Cycling Frog

Cycling Frog, a best-selling CBD and THC brand, offers delicious fruit-flavored gummies, poppable microdose mints, and convenient capsules—everything you need to add CBD and THC to your daily routine!

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About Cycling Frog

Cycling Frog believes in a straightforward mission: making high-quality cannabis products accessible, affordable, and (most of all) fun! Their process starts with seedlings in Central Oregon, under the sprawling views of The Three Sisters, Mt. Jefferson, and Smith Rock. Here, their hemp seeds are fed crystal-clear water from the Cascade Range Mountains and cultivated with gold-standard practices.

After months of care and attention, these seeds sprout into beautiful, budding hemp plants, ready to be molded into a delicious CBD and THC product. At the end of their process, with their best-selling products in hand, Cycling Frog publishes third-party lab results (Certificates of Analysis). These tests are the mark of a reliable, trustworthy brand, and let you verify a product’s purity and potency.

Cycling Frog Products

If you’ve never tried Cycling Frog CBD and THC products, here are three must-haves!

Cycling Frog Gummies

Cycling Frog Gummies are packed with delicious huckleberry flavors and 5mg THC per gummy. Along with 25mg CBD, 5mg THC is a perfect amount for subtle yet elevating effects—the classic cannabis experience! These non-GMO, vegan gummies use all-natural ingredients like natural fruit juice and 100% hemp extract to create a one-of-a-kind flavor—with one-of-a-kind effects.

Cycling Frog Capsules

Inside Cycling Frog Capsules, you’ll find a premeasured dose of carefully cultivated full spectrum CBD: the most comprehensive hemp extract. These CBD softgels are packed with 100mg of full spectrum CBD each, giving you a stellarly strong dose of wellness-boosting compounds.** Plus, because it’s in a capsule, this serving of CBD easily folds into your daily vitamin regimen.

Cycling Frog Mints

For a subtle microdose of THC, Cycling Frog Mints are a go-to for a number of our customers. These small, wintergreen tablets dissolve on your tongue, releasing 1mg delta 9 THC and 5mg CBD into your system. This small (but mighty) dose lets you enjoy a light elevation (cue the groovy microdose feels,) perfect for day or nighttime use!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cycling Frog?

Cycling Frog is a fan-favorite CBD and THC company known for their fun, unique approach to hemp-based products. Their collection includes fruit-flavored CBD gummies, potent CBD capsules, and THC mints perfect for microdosing.

Where can I buy Cycling Frog CBD gummies?

You can find Cycling Frog’s products on many online CBD shops. But, none of these sites accomplish the brand’s founding message of affordability quite like Here, we compete with the brand themselves, offering more approachable price points for the same great products.

Does Cycling Frog get you high?

Cycling Frog has a number of products with effective levels of THC, including gummies and microdosing mints. The amount of THC in both of these products ranges from 1mg to 5mg per serving, which can elicit a euphoric feeling—you know, the classic cannabis experience.

Is Cycling Frog legit?

Cycling Frog is definitely legit! Their hemp products have been routinely tested for pollutants and harmful compounds. Plus, like other top-tier brands, Cycling Frog publishes Certificates of Analysis alongside their products, so customers can check a product’s potency and purity for themselves.

How long does Cycling Frog take to kick in?

Different products take different amounts of time to kick in. And this timeline relies heavily on your unique bioavailability factors, like your height, weight, and body composition. So, generally, edibles like gummies or mints can take 30 minutes to two hours to kick in. But again, this timeline varies from person to person.