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Why Buy Rolling Trays at

The search for the best rolling tray may take you to a local smoke shop, a popular brand’s website, or another CBD retailer. While there are many places to shop for rolling trays, gives you a list of exclusive benefits.

Premium Selection of Rolling Trays

If you’ve shopped for rolling trays in the past, you’ll know that not all rolling trays are made with the same quality or materials. While some rolling trays are crafted with heavy-duty materials, others use cheaper, flimsy material that refuses to stay flat, making your rolling efforts much more difficult. At, we only carry high-quality, durable rolling trays made with hard plastics and robust metals, like tin and aluminum.

All Your Smoking Essentials

Rolling trays might sit at the top of your online shopping cart, but they probably aren’t alone. You might also be in dire need of a restock on rolling papers, pre rolled cones, hemp wraps, and more. At, we carry a wide variety of weed accessories to fit any need and smoking preference. So, you can shop for much more than just rolling trays.

Exclusive Discounts

Also, when you shop at, you can save more on all your smoking essentials! Just use code CBDCO to save 15% on orders $49+!

Best-Selling Brands

The first step to finding the best rolling tray for your stash is to filter your search by brands. Many brands make high-quality smoking accessories, focusing on each manufacturing process phase with heightened care and attention. But some companies don’t take these extra precautions and debut shoddy, unreliable smoking accessories. So, shopping from trusted, top brands, like TRĒ House and Zig Zag, is essential.

TRĒ House

TRĒ House is perhaps best known for their alternative cannabinoid products, including a diverse collection of potent THC vapes and delicious THC gummies. But recently, TRĒ House has started producing high-quality smoking accessories, including rolling papers, cones, herb grinders, and, yes, rolling trays. TRĒ House has three different-sized rolling trays. Their metal rolling trays have high edges with rounded corners to keep your flower from spilling over. Each rolling tray comes with TRĒ House’s distinct brand design, making it a centerpiece on any coffee table, or wherever you keep your stash.

Zig Zag

As one of the most popular rolling paper brands on the market, Zig Zag’s paper products are expertly made and, being over a hundred years old, the brand is trusted by smokers in every generation. They bring this same level of attention and care to their rolling tray. Their Small Black Rolling Tray is crafted with thick tin, has a smooth, glossy surface, and fits comfortably in your lap. The edges of this rolling tray are high with rounded corners, like TRĒ House’s rolling trays. These high edges help keep your flower contained in one place.

Price Comparison of Popular Rolling Trays

Here’s a helpful chart to better understand the differences between these rolling trays.

Brand Sizes Materials Price per rolling tray
TRĒ House Small (7.1″ x 5.5″), medium (8.1″ x 4.1″), large (10.8″ x 6.9″) Durable, heavy metal $10.00, $15.00 & $20.00
Zig Zag Small (10.75” x 6.5”) Thick tin $7.99

What Is a Rolling Tray?

Experienced joint rollers will say you can make a rolling tray out of anything. A piece of cardboard. A sheet of paper. Or maybe they even suggest you free-hand it and roll without anything catching your falling flower scraps. All of these options, regardless of your rolling skills, often lead to headaches and a flimsy, ill-packed joint. Instead, start your rolling session by laying all your accouterment on your rolling tray. A rolling tray holds your papers, cones, grinder, buds, and more. Also, a rolling tray keeps all your ground flower conveniently in one place, so you don’t have to painstakingly pick pieces of bud out of your carpet.   Also, most rolling trays are painted with various colors or designs, making them a decorative feature in your stash of smoking accessories.

Rolling With a Rolling Tray

So, how do you use a rolling tray? Do you need to have it on a flat surface? Which size rolling tray should you pick? There may be a ton of questions regarding the use or choice of rolling trays. We’re here to help.   First, let’s start with the size of your rolling tray. The size that’s right for you will depend on how much space you have to work with. If you have more space for your rolling endeavors, a larger tray might be best, especially since bigger trays are a great way to store your smoking accessories. If you have more confined space, smaller trays are perfect to place on your lap for a quick, discreet roll.   Once you’ve picked your preferred tray, get all your accessories in one place—that means your papers, cones, wraps, grinder, and flower. Break up your flower in the grinder and shake the ground buds onto the rolling tray. The high edges and round corners on the rolling tray will help keep all the ground buds off your floor or lap. Next, if you’re rolling with papers, use the rolling tray’s flat surface to your advantage. Don’t be afraid of spilling the buds while you roll. The rolling tray will catch what you drop. Also, if you’re packing a cone, keep the filtered end flush with the rolling tray for a more compact, even roll.

