Toker Poker

As a convenient attachment to any Bic lighter, the Toker Poker is an all-in-one smoking tool perfect for unclogging, packing, tamping, and cleaning those hard-to-reach places in any smoking accessory!

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What Is a Toker Poker?

As any experienced smoker can attest, there are a number of things to clean and improve a smoking accessory. You can maneuver both ends of a ball-point pen to pack down flower and scoop ash out with random sticks and toothpicks. But these methods may damage your accessory and derail your smoking session. A Toker Poker works better than anything else. This product’s sleek design lets you carry it on the go, whether to a campsite, a music festival, or the beach—wherever your smoke sessions occur.


A toker poker is a lighter-sized case that slips onto any standard Bic lighter. These cases don a unique etched-out design and fun colors like Army, Black, Carolina, Magenta, and Yellow. On one side, the Toker Poker has a fold-in stainless steel poker. This slim metal rod extends from the tool and lets you clean out hard-to-reach places in your smoking accessory. Plus, because the Toker Poker is portable, you can also keep your smoking accessories clean wherever you go!


On the other side of the device is a stainless steel hammer. This little compact hammer tamps down the embers in your smoking accessories, letting you enjoy your session to the fullest.

How To Use a Toker Poker

Using a Toker Poker is simple. First, take your standard Bic lighter and remove any plastic wrap off the outside. Any additional casing on the lighter may make for an awkward fit. Next, after your lighter is snug in this case, you can prepare your smoking accessories with the stainless steel poker. Extend the poker out and clean out divots in your glass hardware, the remanets from past sessions. Then, after your smoke session has commenced, you can tamp down the lit embers with the Toker’s other side, the stainless steel hammer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Toker Poker fit all lighters?

This device only fits standard-sized Bic lighters.

Can you use a Toker Poker on glass?

A Toker Poker is engineered to help clean and scrape off the funky residue found on glass pieces. But, as with any quartz piece, you need to clean gently.

Why isn’t my Toker Poker fitting my lighter?

If your Toker Poker isn’t fitting your Bic lighter, make sure there’s no additional plastic wrap around the lighter. Some Bic lighters have a cover around them with a fun design. You’ll need to remove this cover before slipping the lighter into the Toker Poker case.