Mushroom Syrup

Mushroom syrups offer a wide range of benefits, from nootropic to adaptogenic and euphoric—each one boasting a delicious, taste-bud-satisfying flavor!

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What Are Mushroom Syrups?

Yes, you read that right. Mushroom-infused syrups. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? What are mushroom syrups, you ask? Mushroom syrups are viscous, mushroom-infused liquids that mix easily with water, sparkling water, or your favorite soda, creating a range of effects and benefits. Syrups with functional mushrooms deliver cognitive benefits or deepen relaxation, while syrups with magic mushrooms create a synergistic swirl of tantalizing euphoric effects (even stronger than your favorite THC syrups!).

How to Use a Mushroom Syrup?

For your first time enjoying mushroom syrup, you might need some guidance—especially if you don’t know how to use mushroom syrup. You can enjoy mushroom syrups one of two ways: sip it or drink it straight up.


  • Measure out a recommended serving
  • Choose your favorite beverage
  • Mix syrup into your beverage
  • Sip away
  • Enjoy the effects gradually set in

Straight Up:

  • Measure out a recommended serving
  • Drink the serving size of syrup; no additional drink required
  • Wait a couple of hours to feel effects peak
  • Take a second or stronger serving to enhance your experience

Top-Selling Brands & Products

Finding the right mushroom syrup starts with finding the right brand. Thankfully, we’ve done that hard work for you.

TRĒ House

TRĒ House is popular for their excellent collection of magic mushroom products—products that have solidified them as a leader in the legal mushroom space. From mushroom vapes to mushroom gummies and mushroom chocolate bars, TRĒ House carries a ton of high-quality, third-party-tested products—all of which are rising to the top of our best-seller list. And now, TRĒ House mushroom syrups are their next latest, greatest mushroom masterpiece! Choose from two delicious, mind-melting flavors and float away into mushroom syrup euphoria.

Breakdown of Best-Selling Mushroom Syrups

Here is a breakdown of some best-selling mushroom syrups!

Brand Flavors Milligrams per bottle Price
TRĒ House Galaxy Grape & Strawberry Gelato 1150mg $xx.xx

Why Buy Mushroom Syrups From

We’ve carefully curated our collection of mushroom products, opting for only the best brands on the market. All the brands we carry publish their third-party lab test: the mark of a reliable, trustworthy company. Also, shop at and enjoy discounts, exclusive sales, and promotions—all while earning Rewards Points with every purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are mushroom syrups?

Mushroom syrups are viscous, mushroom-infused liquids with nootropic, adaptogenic, or euphoric effects. Companies craft these syrups with delicious fruit tastes to mask any funky fungi flavors.

How do you make mushroom syrups?

Oh, look what we have here: a little fungi forager. I hope you know the subtle differences between 14,000 species of mushrooms; some are nootropic, some are adaptogenic, some are psychoactive, and some are toxic. Sounds like a lot of work right off the bat, doesn’t it? When in doubt, trust the mushroom masters. You can find all the best mushroom brands right here at!

How do you use a mushroom syrup?

You can sip mushroom syrup by adding it to your preferred beverage. It pairs nicely with water, sparkling water, or your favorite soda. Or, you can drink the syrup straight.

Do these mushroom syrups contain psilocybin?

These mushroom syrups do not contain psilocybin or psilocybin mushrooms. Nor do they contain amanita muscaria mushrooms or amanita muscaria mushroom extract.

What other products have legal magic mushrooms?

Alongside magic mushroom syrups, we also carry a diverse collection of magic mushroom gummies and magic mushroom chocolate bars. These mushroom edibles contain the same legal active ingredients as magic mushroom syrups.

How much mushroom syrup do you take?

If you don’t know what the effects feel like, start with the recommended serving. Then, wait a couple of hours to feel the syrup’s full effects.

How do I store mushroom syrup?

Store mushroom syrup in a cool, dry area, away from direct sunlight. Also, keep it out of reach of pets and children.

Where to buy mushroom syrups?

Don’t buy mushroom syrups from sketchy sources! You can find the latest mushroom syrups from premier brands right here at

Are these mushroom syrups legal?

These syrups contain nootropics, adaptogens, and a proprietary blend of mushroom extracts.