Launched in 2018 in beautiful Southern California, Binoid is a brand beloved for its exceptional hemp offerings. Unwilling to compromise when it comes to quality or ingredients, Binoid is a brand dedicated to providing trustworthy cannabinoid goods for customers across the US.

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Why Buy Binoid at

Shopping for cannabinoid items can be a little challenging, especially with the variety of brands and items available. When you shop from, you can trust that all of our goods are carefully hand-selected and vetted.   At, we provide an exciting curation of best-selling Binoid items for you to pick from. When you shop at, you can be sure that these popular products will be consistent and delicious.

Premium Cannabinoid Formulations

Similar to other superior hemp-based brands, Binoid implements the highest standards for their cultivation and extraction methods to produce outstanding hemp goods. This commitment to crafting high-quality products starts with giving careful attention to the planting and meticulous harvesting process. Unfortunately, not all brands adhere to these superior standards, resulting in subpar, unreliable, and potentially harmful hemp-derived products.   Products from Binoid are expertly crafted and always center the customer experience above a quick profit. In the spirit of transparency, this trustworthy hemp brand always publishes their third-party lab reports for customers to review.

Exclusive Discounts

As the top-seller of Binoid products, you’ll get first access to sales, discounts, unmatched promotions, and more when you shop for this hemp brand on our website.

All-in-One Legal THC Retailer

Whether you’re looking for delta 8 oil, THCA goods, or magic mushrooms, has you covered! We provide one of the widest selections of hemp goods and all-natural offerings in the world. If you’re looking for selections with only CBD, we carry a wide spectrum of CBD items, including CBD edibles, CBD capsules, CBD topicals, and more.

Who Is Binoid?

Binoid is an industry innovator in the world of hemp. With careful cultivation and creative formulations, Binoid is committed to providing high-quality hemp products with customer-first practices.   Providing customers an effective, reliable, and enjoyable product is the mission of this ethical hemp brand. Made in state-of-the-art facilities, their high-quality hemp goods are a favorite for even the pickiest of cannabinoid customers.   Here are some of the popular cannabinoids used in Binoid products.


THC, also referred to as delta 9 THC, is a psychoactive compound that many consumers enjoy for recreational purposes. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound sought after for its expansive wellness benefits. CBD won’t impair your motor function or alter your ability to function mentally. CBD is a great option to consider if you’re looking for natural support with falling asleep, relaxing, and dealing with minor aches and pains.

Delta 8

What is delta 8? Delta 8 THC is a compound our brands harvest from the multipurpose hemp plant. This cannabinoid is similar to delta 9 THC in that it produces psychotropic effects when ingested or smoked. That being said, many feel that delta 8 produces a milder euphoric experience compared to traditional THC. Do keep in mind that everyone experiences delta 8 differently, depending on their own personal body chemistry.


From a chemical perspective, HHC is just THC with two extra hydrogen molecules. Similar to delta 8, this cannabinoid, synthesized from hemp, will definitely deliver the mind-altering experience associated with THC products.


THCA is an abundant compound found in both the cannabis marijuana plant and cannabis hemp plant. This cannabinoid is non-psychoactive until it’s heated, which makes it a popular ingredient in THC-A cartridges, THCA pre rolls, and more!


With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, there have been so many new compounds being explored and added to recreational product formulations. One such compound is THC B, discovered in 2018 by a group of Italian scientists. This compound is found naturally in hemp and some consumers say that its mind-altering properties exceed that of delta 9 THC. Your experience with THC B will vary with your own individual body chemistry.

Product Details

Every carefully formulated product from Binoid is batch tested and made with natural ingredients. Here’s a helpful chart to break down key details of these potent hemp products.

Product Types Featured Cannabinoids Price per mg of cannabinoids
Gummies CBD, Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 THC, HHC-P & THC-P Starting at $0.06
Vapes THC-B, Delta 8 THC,THC-P, Delta 11 THC, HXY & PHC Starting at $0.02
Flower THCA Starting at $0.01

