Smoke Buddy

Founded in 2008 in sunny Southern California, Smoke Buddy is a brand devoted to creating high-quality, personal air filters. These must-have smoking accessories give you the freedom to smoke your favorite products and minimize undesirable odors.

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Why Buy Smokebuddy Air Freshener at

Knowing where to start when shopping for hemp accessories can be confusing, especially with the variety of brands and items available. When you shop from, you can trust that all of our hemp goods are carefully hand-selected.


We provide an unmatched selection of best-selling Smoke Buddy products for you to choose from at When you shop at, you can be sure that these accessories will be effective and well-designed.

Premium Smoke Accessories

Smoke Buddy uses only the highest standards when creating their smoking accessories and supplies. This commitment to crafting high-quality products starts with HEPA filter quality technology and eco-friendly recyclable plastic.


Products from this superior brand are expertly crafted using the latest scientific research and always center on the optimal customer experience.

Exclusive Discounts

As the top-seller of Smoke Buddy products, we give you exclusive access to seasonal sales, discounts, popular promotions, and more when you shop at!

All-in-One Smoke Accessories Retailer

Whether you’re looking for ashtrays, rolling papers, or hemp wraps, has you covered! We provide everything you need to make your next smoke session superb! If you’re looking for hemp selections to smoke, we carry an array of flower and preroll options, including legal THC prerolls, CBD flower, hemp flower, and more.

Who Is Smokebuddy?

Smoke Buddy is an incredible innovator when it comes to improving the smoking experience. You no longer have to carefully plan the location of your next smoke session; you can just bring along your favorite Smokebuddy air filter to help hide the scent of your favorite smokeables.


There are many options to consider when selecting your personal air filter from this California brand. If you’re a fan of color, enjoy a pop of blue, green, red, and yellow with their Tie-Dye Edition Smokebuddy Original. This hippie-chic filter also comes with a keychain and LED light, so you can always have it with you, even during those unplanned smoke breaks.


Do you prefer dark colors to colorful patterns? They have options for that, too, with their Black Smokebuddy Junior filter. Smaller than the Smoke Buddy original, The Smoke Buddy Jr. can help prevent secondhand smoke for up to 150 uses. If you have space for the larger filter or plan to smoke more regularly, the original smokebuddy filters for an estimated 300 uses.


Looking for a more earth-friendly smoke accessory? They also have several thoughtful options, including their Eco Smokebuddy in white. Reducing secondhand smoke with a personal air filter is great for your family, friends, neighbors, and the environment.


No matter how or when you like to smoke, these smoke filter products are a great way to improve the smoking experience for yourself and those around you.

How To Use Their Portable Air Filters

Using your very own air filter couldn’t be easier! Just smoke your preroll as you usually would, and when you’re ready to exhale your smoke, just blow it through the smaller end of the Smokebuddy. The smoke will go through a series of expertly made meshes and filters, before it ultimately comes out of the wider end of the filter device.

Is Smoke Buddy Right for You?

Smoke Buddy is one of the most innovative smoke accessory brands on the market, with powerful filters and a convenient design. If you’re interested in cutting down on secondhand smoke and odors, use one of their personal air filters to elevate your smoking session.

Shopping Smoke Buddy & Other Best-Selling Brands

Smoke Buddy has already become a must-have product for many smokers. If you love to smoke but hate the smell it leaves behind, you’ll be a fan of these handy hemp smoke filters.


Want to compare air filters from Smoke Buddy with smoke accessories from other brands? Shop our impressive selection of smoke accessories and have your order shipped directly to your door!