Smoking Accessory – Toker Poker 2.0 for Bic Lighters – By Toker Poker

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Toker Poker 2.0 for Bic Lighters – By Toker Poker

The Toker Poker 2.0 is completely re-engineered with new metal components, better lighter fit and new colorways! This necessary accessory turns your Bic Lighter into an all-inclusive, camping & survival, multi-tool. It’s small enough to put in any pocket or purse and will quickly turn into your favorite tool!

The Fold-in Stainless Steel POKER is for unclogging those hard to reach places you seem to come across during adventures like: camping, music festivals, before good movies, before bad movies, waking up in the morning, after putting the kids to bed at night, and you know, only sometimes at work. There are thousands of uses for this handy little device – from resetting your cable box to separating your eyelashes, this beast does it all!

The Built-in Stainless-Steel TAMPER/HAMMER keeps things packed down tight allowing your little mini-campfires to keep an ember. The tamper is here to do the dirty work and will go where your fingers shouldn’t. She is the unsung hero and it won’t take long for you to figure out why.

The Toker Poker is crafted for seamless functionality with your Bic Lighter. To ensure a smooth experience, they recommend removing any wraps or covers from your lighter before inserting it into the Toker Poker.

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