Other Smoking Accessories

In addition to a rolling tray, you might also need some of the other smoking accessories we mentioned. Luckily, we carry all the essentials to make your rolling experience simple, fun, and fast, so you can get to the good stuff faster!

Rolling Papers

In terms of rolling essentials, rolling papers go hand-in-hand with a rolling tray. Rolling papers are thin, yet durable single sheets of cigarette paper. Companies make rolling papers with natural fibers, like hemp or bamboo. Rolling paper takes some time to finesse, so it’s not the easiest paper product for beginners. If you don’t know how to roll with rolling papers, consider using pre rolled cones.

Pre Rolled Cones

Pre rolled cones have a filter on one end and an opening on the other. Cones use the same rolling paper found in booklets of single-sheet rolling paper, but the paper on cones has already been crafted and set. Sprinkle your ground bud in the cone’s opening and gently pack the bud with the product’s packing straw. Don’t pack it too tight, because you’ll still want air to pass through. Once you’ve packed the cone, twist the paper at the top. This will help keep the cone from spilling.

Herb Grinders

To grind your CBD flower of choice, you use an herb grinder. Frankly, these look like medieval torture devices. But, they are excellent at grinding your flower into usable buds for joints and pre rolled cones. Most herb grinders are made of durable metal and a magnetic lid. Place your raw hemp bud in the top and twist the top and bottom in opposite directions. The blades in the grinder break the buds up, making them into finely ground hemp. Take the ground hemp from the grinder, pour it out onto your rolling tray, and commence your preparation for a good, old-fashioned smoke.

Hemp Wraps

Hemp wraps are often seen as a healthier alternative to your classic blunt, as they don’t contain tobacco’s harsh and addictive chemicals. To use a hemp wrap, spread the wrap flat on your rolling tray and sprinkle your ground flower down the center, creating a blossoming green spine. Then, roll the wrap like you would a single-sheet rolling paper.

Pros & Cons of a Rolling Tray

Using a rolling tray has a ton of pros and not many cons. Still, knowing what these are before you purchase a rolling tray can help make for a better-informed purchase.


  • Flat surface
  • Makes rolling joints easier 
  • Used as a place to store all smoking accessories
  • Comes in unique, sleek designs
  • Prevents spillage
  • Affordable 
  • Made with thick tin, plastic, or aluminum
  • Many sizes to choose from


  • Limited options available

Find the Perfect Rolling Trays & More!

Finding the best rolling tray for your stash is a big deal. While other smoking accessories are only in your stash for a finite amount of time, a rolling tray is kept for years, frequently becoming the centerpiece of your smoking accessories. So, choosing the right one is important. Luckily, we have a few rolling trays to choose from, all from brands our customers know and trust!   Shop all your essential smoking accessories, find your favorite products, and score 15% off orders $49+ with code CBDCO!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rolling tray?

A rolling tray is a flat, smooth tray used for rolling joints, stuffing cones, or storing smoking accessories. A rolling tray comes in many different sizes and can be made from a wide range of materials. But, when shopping for your rolling tray, make sure the one you choose is made with long-lasting metal, strong plastic, or robust bamboo. These materials make a rolling tray heftier and more durable.

How to make a rolling tray?

Many claim you make a rolling tray out of just about anything. Cardboard. A sheet of paper. Your shirt. But, and experienced smokers can attest to this, nothing beats an actual rolling tray—one that’s made from heavy tin or aluminum. So, don’t just fashion a rolling tray out of whatever you have in your house. Find one from a reliable, reputable brand.

How to clean a rolling tray?

Keeping your rolling tray clean is important. The resin from your cannabis buds can leave sticky areas on your rolling tray. These resin spots can foil your rolling endeavors by making your papers annoyingly sticky. You can clean this resin off with warm, soapy water. Gently scrub the tray with a sponge, but don’t press too hard. You don’t want to scratch the surface and potentially ruin the rolling tray’s design.