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Whether you’re new to the world of cannabis or a seasoned veteran, the number of options can feel overwhelming. You want to enjoy the classic elevated feeling that comes along with cannabis, you go to find one online, and there’s just an untold number of products, types of products, brands, cannabinoids, formulas, strengths, flavors, strains…need I say more?

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, we truly are in the golden age of cannabis. So, why not take full advantage of our times and enjoy one of the best new cannabis products on the market: THC-P!

Formulated with one of the newest cannabinoids to hit the scene, THC-P offer a unique euphoric experience––one that many claims are much stronger than your standard delta 9 THC (more on that soon).

In general, THC-P products have become a mainstay in the cannabis industry. They offer simple, quick access to feel cannabis’s full effects. But are they right for you? And is THC-P the next step in your journey through the world of cannabis?

At, we’ve curated our collection of products with you in mind. So, let’s find the best one for you!

What is THC-P?

Tetrahydrocannabiphorol, THC-P,  is one of the more rather complex cannabinoids on the market. Cannabinoids are hemp-derived compounds. The two most popular ones are THC and CBD.

The difference between your regular THC and THC-P is important to note.

Before discovering THC-P, Italian researchers thought THC had the longest alkyl side chain with five atoms. These side chains bind with the receptors in your body’s endocannabinoid system––the more receptors engaged at any given time, the stronger the euphoria.

When they uncovered THC-P, these scientists found that it had an alkyl side chain of seven atoms, engaging almost twice as many receptors as THC. This makes THC-P significantly more potent than THC. But since there is much less THC-P in cannabis strains than THC, its effects are less noticeable.

What is a THC-P Vape Pen?

For those inexperienced with vapes, let’s dissect what a vape pen is and later look at how to use it. After the cultivation process, the canna chemists have a THC-P-rich oil. They then mix this oil with differing amounts of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG).

These are two liquids found in every vape product. PG provides most of the flavor and a pretty strong throat hit. On the other hand, VG is responsible for making the vapor.

Cultivators take this vape juice and pour it into THC-P disposable vape pens. These are pocket-sized vaporizers that offer quick, discreet puffs of cannabinoid-rich vapor. Many brands make their vapes rechargeable, so you can enjoy the pen to its fullest.

THC-P Vapes vs. THC-P Edibles

When you’re looking into THC-P products, you’ll come across THC-P edibles. These offer a tasty, chewy alternative to vapes, giving you a reliably fruity option to enjoy this psychedelic cannabinoid.

Now, to understand the difference between the two, we need to look at how the body processes both. When you inhale cannabinoids, they filter through your lungs, enter your bloodstream, and interact with your endocannabinoid receptors, inciting the cannabinoid’s patented effects. All of this happens in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

Conversely, edibles pass through your digestive tract before entering your bloodstream. This trek takes much longer, sometimes as long as two to three hours, to incite effects. But because it takes longer, you feel the effects from an edible for a more prolonged period of time. Whereas effects from a vape last around an hour, effects from an edible can stick around for up to five hours.

Pros and Cons of THC-P

Just like other cannabis products, THC-P vapes come with their own set of pros and cons. Let’s see what they are before purchasing your own THC-P vape.


  • Streamlined approach. As mentioned earlier, THC-P vapes offer quicker effects than other cannabis products.
  • Variety of strains and flavors. You have so many options to choose from! There are also so many crowd favorite strains.
  • Rechargeable. Many brands keep the good times going by making their THC-P vape pens rechargeable.
  • Discreet. THC-P gummies and vapes let you discreetly enjoy the effects of cannabis on the go!


  • THC-P is potent. Be honest with yourself and where your tolerance is at––there’s a reason they say THC-P is significantly stronger than THC.

The Best THC-P

If you’ve never shopped for a cannabis product, you might not know the first step is always to find the best brand. Because there are so many different brands out there, finding the ones you trust is critical to getting the most out of THC-P vapes.

TRĒ House

Perhaps the most famous brand for novel cannabinoids, TRĒ House is a titan in the hemp marketplace. Their vape, gummies, cookies, and syrups are decadent, delicious, and divine. While they don’t have vapes with 100% THC-P, they add the spiritual cannabinoid to almost all of their disposable vape pens. Check out their collection above!

Astro Eight

Astro Eight is another well-known brand in the hemp space. Their vapes offer a controlled, even experience perfect for a morning, noon, or night sesh. Check out Astro Eight’s collection of THC-P vapes above!


One of the newer brands on the market, Happi is known for their stylish, sleek vape pens that offer a one-of-a-kind experience. Their pens also taste great. Check them out if you’re looking for a reliable THC-P experience!

THC-P Reviews

Before buying THC-P, you might be curious as to what other customers have to say. Reading the reviews on each product can give you a more universal understanding of what you can expect from that particular product.

Overall, customers reported that THC-P products are stronger than they expected. Also, they say they enjoy it when other cannabinoids like delta 8 THC and delta 10 THC. They seem to agree that these additional cannabinoids offer a more rounded experience.

But, as with every other type of cannabis product, you’ll only know if THC-P is for you once you give them a try!

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