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With their massive collection of CBD, THC, and mushroom products, Urb Finest Flowers makes some of the highest-quality, best-tasting hemp-derived gummies and vapes on the market!

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About Urb

For the past few years, Urb Finest Flowers has been a pioneer in the hemp market. From the outside, their approach appears simple: give customers a one-of-a-kind product made from careful cultivation, unique cannabinoid blends, and high-quality ingredients. But what’s at the core of Urb? What makes them different from the other long-standing and emerging hemp companies—all vying for a piece of the now billion-dollar market?


It all starts with Urb’s mission.

Their Mission

Early on, Urb’s founders committed to tailoring a brand for enthusiasts and connoisseurs, finding optimal ingredients and price points for all users. Even after their mega success, Urb has stayed steady on this mission. They pride themselves on offering unique, creative cannabinoid blends at affordable prices. They’re selective with who they work with, supporting top-tier, hardworking American farmers. Plus, they know when to take some processes in-house, like product development and gummy cultivation. Their products undergo rigorous testing, by both DARCP and third-party labs, to ensure potency and purity.

Their Story

Found as Lifted Liquids in 2015, Urb rose from humble beginnings. Nick Warrander, the founder of both brands, saw an opportunity in the market—thanks to the watershed 2018 Farm Bill. Lifted Liquids underwent a radical transformation, emerging as Lifted Made: the new home for top-tier hemp products. After expanding their modest warehouse, the brand capitalized on their growth, eventually creating Urb Finest Flowers: an award-winning brand for edibles, vapes, tinctures, and cartridges.

Their Creative Process

Product development is a key driver to Urb’s success. They use only the finest quality materials. With an expert in-house team, Urb fine tunes their products, creatively creating unique, one-of-a-kind blends that rival the best products on the market.

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Urb Gummies

If you’ve never had Urb’s top-tier products, here are three must-haves!

THC Gummies

Urb THC Gummies are routinely among our best-sellers. These potent, chewy gummies deliver an array of mind-bending effects, wrapped in fun-filled fruit flavors. They boast a unique blend of powerful cannabinoids like delta 8, delta 9, delta 10, and HHC—all to create a funky, groovy, psychotropic experience you can’t find anywhere else.

CBD Gummies

To boost your wellness, Urb CBD Gummies carry a number of healthful, wellness-enriching ingredients, like turmeric, ashwagandha, and functional mushrooms. Add these gummies to your daily wellness routine to reap the best benefits.

Urb Carts

Puff extra flavorful (and extra potent) THC vape juice with Urb Carts! These Urb vape cartridges attach to any 510-threaded vape device and carry potent THC cannabinoids with tasty, strain-specific terpenes. Just a couple of puffs and you’ll feel elated and elevated, while enjoying the delicious flavors of classic cannabis strains.

Why You Should Buy Urb at CBD.co

Our mission at CBD.co aligns with Urb’s. We want to bring you the best hemp products at the best prices. We pride ourselves on carefully curating our online selection of brands, mixing brand-name and up-and-coming CBD companies together. We strive to give you the lowest price, most accurate product details, and best shopping experience. Additionally, at CBD.co, customers can benefit from instant product comparisons, special discounts, exclusive offers, and promotions, all while accumulating Rewards Points from each transaction!

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