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Delivering a world of flavor with every product, Kush Burst crafts gourmet gummies, powerful vapes, legal THC pre-rolls, and more. If you like your delta products to be delicious and dank, this high-quality brand is for you!

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Why Buy Kush Burst at CBD.co?

Choosing recreational cannabinoid products can be a bit challenging, especially with the variety of brands and items available. You can shop with confidence when you shop from CBD.co, as all of our products are meticulously hand-selected and thoroughly vetted. So, it’s no surprise that CBD.co has the most exciting selection of best-selling Kush Burst products for you to shop!

Best-Selling Cannabinoid Blends

Kush Burst has set the standard for other top hemp brands with their careful cultivation and expert extraction methods. Their commitment to crafting high-quality products starts on day one of their hemp cultivation with careful attention given to the planting and harvesting process. Unfortunately, not all brands are created equally and some brands go the cheap route when crafting their hemp goods, resulting in subpar, unreliable, and potentially harmful products.

Thankfully, Kush Burst expertly creates their products and values the customer experience above a quick profit. In the interest of transparency and safety, this trustworthy brand always publishes their third-party lab reports for customers to review.

Exclusive Discounts

When you shop for Kush Burst products on CBD.co, you’ll get exclusive access to sales, discounts, promotions, rewards, and more.

All-in-One Legal THC Retailer

Whether you’re looking for delta 8 gummies, CBD flower, or magic mushrooms, CBD.co has you covered! We provide one of the most versatile selections of the best brands of cannabinoid goods in the world.

Who Is Kush Burst?

Kush Burst is a legendary brand in the hemp industry, beloved for their powerful and delicious products. With careful cultivation and creative flavor combinations, Kush Burst is committed to providing customers an effective, reliable, and enjoyable recreational experience.

Are you new to cannabinoids? Here’s a quick rundown on some of the popular cannabinoids used in Kush Burst’s formulations so you can find your ideal item!


Tetrahydrocannabinol, also referred to as delta 9 THC, is a psychotropic compound that’s generally used for recreational purposes. Fellow cannabinoid, CBD, is very different from THC as it is non-psychoactive and used for its expansive wellness benefits. If you’re looking for natural support for falling asleep, relaxing, and dealing with minor aches and pains, CBD is the cannabinoid for you. If you’re looking to unwind and experience a buzzy cerebral effect, you’ll want to try legal THC products.

Delta 8

Another fun cannabinoid legally derived from hemp is delta 8 THC. Delta 8 (D8) is similar to delta 9 THC in that it produces psychotropic effects when smoked or ingested. That being said, many customers feel that delta 8 elicits a milder experience compared to traditional THC. It’s impossible to say what your exact experience with D8 will be as everyone experiences cannabinoids differently, depending on their own personal body chemistry.

Delta 9

When people think about recreational cannabis, they generally associate it with the delta 9 compound. Delta 9 THC is famous for its uplifting and euphoric effects. D9 THC is often combined with other cannabinoids for a potent and powerful recreational product.


To put it simply, HHC is THC with two extra hydrogen molecules. Similar to D8, this cannabinoid, synthesized from the hemp plant, will definitely deliver the mind-altering experience associated with recreational THC products.


THCP is a potent cannabinoid found in hemp and legally synthesized for a powerful recreational experience. This powerful compound’s molecular structure allows it to bind even more strongly to your body’s receptors than your traditional D9 THC.

Product Details

Every product from Kush Burst is carefully made with clean and organic ingredients. Here’s a helpful chart to break down key details of their potent products.


Types of Products Featured Cannabinoids CBDPrice Range
Vapes Delta 9, THC-P, THC-X, HHC-P $29.99
Gummies Delta 8, Delta 9, THC-P, THC-X, HHC-P $19.99-24.99
Prerolls Delta 8, Delta 9, THC-A, THC-P, THC-X, HHC-P $21.99

Potent Gummies

Want to experience recreational cannabinoids deliciously? Try gummies! These scrumptious squares pack a punch and provide a longer experience than when you smoke cannabinoids with vapes. Kush Burst is the king of the cannabinoid gummy with a variety of flavors and formulations for you to try!

