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THC Drink

For thousands of years, mankind has turned to hemp and cannabis plants for a number of treatment options. These uses often highlight the plant’s therapeutic benefits. But, in recent years, chemists and cannabis cultivators have concocted different ways to enjoy more than just the plant’s medicinal properties. Often, these include extracting and showcasing various forms of THC––the psychoactive compound native to cannabis. By honing in on these molecules, chemists create products that incite cannabis’s iconic cerebral effects. One such way––that is increasing in popularity with every passing day––is THC drinks!

THC drinks are a novel way to enjoy all THC’s euphoric effects. Our curated collection of THC drinks is packed with deliciously fruity options from tried and true companies like TRĒ House, enjoy hemp, and Eddie––more on them below. If you’re new to THC products or interested in adding THC drinks to your cannabis rotation, has got you covered! We only offer products from companies backed by third-party ISO-certified lab reports. So, you can shop with added peace of mind. Sit back, learn a little something if you’d like, and see if THC drinks are your cup of tea!

What is a THC Drink

First, let’s learn what THC is, what it does, and how it ends up as a drink. Cannabis plants are made up of unique molecules called cannabinoids. While there are over a hundred known cannabinoids, CBD and THC are the most abundant in just about every strain. You might know of CBD’s therapeutic properties, but you should also know it doesn’t incite any of the plant’s cerebral effects––that’s all THC.

When THC enters your bloodstream, it encounters endocannabinoid receptors in your brain and spinal cord, activating the attached neuron and triggering various reactions in your neural network. Many researchers believe this is how THC causes its euphoric effects. So, to highlight THC, cultivators have engineered specific growing and harvesting techniques that yield plants high in THC. They then use various chemical processes to strip away all other plant material, leaving only the THC molecules behind. This is how they create THC oil––a honey-hued oil rich in various forms of THC. Next, they infuse this oil into various other liquids, creating a drink that soon produces psychedelic effects.

How to Use THC Drinks

Depending on which THC drink you buy, you can use it in many different ways. One popular method is just drinking it straight. Sounds a little obvious, right? But there are other THC drinks out there that are a little too concentrated to drink right out of the bottle. You should typically mix these with other drinks like sparkling water, lemonade, or really any other beverage of your choice. One reason THC drinks have grown in popularity is that people can use them to make a variety of cannabis cocktails.

THC Drinks vs. THC Syrups

When shopping for THC drinks, you might come across THC syrups. These are viscous drinkable products that tout similar cannabinoids and flavor profiles. They are a popular choice when trying to drink a dose of THC. But, compared to THC drinks, syrups are often more concentrated, meaning they’re also more potent. So, a sip or a guzzle of a syrup will more than likely elevate you more than a standard pre-mixed THC drink.

Pros and Cons of THC Drinks

Like any other THC product, THC drinks come with their own pros and cons, which may sway your decision to buy one way or the other.


  • A little more fun than an edible. Compared to edibles, THC drinks can make consuming THC more fun and customizable.
  • Draw out your experience. Unlike an edible, you can periodically return to your THC drinks over the day so that you don’t get too faded and you can maintain your desired effects.
  • Come in a variety of flavors & cannabinoids. Many THC drinks come in fruity flavors with a myriad of cannabinoids to enhance your experience.
  • Hang-over free!


  • Effects are slower than vapes. Because your body processes THC drinks through your digestive system, it can take a couple of minutes to an hour to feel its effects.

The Best THC Drinks

Now, we can’t sing all the praises of THC drinks without giving you some absolutely stellar options. When finding the best THC drinks, or any cannabis products, you should always start by buying from a trusted, reliable brand. Below are three industry titans we can’t recommend enough!

TRĒ House

As the SoCal titan of alternative cannabinoids, TRĒ House has quickly made a name for themselves in the market. Their vapes, gummies, and drinks have all topped best-sellers lists, while their unique cannabinoid profiles have won the hearts of many veteran users. Their list of THC drinks is on the rise, so be sure to keep an eye out for them on!

Enjoy Hemp

Enjoy Hemp has quietly gained a cult-like following for their potently delicious THC drinks. From Chill Pineapple to Euphoria Blue Raspberry to Zen Strawberry, Enjoy Hemp’s drinks are perfect for both newcomers and veterans. If you want to spice up your cocktail game or enjoy THC drinks in style, Enjoy Hemp has just the products for you!


Perhaps the newest addition to the world of alternative cannabinoids, Eddie is known for their delicious drinks and edibles. Their sizzurps are especially tasty while also being just strong enough to elevate you a little. These drinks are perfect for a mildly elevated feeling.

Make Your Own THC Drink

Reading about THC drinks might make you want to create your own unique THC drink. The first step is to choose a THC drink from our collection. Choose the one with an enticing flavor profile––one that’s easy to build off with other ingredients. Popular ingredients include:

  • Sparkling or tonic water
  • Fruit juices
  • Fresh fruit
  • Ciders

You can include alcoholic beverages but be weary. Mixing alcohol with THC can create a heightened experience you might not expect. Better to keep the drink non-alcoholic before you feel the THC’s effects. Then, after you’ve waited an hour or two to feel the drink’s euphoria, consider adding alcohol.

THC Drink Customer Reviews

Before buying the THC drink that caught your eye, you might be interested in learning about what other users have to say. Most agree that these drinks are a great way to feel THC’s full effects over time. They say edibles and vapes bring the effects all at once, while drinks let you stretch the moment out all morning, noon, or night.

The only downside, some say, is that guzzling the concentrated liquids isn’t always the best experience because the flavors can be too intense. They often say mixing it into other drinks betters the flavors and overall drink quality.

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If you’re looking for THC drinks, our curated list of drinks should be at the top of your list. We have all the best brands and products on the market and deliver straight to your door! So, check out our selection and secure your favorites. Our line of THC drinks will surely spice any night in or evening out!