Potent Gummies

Gummies are a delectable way to experience recreational cannabinoids. These delicious little squares pack a punch and provide a longer experience than when you smoke the same cannabinoids with vapes.   If you’re interested in both the wellness properties of CBD and the uplifting experience of THC, try their hemp-derived Black Raspberry Delta 9 Full Spectrum Gummies. Love the idea of CBD and THC-infused gummies, but want more flavor variety? Check out their Delta 9 Mixed Gummies, which include gummies with flavors like Black Raspberry, Mango Madness, and Fruit Punch. Speaking of Fruit Punch, they have bottles focused on just that flavor with their Fruit Punch Delta 9 Full Spectrum Gummies. If none of those CBD and THC infused options was calling your name, perhaps Binoid Mango Madness Delta 9 Full Spectrum Gummies is more your style, with mouthwatering mango flavor in every bite.   Looking for a gummy product with delta 8? Enjoy the irresistible flavor of fresh strawberries with their potent Premium Delta 8 THC Strawberry Bliss Gummies. If you loved the idea of multiple flavors in one bottle with their THC and CBD gummies, but want a gummy focused on delta 8, you’ll love Binoid Premium Delta 8 THC Assorted Gummies. Want more fruity options? Enjoy the delicate flavor of peach with their vegan Premium Delta 8 THC Peach Dream Gummies, or the tart taste of their Premium Delta 8 THC Sour Green Apple Gummies.   Ready to try even more cannabinoids per bite? Learn what it means to be a hemp heavyweight with Binoid Knockout Blend Gummies in watermelon, packed with premium THC-P, THC-H and HHC-P distillate, THC B, delta 8, and HHC for a powerful and extraordinary buzz.   Speaking of potent, Binoid has created a record-breaking gigantic gummy product for you to bring to your next party. Their enormous edible comes in three delectable options, The BFG – 3000mg Delta 9 THC Gummy in Blueberry Delight, The BFG – 3000mg Delta 9 THC Gummy in Sour Watermelon and The BFG – 3000mg Delta 9 THC Gummy in Cherry Apple. The BFG is known as the largest legal THC gummy in history, so be careful with dosing when enjoying this powerful product.

Edibles vs. Vape Products

Prefer to smoke hemp-deprived cannabinoids? Binoid has plenty of options for that, too! People often prefer vapes to edibles, because they are sugar-free and deliver the experience of cannabinoids quicker than with edibles which need to be digested. Want to see vape offerings from Binoid? Read below to see if any of these vapes pique your interest!   If you want a disposable all-in-one vape product, you’re in luck! Binoid offers several super-strong options, including their Rainbow Belts PHC Disposable Vape, Ice Cream PHC Disposable Vape, and Aurora Indica Premium THC-P Rechargeable Disposable Vape. Looking for premium delta 8 vapes? Take a few puffs from their Delta 8 Rechargeable Disposable Vape in Grand Daddy Purp, Delta 8 Rechargeable Disposable Vape in Mango Kush, or their  Delta 8 Rechargeable Disposable Vape in Blue Dream.   If you’re interested in trying the powerful cannabinoid delta 11 THC, take a few puffs from their Delta 11 THC/11 HXY Disposable Vape This Slapz and their Delta 11 THC/11 HXY Disposable Vape Cherry Bonkers.

How to Use These Items

The instructions for these potent products couldn’t be more simple! Read below for some easy tricks and tips for these hemp items!


If you’re a practiced hemp smoker with a vape kit you love to use, you’ll definitely want to check out the immensely popular and powerful THC vape carts from Binoid.   Instructions to change out a THC vape cartridge are fairly simple. First, remove the empty cartridge and then, in order to avoid breaking the glass cartridge, carefully twist the fresh cartridge onto the vape kit. If your vape kit is fully charged, you can enjoy your fresh new cartridge immediately by holding down the power button and inhaling from the vape.   Binoid offers several cartridges, including their Amnesia Haze THC-P Vape Cartridge, Caribbean Breeze THC-B Vape Cartridge and their Cloud Nine THC-B Vape Cartridge. Cartridges are an awesome way to try out a new cannabinoid as they tend to be slightly smaller (and less expensive) than all-in-one disposable vapes.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are super easy to use. Just press down on the power button, allowing the liquid from the cartridge to heat up, and then you just pull from the pen. Newcomers often ask us how long they should hold in their inhalation from the vape, but the answer to that question is totally up to you. The longer you hold in the vapor, the longer it has to absorb into your body. But do start slowly if you are new to vape products, and always make sure you prioritize your comfort level when it comes to using a new hemp product.


Are THC cartridges a bit too high tech for you? Keep it simple and go back to the basics with flower! If you enjoy hand rolling your own hemp cigarettes, add their Guava Flower THCA Flower, Platinum OG THCA Flower, and Gelato Punch THCA flower.   How do you roll your own hemp cigarettes? That’s a skill that comes with practice. If you’re interested in rolling for the first time, try our prerolled cones to make it easier on yourself!


We always recommend starting with less than the suggested amount when it comes to using a new edible product, especially when discussing brands like Binoid that use super powerful ingredients. With that in mind, just pop the smaller dosage of the edible into your mouth and swallow, and you should start to feel the effects of the edible product within thirty minutes to two hours, depending on personal bioavailability factors.

Is Binoid Right for You?

Binoid is one of the best hemp brands on the market, with potent ingredients and excellent manufacturing practices. If you’re interested in expertly crafted, delicious and powerful recreational hemp products, Binoid is the brand for you!

Shopping Binoid & Other Best-Selling Brands

Binoid is one of the most cutting-edge brands on the hemp market, and it has already gained a wildly passionate following. If you’re a lover of hemp cartridges, edibles, and HHC infused gummy goods, you’ll be obsessed with Binoid.   Want to compare high-quality cartridges from Binoid with products from other brands? Shop our extensive collection of cartridges and have your order shipped directly to your door!