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Whether you’re new to the world of cannabis products or are a seasoned veteran of the ganja, delta 9 vapes are in your future. They’re delicious, dank, and divine, making them the crown jewel on many users’ top shelves. They’re an easy go-to for those self-proclaimed Vape Gods and those who need a break from edibles––or maybe just a quick pause from the status quo. One puff, and you’re on your way to enjoying all that the cannabis plant has to offer. Two puffs and it’s smooth sailing ahead, my friend. But what do delta 9 vapes do, and (most importantly) are delta 9 vapes right for you?

With the ever-expanding world of infused cannabis products, finding the best one for you can feel a little overwhelming. There are just so many companies out there––and even more products. So, we’ve curated a collection of delta 9 vapes for any level of user with any level of tolerance. Our products range in potencies, effects, and tastes. So, which one is right for you? Let’s find out.

What is Delta 9?

Without getting too lost in the weeds (pun intended), we need to dive into what delta 9 is, what it does, and how companies utilize it in their vapes. Hang in there; it might get a little science-y, but I promise, there’s a pay-off at the end: enjoying delicious D9 vapes with some newfound expert knowledge!

When you imagine cannabis, weed, ganja, or the Devil’s Lettuce, you no doubt picture red eyes, infectious giggles, and an insatiable appetite. The classic “high.” This is the work of our friend, delta 9, the most prevalent molecule on THC’s molecular chain. THC is a compound native to cannabis plants, known for its euphoric, psychoactive effects on the brain and central nervous system. These compounds are cannabinoids. Compared to its popular therapeutic cannabinoid cousin, CBD, THC is great for heightening creativity, increasing relaxation, and triggering “the munchies.” Since the delta 9 molecule is the most prevalent on the THC molecular chain, it’s become almost synonymous with this cannabinoid. So, when we talk about THC, more likely than not, we’re discussing delta 9––and vice versa.

Now, not all “cannabis plants” are created equal. Their differences lie in how much delta 9 THC they possess. Think of “cannabis” as an umbrella term that includes hemp and marijuana plants. Both are “cannabis plants,” but both have wildly different THC levels. Marijuana can have upwards of 30% THC, while legal hemp has been federally regulated to a maximum of 0.3%. Big difference, right? All of our delta 9 products are hemp-derived, meaning they align with these federal guidelines.

What are Delta 9 Vapes?

When companies cultivate their hemp products, they extract the necessary compounds and strip away unneeded plant matter. These compounds include a whole host of cannabinoids like THC, CBD, and CBG, plus the plant’s native terpenes and flavonoids––compounds responsible for the plant’s unique aromatics. Here, we are left with a cannabinoid-rich, honey-hued oil. This oil contains the same 0.3% delta 9 as the original plant and the plant’s other organic compounds.

From here, companies add different amounts of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG). PG carries most of the flavor while providing a solid throat hit. VG delivers most of the vapor. Now, this oil has transformed into vape juice, ready to enjoy in any D9 vape pen!

Because the decimal levels of hemp-derived THC might not be enough to get users feeling elevated, companies like TRĒ House add in other psychoactive cannabinoids like HHC, THC-O, and Delta 8 (another molecule on THC’s molecular chain.)

How to Use Delta 9 Vapes

The beginners amongst us might not know how to use a delta 9 vape pen. Trust me; there’s no shame in that! We’ve got you covered. First, after unboxing your vape device, make sure it’s fully charged. Some disposables are rechargeable. CBDfx and TRĒ House both manufacture their pens this way––and yes, we carry both brands at!

After you’ve confirmed that your vape’s charged and ready for your sesh, take a light pull off the mouthpiece. You should taste the vapor in your mouth and feel it filter into your lungs. Wait a couple of seconds, if not minutes, to feel the effects. Take another pull once you’ve gotten used to the effects from the first hit. Repeat this process and take the vape on the go! It really does help you maintain good vibes wherever your day takes you.

Delta 9 Vapes vs. Delta 9 Carts

All the vapers who’ve made it this far have to wonder, “Well, what about D9 carts?” For the uninitiated few, carts (slang for cartridges) are slender glass tubes filled with delta 9-rich vape juice. These screw onto lithium vape batteries that heat and vaporize the juice, which you then inhale through the cart’s mouthpiece. The apparent difference between pens and carts is that pens come in an all-in-one device, whereas carts need an attached battery to function. But the contents of both are the same, as are the vape juices. So, you can get the same enjoyment from either one.

Pros and Cons of D9 Vapes

Like all other hemp products, D9 vapes come with their own unique pros and cons. These might help in your buying decision!


  • Streamlined effects. Vapes provide D9’s patented effects quicker than other products like drinks, edibles, and tinctures.
  • Wide variety. There are many different strains, flavors, and types of D9 vapes. You can choose vapes that elicit minimal (if any) cerebral effects or others that use a litany of psychoactive cannabinoids to create a sense of euphoria.
  • Extremely portable. D9 vapes let you take the good times on the go!


  • Vaping isn’t for all. Many might not be fans of the iconic throat hit or the feelings of their lungs filling with vapor. If that sounds like you, consider D9 edibles!

The Best Delta 9 Vapes

When buying your first delta 9 vapes, start with finding the right brand. Here are three titans of the hemp marketplace!

TRĒ House

TRĒ House is known for incorporating an array of psychoactive, legal cannabinoids into their products, like D8, D10, and THC-O; their D9 vapes are no different! Shop their collection of vapes to find the one that speaks to you on your journeys through the wild world of weed.


CBDfx is tamer than TRĒ House, creating full spectrum vapes that tout only a legal amount of delta 9 THC––0.3% to be exact––and no accompanying psychoactive cannabinoids. These are perfect for finding your daily chill or nighttime calm. Check them out if you love enjoying a CBD-heavy therapeutic experience.

Two Hawk Hemp

As a newcomer to the industry, Two Hawk Hemp has exploded onto the scene with a line of delta-infused vapes. This company is perfect for users of all pedigrees, tastes, and tolerances. Feel free to enjoy their products morning, noon, or night!

Delta 9 THC Vape Customer Reviews

Before you click ORDER, you might want to hear some customer reviews. While most users’ experiences vary, a majority agree that hemp-derived D9 vapes are vastly less intoxicating than their marijuana-derived counterparts. As we mentioned, companies like TRĒ House add other legal, psychoactive cannabinoids to their products to make you feel elevated, faded, and lifted. Those who enjoy D9 vapes from companies like CBDfx, a company that doesn’t add other cannabinoids to their oil, say they feel the range of therapeutic benefits from this full spectrum vape juice. So, the choice is yours––and D9 vapes allow you to choose your own experience!

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Everything bagel

This is the vape pen equivalent of an everything bagel.

D8:D9:D10:THCO Wedding Cake Vape Pen Disposable - 2 Grams - By TRE House

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Purple is mighty tasty!

Besides the super taste, the calming effects are top notch, shipping was fast & discreet. Yes, I will buy again. Next up, I’m ordering the Mint.

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