House of Wise markets themselves as a luxury CBD brand, empowering men and women to take control of their sleep, sex, stress, strength, and wealth. Their Full Spectrum CBD Sex Gummies are formulated with 15 mg of whole-plant CBD extract, 200 mg of horny goat weed extract, 100 mg of maca root extract, and 10 mg of ashwagandha extract to promote sexual desire. You can enjoy these full-spectrum hemp extract CBD gummies for sex thirty minutes to two hours before you plan on dimming the lights. 

Alchemy Naturals CBD Gummies

Known for their assortment of CBD gummies to meet a range of needs, Alchemy Naturals carries pleasure-boosting CBD gummies perfect for you and your partner. With a delightfully sweet cranberry orange flavor, their Intimacy CBD Gummies for Sex are packed with 50 mg of full spectrum hemp extract and 20 mg of maca root, a popular supplement to enhance desire.  

Better Sex Gummies

Now, we also offer sex gummies that don’t contain hemp compounds, but rather are infused with natural supplements to promote intimacy, desire, and a more sensual mood. The company Better Sex crafts their sex gummies with various supplements, like horny goat weed, citrulline, maca root, and tongkat ali. They make Female Sensual Strawberry Gummies and Blue Raspberry Male Enhancement Gummies, so no one feels left out of the fun!

Product Data

Brand Price Per Gummy
House of Wise $6.25
Better Sex $2.50
I Like Sex $2.50
Play $5
Banger Bites $4.50
Love Bears $5

CBD for Sex

A healthy, vibrant sex life is important for serious relationships, casual daters, and all the flirty relationships in between. But sometimes, finding your mojo can feel a little out of reach, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle. With its calming properties and natural benefits for mind and body wellness, CBD can help you and your partner rediscover moments of relaxation in your day-to-day lives, which can help set the mood and close the door to life’s worries and stresses.

Now, it’s time for a little sexy CBD science. CBD is one of the most abundant compounds in the cannabinoid family. These compounds exist in all hemp and cannabis plants and uniquely interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system. This system is intrinsically woven into other parts of your body, working hard to regulate essential functions like mood, sleep, stress, and many more. When you take a CBD product (CBD gummies, for example), the cannabinoids boost your endocannabinoid system, leading to a series of wellness benefits. 

If timed right, these CBD wellness benefits can help enhance your sensual mood and lead to more relaxed moments of intimacy. 

CBD Gummies vs. CBD Tinctures

Compared to other CBD products, CBD gummies have inherent benefits, making them go-to products for many adults. However, other popular products, like CBD tinctures, can offer similar effects with their own natural benefits.

CBD tinctures are enjoyed sublingually. This is when you put the cannabinoid-rich oil under your tongue and keep it there for a minute. Over this time, the cells in your mouth filter the cannabinoids into your bloodstream, engaging your endocannabinoid receptors and promoting CBD’s host of wellness benefits. This process happens quicker than edibles—typically in a matter of 15 to 30 minutes. So, you feel the effects of a tincture faster.

But, because CBD gummies process through your digestive system, they can create longer-lasting, more sustained CBD benefits. Typically, a gummy takes around thirty minutes to two hours to absorb into the body, and its effects can last around six to eight hours. But, it’s essential to note, this timeline depends on your body composition and other bioavailability factors. 

How to Dose CBD

If you’re new to CBD, knowing your optimal dose is important. Typically, a standard dose of CBD falls between 25 and 50 milligrams. This is a great dose for beginners. For your first time enjoying CBD gummies, stick with the recommended dose on the product’s packaging. If you need to adjust your CBD dosage, take more only after you’ve felt the full effects from the first dose. Although CBD is non-psychoactive, taking a second serving right away might unnecessarily waste your product. 

If the recommended CBD dose feels a little too strong your first time, split the serving in half and take that smaller dose next time. 

Pros & Cons of CBD Gummies for Sexual Situations

As we mentioned before, CBD gummies plus sex might feel like a peculiar combination. But this sensual duo carries a list of pros—with one notable con.  


  • Relaxing, mood-boosting benefits
  • Sex-specific formulas for him and her
  • Easy to take


  • Takes thirty minutes to two hours to set in, so plan your sexy time accordingly

Other Popular CBD Hemp Products for Sex

CBD can lead to a number of wellness benefits, whether in your daily life or moments of intimacy. While many adults rely on CBD gummies for sex, many other CBD products can also boost mood and relaxation in the bedroom. 

So, shop our full collection of CBD for sex products to find the one that best fits your needs—and your partner’s!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are CBD gummies good for sex?

CBD gummies contain hemp-derived compounds that can promote relaxation, a full-body sense of calm, and other wellness benefits, which can help in moments of intimacy.

Do CBD gummies work for sex?

CBD gummies can promote relaxation and enhance mood, two key factors for a healthy sex life.

What is the best CBD gummy for sex?

Some brands make CBD gummies with other natural ingredients, like maca root, tongkat ali, and horny goat weed, to promote desire and enhance intimacy in the bedroom. If you’re interested in CBD gummies for sex, look for ones with these or similar ingredients.


Where can I buy CBD gummies for sex?

While you can shop for CBD gummies in person, buying from a trusted CBD retailer, like CBD.co, lets you browse a wider collection of best-selling CBD brands from the comfort of your home. Plus, we ship CBD gummies directly to your door!


Is CBD good for sex?

CBD can promote a number of wellness benefits that may help boost relaxation and mood, which are necessary for a healthy sex life.