Ready to get wild with watermelon? Pop one of their Watermelon Burst Super Knockout Blend Gummies to experience D9, THCP, THC X, HHC and D8 all in one bite. If you love the idea of a watermelon flavored gummy but want to enjoy a blend of D9, D8 and THC-P, try their Super Delta 9 Blend Gummies. Like tropical sunshine in a bottle, their OMG Orange Mango Guava Dela 8 Gummies is a mouthwatering way to enjoy the effects of D8 and give your brain a vacation.

Edibles vs. Vape Products

Prefer to vape your favorite cannabinoids? Kush Burst has plenty of vapes for you to enjoy! People often look to vapes over edibles because they are calorie-free and deliver the effects of recreational cannabinoids quicker than with gummies which need to be digested. Ready to puff away with Kush Burst? Read below to see if any of these popular disposables pique your interest!

Relax on your night off with a few puffs from their THC-packed Animal Cookies Super Knockout Blend Vape Pen. If you are looking for disposables with a similar cannabinoid blend (D9, THCP, THCX, HHC-P and D8), chill out with their Blue Fire Super Knockout Blend Vape Pen. Enjoy your disposables on the galactic side? Experience the celestial cerebral effects of their Space Octane Super Knockout Blend Vape Pen.

How to Use These Items

The instructions for these potent products are easy-to-follow! Read below for a little hemp help with these popular items!

Vape Pens

New to disposables? No problem! Vapes are very easy to use. Just press down on the pen’s power button, allowing the liquid from the cartridge to heat up, and then you just pull from the pen. Customers often ask us how long they should hold in their inhalation from the pen, but the answer to that question is totally up to you. The longer you hold in the pen’s vapor, the longer it has to absorb into your body, and the more powerful the effects. Start slowly if you are new to vapes, and always make sure you prioritize your comfort level when it comes to using a new product.


Not in the mood to deal with changing out cartridges? Keep it simple and go back to the basics with prerolls packed with flower! Blast off with their Jet Fuel Sauce Signature THC Prerolls. These hemp cigarettes are packed with THCA, D8, D9, THCP, HHC-P infused flower and are another great grab-and-go item to consider. Smoking a hemp flower preroll is exactly like smoking a tobacco cigarette. If you need an ashtray or lighter to complete your smoking experience, we have that too!

Gummies & Other Edibles

We always recommend starting with less than the suggested amount when it comes to enjoying new gummies, especially when discussing potent brands like Kush Burst that use super powerful cannabinoid blends. With that in mind, just pop a smaller serving of gummies into your mouth and swallow, and you should start to feel the effects of the gummies within 30 minutes to two hours, depending on your own personal body chemistry.

Is Kush Burst Right for You?

Kush Burst is one of the coolest cannabinoid brands on the market, with powerful formulations and fantastic flavors. If you’re interested in well-crafted, delicious and powerful cannabinoid products, Kush Burst is the brand for you!

In only a few short years, Kush Burst has gained a devoted and passionate following for their gourmet-level creations. If you’re a lover of gummies, prerolls, and vapes, you’ll be a fan of Kush Burst.

Shopping Other Best-Selling Brands

Want to compare delectable gummies from Kush Burst with gummies from other brands? Shop our top-tier collection of THC gummies and have your order shipped directly to your door!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kush Burst safe?

Items from Kush Burst are generally a safe and enjoyable way to enjoy recreational cannabinoids. Just make sure you buy your products from a trustworthy retailer like CBD.co, and start with less than the recommended serving of gummies and edibles to play it safe. As cannabinoids can interact with some medications, please consult with your physician if you’re taking any prescriptions before enjoying Kush Burst products.

How long do the effects of delta 9 THC gummies last?

Generally speaking, the effects of cannabinoid gummies can last anywhere from six to eight hours, depending on your individual bioavailability. It is important to remember when enjoying gummies that it may take 30 minutes to two hours after ingesting it to feel the effects, so start slowly with your gummies and be patient.

Why are disposables so popular?

Disposables are popular for their tasty flavors, ease of use, affordability, and discreet design. These portable vapes are an excellent, no-mess way to enjoy your favorite cannabinoids.

Is Kush Bust affordable?

Yes! Kush Burst is a wallet-friendly, high-value cannabinoid brand. At CBD.co, you can compare brands, products and prices to make sure you find the right product for you!